Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale January 2024 (Season 55)

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This poll has 14 balance options for January 2024, but you can only pick 8 or less. Try to support a balanced amount of buffs and nerfs. You have 3 days to vote!

  • 1 - Little Prince double nerf:
    1A: Nerf to the Guardian HP: from 1,800 to 1,600 Hit Points (-11%)
    1B: Nerf to the Damage: from 110 to 100 Hit Points (-9%)
  • 2 - Evolved Archers nerf:
    2A: Nerf to the Range: from 6.5 to 6.0 Tiles (-8%)
    2B: Buff to the starting Power Shot Range: from 5.0 to 4.5 Tiles (-10%)
    (The Power Shot range is an annulus; this change makes it smaller, but maintains the width)
  • 3 - Goblins nerf to the First Hit Time: from 0.4 to 0.5 Seconds (+25%)
    (Affects Goblins, Goblin Gang, Goblin Drill, Goblin Barrel and Evolved Mortar)
  • 4 - Rage nerf to the Duration: from 6.0 to 5.5 Seconds (-8%)
    (Affects Rage and Lumberjack)
  • 5 - Barbarian Barrel nerf to the Damage: from 241 to 224 Hit Points (-7%)
  • 6 - Evolved Royal Recruits nerf to the Damage Multiplier: from 1.06 to 1.00 (None) (-6%)
  • 7 - Bowler nerf to the First Hit Time: from 0.5 to 0.6 Seconds (+20%)
  • 8 - Giant Skeleton buff to the HP: from 3,424 to 3,696 Hit Points (+8%)
  • 9 - Guards buff to the Shield HP: from 240 to 256 Hit Points (+7%)
    (They would survive Arrows)
  • 10 - Skeleton King buff to the Hit Speed: from 0.625 to 0.667 Hits / Second (+7%)
  • 11 - Bomber buff to the Damage: from 222 to 230 Hit Points (+4%)
  • 12 - Golden Knight buff to the Dash Damage: from 310 to 335 Hit Points (+8%)
  • 13 - Archer Queen buff to the Duration: from 3.0 to 3.5 Seconds (+17%)
  • 14 - Goblin Drill rework:
    14A: Buff to the Duration: from 9 to 10 Seconds (+11%)
    14B: Buff to the First Spawn Time: from 1.0 to 0.5 Seconds (-50%)
    14C: Nerf to the HP: from 1,440 to 1,312 Hit Points (-9%)
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While these are the default options that we can share, feel free to suggest adjustments to these changes, or even new ones that aren’t listed here.


Guardians so cool


I’m not sure i understand the nerf to goblins, it’s not like Goblin barrel is strong at the minute, goblin gang got nerfed when spear goblins got nerfed, evo mortar is probably the most balanced EVO we’ve had released so far, compared to the rest of the EVO’s I’d say it’s almost underpowered. will be sad to see it nerfed


Nerf prince


Please be kind to the rileys


Nerf Grave yard it’s sooo over powered!


Finally the long awaited balance changes! I’m missing the green guy though. Actually I really only have nerf wishes. Lp, archers, recruits and bowler for sure! Any meta but the current one please!


I really like this method to get feedback on the changes before making them. Good job supercell


Gobs is kind of overused in control decks cause it can provide strong positive elixir trades against a lot of lone attacks


Everyone know LP and evo archers are getting another nerf


LP and evo archers definitely deserve a nerf, I don’t see why barb barrel and rage deserve to be nerfed tho


Glad the queen archer is getting life breathed into her. Such a power card.

Rage does not need to be messed with. That and barb barrel need to be left as is. If any spell needs a nerf it is freeze.


It would be better if the little prince died to a fireball. A 3 elixir card surviving a 4 elixir spell is kinda dumb.


Totally agree. Honestly very weird they didn’t go for a change that would only affect Goblins when literally 4/5 affected cards are plain mediocre or alright


sounds good. Overall this is a good balance change but still have a lot to change. Little prince is too op in current meta so a nerf is inevitable. Evo archers need a nerf too. I totally agree with these changes. But i think they shouln’t nerf the bowler cuz it unecessary. Bowler is just a trending card when little prince frist released. About babarian barrel and rage. In my point of view, they shouldn’t nerf these two spells cuz i think these two spell is not too bad but not too op so a insignificant nerf is not necessary but acceptable. So let’s see how it work. About 3 champions i think they definitely need a buff cuz little prince is everywhere in this meta. So this is a wise move. This meta has witnessed a lot evo recruit and goblin too. So a nerf is necessary in my opinion. Totally agree with these changes. The most controversal change is buffing giant skelly. Although giant skelly has very low userate. But i think they should buff it a little, for example 3% hp buff. 8% hp is a very high, and it may turn into gob giant meta version two again. Bomber has low winrate too, so a small change is acceptable. The goblin drill rework is kinda hard to understand. So let’s see how it work in the future. And i have suggest some changes that to this balance change that are:
+Nerf evo knight a little hp (may be 3-5%)
+Nerf goblin giant a little hp (may be 3-5%)
+Buff clone (clone will does damage within it radius)
+Buff bab hut (reduce 1 eli and spaw two babs one turn, reduce hitpoints too)
+Buff wizard (reduce 1 eli and hitpoints and damage too)
Thanks for reading


By nerfing gobs logbait is going to destroy completely.
Logbait is realy can nef goblins but not goblin barrel
By nerfing goblins you will completly destroy logbait


1-LP…1st nerf :+1:2nd N​:-1:
2-archers N👍B👍
3- Goblins N👍
4- Rage N👍
5- barbarian barrel N​:expressionless::-1:
6-evo Royal Recruits N👍
7- bowler N👍
8-giant skeleton B👎
9- Guards B👎
10- skeleton King B👍
11- bomber B👍
12- golden knight B👍
13- Archer queen B :+1:
14- goblin drill R🤷


By nerfing the goblins, Log Bait will be completely destroyed
I wish you would only nerf the goblin card and the cards that have goblins like Goblin Barrel and Goblin gang would not be destroyed.
By doing this, the log bait will be completely destroyed