Pekka Buff

PEKKA needs hp buff. Its a dead card already. Nobody uses it.


The people who play Pekka are a small minority… 3% UR in grand challenges 45% winrate…

Can we see a HP buff for counter-pushes being more possible? No attack interaction changes… Just more health… I came to the math at 5.021276595744681% more hp.

Pekka will survive 2 princess tower shots with this change, mini-pekka still kills pekka in 6 swings, prince does not still kill pekka with 10 jousts (becomes 11… but only by 50hp (so just add 1% damage to Prince to keep the interaction the same), mega knight still kills pekka in 15 bludgeon hits and dark prince still kills pekka in 16 bludgeon hits.


I don’t play pekka and don’t know what the small damage increase of prince will change any other interaction. But the time I do play pekka the slight health buff will significantly help the card.

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I also agree. It’s been September 2019 since the last chance and so far, the meta has shifted a lot. Even a small buff could make the PEKKA balanced.


Prince has a 2% usage rate and 43% winrate so I’m generally not opposed to an interaction buff if I can find one, it doesn’t change interaction with mega-knight or giant - if I find more I’ll edit this comment.

Edit: here is a list of units, TL:DR: only Golem and Elixir Golem change…. But prince is already weak against them:

List of Unit health: (Lev 15)

MK hp = 5808
Giant hp = 5963
E-Giant hp = 5615
G-Giant hp = 4858
R-Giant hp = 4464
Evo R-Giant hp = 4910
Golem hp = 7456
E-Golem hp = 2286
G-skeleton hp = 4986

Dark Prince = 1747
Prince = 2796
Mini-Pekka = 1983
Knight = 2566
Evo Knight = 3080
Ice Golem = 1745
Valkyrie = 2781
Witch = 1220
N-Witch = 1320
M-Witch = 774

Prince damage from 570 to 577. (Lev 15)

MK = 11 hits, new = 11 hits
Giant = 11 hits, new = 11 hits
E-Giant = 10 hits, new = 10 hits
G-Giant = 9 hits, new = 9 hits
R-Giant = 8 hits, new = 8 hits
Evo R-Giant = 9 hits, new = 9 hits
G-Skeleton = 9 hits, new = 9 hits
Golem = 14 hits, new = 13 hits
E-Golem = 5 hits, new = 4 hits

Dark Prince = 4 hits, new = 4 hits
Prince = 5 hits, new = 5 hits
Mini-Pekka = 4 hits, new = 4 hits
Knight = 5 hits, new = 5 hits
Evo Knight = 6 hits, new = 6 hits
Ice Golem = 4 hits, new = 4 hits
Valkyrie = 5 hits, new = 5 hits
Witch = 3 hits, new = 3 hits
N-Witch = 3 hits, new = 3 hits
M-Witch = 2 hits, new = 2 hits


Pekka is fine, stop pushing to buff the cards you use

If someone uses a card, that doesn’t prevent them from requesting a necessary buff… I could say “you obviously use 8% UR MK or other countered by Pekka”… hence you’d disregard a buff. No one is going to speak up for a minority used card except the users of it… and it’s getting hit hard because the only thing carrying it was evo archers and little prince which are both getting nerfed.

Turns out you use lava-hound so of course you have nothing to complain about with a 58%ish winrate deck. Sigh.


I’m inclined to agree with you, but almost every card is played by the “minority” the only cards that get more attention than 20% are either spells or cards that need a nerf. I wouldn’t be bothered by a pekka buff but its random and really wouldn’t change anything but a couple interactions every 50 games.

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This is why I happen to think supercell needs to expand on cards buffed/nerfed for specific reasons… some cards require a kind of comfort buff/nerf where people can agree… “it won’t change much - except for the people playing them (if a buff) and vice versa (for a nerf)”… when SC finally nerfs evo-barbs it’ll be time to buff lavahound the same way. (As pekka being carried by archers/little prince - evo barbs carry lavahound).

Maybe SC could use this forum to add “4 or so cards” to their list… other cards can be “saved” aswell… people can list cards that basically got ignored… I.e. magic archer buff (saved), goblin giant nerf (definitely a comfort one), and last is probably evo knight nerf since the majority of op evos are getting nerfed.

Another reason for all this? Because evo’s take up balance now and it’s kind of unfair - SC release cards that are often underpowered or broken…. Then these take up slots in balance changes…. The emergency changes were never quite enough.

Sod having to wait another 2 months is what I think - SC has a big competition now - call of duty mobile… and I’m inclined to use my spare time there for 2 months despite paying for 2 season passes and I’m not “weeping” at all that the archers are getting nerfed… just that they have to fill the void for “less off-meta decks” weaknesses - and for me it’s pekka. :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree, they make broken cards for the money and then waste balance changes focussing on these same cards. The problem is that they can’t do everything at once because it is too unpredictable to change too many variables at once. This leaves the slightly bad and slightly good cards untouched. Enjoy cod :+1:

Even with less variables… SC gets it wrong, I.e. no goblin giant nerf but they target rage instead… SC has done large balance changes before and it can fix the meta if the problems are obvious. I think after 3 months waiting they’ve drifted fairly obvious. There’s a lot of below 45% winrate cards and above 55%… they’re not keeping up with new releases… monthly balance changes might solve that.

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with all of those interactions staying the same I think your pekka and prince buff would really work

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Wait I just realized an interaction that a pekka health buff will change. Bats perfectly dropped will barely fully counter a pekka. That interaction will no longer apply with this buff

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Nice find, I assume it’s not massively game-changing though. I always carry zap ready with pekka and have to use it because of how fast bats can delete it.

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If the changes for January are WIP (work in progress), I’d like to know if this means other cards not mentioned could get added… maybe a mod can answer for clarity? Simply, could we find goblin giant and pekka on the changes coming up? Possibly even evo knight and magic archer too. At least the first 2 mentioned as there has been wide feedback about these 2 in particular.

Much appreciate a Mods response plus I’d like to know if feedback’s heard here. :smiley:

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Boss_CR ranks Pekka F-tier


HP was decreased by 9.5% back in 5/8/2019. Reverting at least half the amount will be a small, but sufficient buff.

Pekka typically gets value via defending/counter-pushing. Hence, survivability is an important factor.

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Another reason I choose 5.021276595744681%hp increase is because Mini Pekka has 642 health at level 1… Pekka at Level 1 will have 2468 health ( the same sequence written backwards).

Edit: I remember complaining about the health nerf when it happened because they gave pekka long range with that 9.5% health nerf… then nerfed pekka to have medium range without some health back to balance it out.

Pekka has just dropped to a 3% usage rate and 40% win rate. GC stats just for today.

Edit: because evo archers and little prince got nerfed the top deck has been nerfed… Pekka was just carried… as predicted.

Pekka has dropped to a 31% winrate and 2% usage rate today. GC stats for today.