Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale January 2024 (Season 55)

Buff pekka, rework magic archer, fix golden knight dash and finally make wizard to do spawn damage of a fire spirit

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1. Little Prince [Nerf]
Little Prince is still widely used due to its low cost and high HP along with skill.

Nerf Guardian HP from 1,800 → 1,600

Do not do damage nerf because goblins don’t die in 2 shots; damage nerf will make little prince too worse. Too many interaction changes are related to 2 shotting goblins that will make little prince too bad.

2. Evolved Archers [Nerf]

Nerf max range 6.5 → 6.0 and buff power shot range 5.0 → 4.5 ; maybe 0.2s increase in first hit speed

It received big damage nerf already and range nerf was necessary. However, not buffing power shot range would make this card too hard to use, and this would be off-meta in evolutions. Evolved archers were OP at release due to high damage and long range, so nerfing range after damage would make it more balanced. Nerfing first hit speed can also help, as evolved archers did so much damage upon spawn by shooting very quickly.

3. Goblins [Nerf]

No change should be made

The other option may be to increase deploy time (between each goblin), but it’s going to decrease dps too much that it’s going to be overshadowed by skeletons, which even has an evolution. Nerfing first hit speed impacts other goblin cards that don’t deserve nerfs.

4. Rage [Stay Same]

No change should be made

Rage got very popular recently due to goblin giant + rage dealing so much damage. Goblin giant deserves nerf, not rage. Rage isn’t a small spell for general use; log, arrows, barb barrel, and tornado. are more commonly used as a small spell.

5. Barbarian barrel [Stay Same]

No change should be made

This card is already balanced. Barb barrel already has its downside compared to log, which is not being able to kill princess, etc. on the roll. Nerfing barb barrel will decrease its usage too much and make this card far worse than it should be.

6. Evolved Royale Recruits [Nerf]

Charging distance 2.0 → 2.5

I understand how annoying this can be with charging recruits. However, nerfing another whole 6% in damage is too much. It has not been annoying due to its damage, but to its quick charge and dashing damage.

7. Bowler [Stay Same]

No change should be made

Bowler recently got on meta due to little prince. This card was not even popular before little prince. Nerfing little prince will lower bowler usage anyway. First hit speed can impact bowler not being able to knockback and cancel the attack of the enemy troop on time.

8. Giant Skeleton [Reduced Buff]

HP buff 3,424 → 3,544 (+3.5%)

8% is way too much because giant skeleton would kill everything with bomb, high damage, and high HP with just 6 elixir. Increasing by only a 100 HP or so can help the card while not making the card too op.

9. Guards [Buff]

Shield buff 240 → 256

Very meaningful as now guards have a great advantage compared to other swarms, of not dying to any of the small spells (like arrows). Guards have good damage, so having it survive small spells will help replace goblins in medium & heavy decks.

10. Skeleton King [Buff]

Hit speed 1.6s → 1.5s

Can somewhat help as skeleton king was not used due to little prince & evolved knight. Skeleton king has its own unique ability but its low dps makes evolved knight better. This will slightly increase the dps of skeleton king.

11. Bomber [Increased Buff]

Damage buff 222 → 240 (recruit shield 1 shot, musketeer 3 shot)

Increasing the damage more will help bomber find its way. Bomber would be mini-version of wizard so it kills troops easily, but still having its downside for dying to arrows and can attack ground only. Archers were always better due to better dps and anti-air while having limited card slot on the deck.

12. Golden Knight [Buff]

Dash damage 310 → 335

Can help so that its dash helps more to kill medium HP troops, such as musketeer and barbarians.

13. Archer Queen [Stay Same]

No change should be made

The difference between 3.0 and 3.5 is 1~2 more shots, depending on skill timing. However, this will give too much value to archer queen’s skill for just one elixir. It’s fine as it is.

14. Goblin Drill [Buff]

Duration 9s → 10s
First spawn time 1.0s → 0.5s
HP 1,440 → 1,312

Meaningful change. The problem with goblin drill is that it can’t deal damage when opponent puts a tank. Spawning the first goblin faster will help it connect to the tower. Increased duration will help goblin drill last longer and make opponent wait longer to log/barb barrel for cheap defense, dealing more damage meanwhile. It lasts longer as 1440/9 = -160HP/s and 1312/10 = -131.2HP/s; most damage to goblin drill came from its duration.


Where is pekka buff and freeze nerf

Why would we want champions to be meta I can’t even afford to max 1 :skull:

I don’t think bowler needs a nerf. It’s just popular because of little prince. I also think giant skeleton deserves a buff. And please don’t nerf goblins (especially the first hit speed).
Other than the ones mentioned, please try to buff pekka, it’s really hard to use now.

Man I just wanna see the Skeleton Giant be slightly viable.
Same with Bomber and Guards
And honestly Golden Knight… Even though I do see golden knight here and there its pretty trash (at least against the Xbow, Pekka and Logbait I play well)

Like goblin drill has a good chance of getting a rework and if goblins get a nerf then that will effect the drill not in the way they intended to.

Bro the recruits was much needed

Balance Change Thoughts

  • Little Prince Nerf is Thoroughly Deserved

  • Rage is Balanced Already Nerf the OP Cards that use Rage (Balloon, Goblin Giant) not the Rage itself

  • Goblins is a great card currently (Top 15 CR Cards at least) I think a nerf would not do the card any good. Plus it nerfs all other goblin cards. Why not provide an alternate competitor by buffing the Skeleton Guards?

  • Pick a card in the Bottom 20 in Usage/Win Rate (Witch, Wizard, Valkyrie) and Buff it, they’ve been out of the meta for so long they deserve to be played more.

  • Bowler Does NOT need a Nerf! The only reason it was meta because Little Prince was used a lot. Once the Little Prince gets it’s deserved nerf the usage rate of Bowler will settle down.

  • Goblin Giant STILL NEEDS a Nerf! Removing like 4-5% of it’s hitpoints will do a lot to balance out this card. It is just too good. It removes a lot of the technical and skill side of CR.


why is the bowler getting nerfed its used in almost nothing its just making it less versitile

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Few Thoughts on Nerfs:

Barb Barrel and Bowler don’t need Nerfs, as they have only risen to such prominence due to their ability to counter Little Prince. Barb Barrel isn’t bad like the Bowler was but the point still stands.

Evo Knight still needs some Nerfs. Maybe a half-second delay to activate his damage reduction after attacking? I’m beginning to think he’s just fundamentally broken at this point.

Don’t nerf Gobs. None of the cards are good except the Goblins themselves. You’ll kill Logbait. Why not just try and buff the alternatives like Guards?


I hope they don’t Nerf the goblins because Goblin Barrel is dead already :cry:

Favorite balance changes out of the bunch have got to be the evo archers nerf and the little prince nerf, those were well needed

Ciao! Spero vada bene in italiano.
Un leggero nerf per il principino ci sta, fare più di così potrebbe portare di nuovo alla sua scomparsa. Il nerf agli evo arcieri ci sta. Come ai goblin, barile barbarico e soprattutto bowler. Abbastanza indifferenti la furia e le evi reclute. I buff come il rework della trivella pure ci stanno. Mi chiedo solo come mai non sono state prese in considerazione carte altamente presenti nel meta come la tornado, il mini pekka. Alcune strutture sono state abbandonate. E per finire aggiungo solo nerf miner!!

do not nerf Goblin Barrel!

LP nerf is way too drastic. I know people are probably sick of him but it will be just like what happened when they nerfed bomb tower really hard and buffed gob giant at the same time. I think the guardian nerf is fair but the damage nerf plus guardian nerf would kill the card. Honestly, I think more of a rework is in order. Increase to 4 elixir then nerf the guardian HP a little more and make it 2 elixir. LP IS NOT BROKEN ON ITS OWN (it barely does any damage without a tank and only if it is standing still) THE ABILITY IS WHAT MAKES IT GOOD. It is one of the core cards keeping beatdown in check right now. Goblin and barb barrel nerf are very unnecessary not really sure why those are even being considered tbh. Small champion buffs to the weaker ones are definitely welcome as well as guards and the gob drill “rework” seems like a pretty big buff tbh. Don’t think it needs a lifetime buff if it is already getting a first spawn time buff.

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nerf goblins , g giant, recruits and lp’s guardian.
buff bomber and archer queen.

I don’t understand for all the hate towards the little prince but yea it deserves a small nerf and the one you guys are giving is kinda too harsh. this card is primarily used only because it’s a new champion but eventually the hype around it will fall off and overall it is pretty easy to counter in my opinion. but some cards that do definitely need a nerf are bowler, goblin giant, and archers. Also better give some small buffs to wizard, witch, goblin hut, and furnace because they are barely used and they are kinda down bad right now. REALLY HOPE YOU GUYS TAKE THIS UNDER CONSIDERATION BECAUSE THE LITTLE PRINCE IS POPULAR PRIMARILY TO IT BEING A NEW CARD AND THE NERF IS TOO MUCH, AT LEAST MAKE THE NERF SMALLER OR YOU WILL JUST BURY THE CARD ALIVE!

I don’t think guards need a buff

buff monk and phoenix pleaaaaase !!!

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