Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale January 2024 (Season 55)

Doesn‘t it already do that?

Considering how the team only wants to push a handful of changes through here my list of changes:

The nerfs:

  1. Little Prince double nerf: It is certaintly a strong nerf without making its special points worse like being able to survive Fireball, its 3 elexir cost or decreasing its peak hit speed. This is why I like it. It now needing one more hit to kill many targets should make its DPS more balanced for being a 3 elexir troop. Archer Queen could easily rise because of this for having more punch as a ranged unit. This is also why I don’t see the Archer Queen as much needed when this nerf gets trough

  2. Evo Archers nerf: I like this too. It will make it easier to react to them when they are walking towards your tower. It also makes them being able to snipe buildings a little bit more managble. And at the other hand they will keep their power shot longer when troops walk forwards them which makes their power shoot less spikey in power

  3. Evo Recruits nerf: Makes them more balanced without making their charge abbilty rarer to appear. Maybe you could also nerf the charge damage to only double their attack instead of the weird 2.1 more attack they appearently have right now but overall this goes in the right direction of them becoming more easy to defend with tanks

This is enough nerfs. Maybe you could justify also nerfing Goblins and Bowler but those three nerfs at the top are more important. Goblins nerf is kinda needed to decrease the usage rate of Goblins and Gobling Gang but this would require a bigger balance change which I wouldn’t oppose but idk if the balance team wants to do that. And I think Bowlers importance in the meta will drop in usage anyways when those three cards at the top get nerfed.

Buffs and reworks:
4. Goblin Drill rework: Eventough I see the argument how decreasing the time to react to this card can be annoying it definitley needs some kind of buff to be more relevant again. The rework is certaintly a buff overall and buffing win condition back into the meta is for me a bigger priority than any other buffs listed here. And an certain Evo (cough Valkery) likely comming soon to this game should keep the card balanced if too strong/annoying :wink:

  1. Golden Knight buff: This card definitely deserves this buff. It is the worst champion right now. Making his charge more strong and able to one hit Wall Breakers and Bomber should be nice value (This could justify the Bomber buff tbh but gotta keep this list small)

  2. Guards buff: They have been performing poor in usage a long time now since Goblin change to 4 and this buff will make them stand out more by being able to survive arrows now. I like how this buff makes Guards more strong and Arrows less relevant in the meta. It could make it hard for the Goblin Gang to stay in the meta especially when they nerf Goblins in general but them being able to hit air and having more offenive power should still make keep them relevant in more baity decks I hope so

And this would be the 6 changes I would like this balance change to have while being balanced in amount of nerfs and buffs. If you were okey with this balance changes being more than 6 I would also recommand the Goblin nerf and some other buffs like the Bomber and Giant Skeleton buff. Latter one especially would mean a shake up in the meta which I can see would be nice goal for the balance team to archive. I would just recommand to tune the buff down to 4% or something like that to make it still live one more tower hit but not become too hard meta. Buffing defense cards like these too high could lead to a annoying meta I fear

Don’t nerf goblins, it is going to kill logbait and logbait isn’t even good in the meta right now

I hope the evo’s get a nerf. Things like barbbarrel, rage and goblins dont need a nerf. I like to buff goldenknight and aq

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Yea dont nerf ryley again.

I actually hoped that rocket got a buff

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Maybe the problem is they want goblins to be stronger with the 4th goblin, but its toooo strong. that’s the problem with cards like goblins being used in so many different ‘units’ you can’t balance one without changing others it’s why I think rascals was the right approach, they could have easily been a goblin cage goblin and two archers/spear gobbos but it just makes balancing so freakin difficult. each card should have unique units.

Usually the champions abilities give you more value for the cost, so nerfing the guardians hp would make the ability cost less than 3 elixir, if it is used without damaging or knockbacking a target. The change for the ability must be to nerf the dash distance from 4,5 to 4 tiles, which is gonna make countering the Guardian more possible, if he is launched from 6 tiles (the range of the lp(the closest that the guardian can get launched to the tower)). Also I think the old hit speed mechanic must be brought back. Golden Knights dash damage buff is not going to change anything, I think either the dash range or hp need to be buffed instead. The Archer Queens damage for a 5 elixir card is lacking. Compared to the musketeer, she is 1 elixir more expensive, has a smaller range and a lower dps, which are the important points for a ranged troop. The only thing she is better at is the health, which is not as important for a ranged troop. So I suggest a 11% damage buff. The ability should not be touched, because it would become way too powerful so this ability duration is not a good idea. The goblins`hit speed must be nerfed, instead of the first hit time. All of the other ballances are accptable. There are a lot of additional suggestions, that I can give tho: Witch: Damage +12%; spawns 3 additional skeletons upon death; Ice Wizard: Damage +15%; Princess: Damage +35% (barely doesn’t kill minions), crown tower damage stays the same; Zap: Stun Effect Duration 0,5 > 0.75 seconds (+50%); Evolution Knight: Shield 60% > 50%; Hit Speed Increase (removed); Damage Increase 30% > 20%; Ice Spirit: Freeze Duration 1.2 > 1.1 seconds (-9%); Range 2.5 > 2 Tiles (-20%); Evolution Skeletons: Maximum Skeletons Count 8 > 6 (-25%); Evolution Firecracker: Small Spark Radius 1.2 > 1 Tile (-17%); Evolution Mortar: Hit Speed Increase (removed); Goblin Giant: Hit Points -3%; Wall Breakers: Damage -5%; Monk: 5 > 4 Elixir (-20%); Combo Damage Increase 200% > 50% (-75%); Ability 1 > 2 Elixir (+100%); Wizard: 5 > 4 Elixir (+20%); Damage -20% (barely doesn’t kill minions); Magic Archer: Crown Tower Damage 100% > 90%; first attack time interval 0.8 seconds > 0.5 seconds (-33%); Rascals: Rascal Boy Hit Points -10%; Damage +10%; Rascal Girls Hitpoints +16,5% (barely survive log, same hp as archers); Damage -25%; Minion Horde: Elixir Cost 5>4 (-20%), Minion Count: 6>5 (-17%); Barbarian Hut: 6 > 4 Elixir (-33%); Barbarians Count per wave 3 > 2 (-33%); Hit Points -27% (the same hp as a furnace); Cannon: Hit Points +9%; Hit Speed 0.9 > 1 second (+10%); Cannon Cart: Hit Speed 1 > 0.9 seconds (-11%), Broken: Hit Points +9%; Broken: Hit Speed 0.9 > 1 second (+10%); Mirror: Elixir Increase 1 > 0; Level Increase +1 > Level Decrease -2 (suggestion)

See my post: Pekka Buff


Barrel goblins is most op card in game after lp and 3Golem. They should be clumped on 1 side.

Here is what I picked and why;

Little Prince: With a use rate of over 60% in GCs, it’s clear this nerf will certainly weaken it. However, I think allowing it to die to Fireball would be a good nerf to substitute in for the damage nerf.

Evolution Archers: similar to Little Prince, they have constantly remained extremely powerful since their release even after the nerf they already received. I think nerfing the Power Shot range and regular range was a good idea as right now, they feel like 2 Dart Goblins with double health and damage.

Golden Knight: Since the nerf it got around a year ago, it has been a below average to terrible card with around a 1% use rate in GCs and I think a dash damage buff was significantly better than increasing the dash range and making it broken again. I may not like Electro Giant, but Golden Knight being so terrible at the moment really breaks my heart.

Archer Queen: I solely picked AQ as I had to have an equal amount of nerds and buffs. I’m aware the use and win rates of it are terrible, like the Golden Knight, however this is just due to the Little Prince outclassing it at the moment. By the time it gets nerfed to the ground, the AQ will have her regular balanced rates again.

Giant Skeleton: Even before the Goblin Giant and Little Prince broke the game, Giant Skeleton has held poor to garbage use rates of 1-3% in GCs and win rates from the low 20s to the low 40s and had trouble fitting into meta decks outside of Hog AQ Giant Skeleton and RG. Which I think a buff to its health would be a great idea. HOWEVER, this buff would make it way too strong and should be reduced to 2-3% if implemented.

Evolution Royal Recruits: While the Evolution Royal Recruits aren’t game breaking, they’re still boxing out other evolutions too much and causing decks such as LumberLoon Evo Recruits to be meta. I feel the damage boost removal would be a fine way of balancing them, though making them take longer to might be a good thing to add in there since it causing them to apply crazy amounts of pressure very quickly. Maybe make it take 2.5 tiles before they charge instead of 1.5 tiles.

Rage: Similar to the Royal Recruits, Rage isn’t game breaking, have maintained balanced win and use rates in GCs before the meta shift, but is taking the spots of others small spells right now due to the rise of Sparky and spam. Nerfing its duration by 0.5 seconds is a pretty good way to make it more on level with the others.

Bomber: While I think the tiny buff they have to it is a little too small, it’s still good as Bomber has been in a state of limbo for a long time where no meta decks contain it besides maybe Giant and Electro Giant. I would increase the buff to 7%, but 4% still works.

Cards to Consider Changing

Mighty Miner Buff +2.5% health - poor use and win rates since nerf.

Monk Buff +4% damage on regular hit and combo hit - very rarely used.

Dart Goblin Buff +2% damage (kills Spear Goblins) - poor use and win rates before and after Little Prince, outclassed by Little Prince.

Evolution Knight Nerf -9% damage (removes damage boost) - Very high use and win rates in GC. Similar to the evo archers.

Tornado Nerf Crown Tower damage standardized to 1 per tick across all levels - dominated the game for years and has kept itself away from nerfs.

Fisherman Nerf: Sight Range -0.5 tiles - has been constantly strong for 3 months and fit into many meta decks. Pulls troops from across the arena too easily.

If the goblins get nerfed so does the gb which is pretty weak rn since you can get small spell ready right as you see it coming and they take forever to attake the tower

Graveyard is so dependent on the rng aspect and thats the main way that you would nerf it and poision is meta and the hardest counter to Graveyard

Hog Rider really deserves a Nerf :skull: You should be able to fully stop hog more ways, for 4 elixir he is a monster

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Do NOT nerf the Barb barrel. We want competition to the Log right? So why are we nerfing its main rival? This would be the worst change since the Ice Spirit nerf.



Don t nerf Bowler or it will die like the Magic Archers ! :-1::-1:

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Some cards may seem op but actually there are not.You needn’t change these cards at present.For example,a lot of people use bowler because of the broken evo recruits.Bowler isn’t op when facing other decks.Thus,if you nerf guards and less people use it,blower is not useful any more.Moreover,you can buff cards like golden knight to what it used to be(dush 6).It is more familiar to players.Last but not least,some span buildings really need to be buffed.I can hardly see barb hut and goblin hut in both ladder and tournament.

Goblin barrel is trash why nerf it even more it gets countered by arrows log,fire spirit+skeletons pushing the spirit, valk behind tower, … You have 3.4 seconds to react and mostly get a postive trade cause log is being used in most of the modern decks. The only deck goblin barrel good is is “log bait” and that’s not a crazy meta deck is just a classic deck if u have 2 spells its not that hard to play against.

We need the Archer Queen buff

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I think Freeze needs a rework. I don’t like how it is a shock value card, except in Lumberloon and in some Giant decks.