Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale January 2024 (Season 55)

Barbarian barrel is definitely strong right now, but It’s still out-competed by the log and changing only barbarian barrel would only further that.

It’ll be interesting to see how they try to balance goblin barrel/ gang / drill if the goblins change goes through, regular gobs are definitely a bit OP but I think this change would more or less kill all the other cards, regardless of the drill rework.

Hype for the return of hog giant skeleton AQ!

They gave midladder players access to influence the meta. They killed Magic Archer and Lava Hound. They had a 12 and 7% usage rate pre-October nerf in GC.

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Lava hound is far from dead:

58% winrate

It recently got a 48% winrate : Best Cards for Grand Challenge in Clash Royale - RoyaleAPI

It had 7% use rate before the nerf, which is average

The decks individually show the strength though… if some people run a really bad deck then the winrate goes down.

Maybe that’s the case…

I agree lavahound itself is weak but SC doesn’t balance properly… they don’t look deep into the problem. I.e. other cards bolstering.

What are you talking about? I never even mentioned Goblin Barrel. Are you complaining about something not in the post?

1B: Nerf to the Damage: from 110 to 100 Hit Points (-9%)

I’d like to see:

  • Evolved Archers nerf
  • Evolved Royal Recruits nerf
  • Archer Queen buff
  • Goblin Drill rework
  • Guards buff to the Shield HP

I disagree

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The archer queen buff is the most important, in my opinion. 🫶🏼

Protect the air!

does your dumbass not realise that nerfing stabbing goblins also nerfs gob barrel, goblin gang, gob drill , evo mortar and normal goblins so it makes a big difference

ever since the arrows changed to 3 ticks the guards fallen off compared to other 3 elixir cards like gob gang and skeleton army. Since they die to arrows, they don’t have any other notable advantage over using other 3 elixir swarm cards. When Guards first came out, they were special because they were the first swarm card to survive arrows

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Little prince:
I’m a snowball player at 7,322 trophies. I don’t conciously remember having to even use my snowball on little prince and I don’t remember ever feeling oppressed going against it. Maybe it’s best used defensively and my opponents haven’t been doing that, idk.

Nerfs vs Buffs: I’m more interested in the buffs. When I think of a buff, I think of new things I may be able to put together and succeed with.

Bowler: chill out. This guy already loses enough health before getting off his first attack.

Goblins nerf: I don’t feel like it’s been used against my troops and killed things it shouldn’t have. Be chill.
gobbos may be “popular” but they’re not broken. They cost an extra elixir compared to skeletons and are subsequently able to handle some tougher cards. Skeletons can handle a large amount of situations at only 1 elixir and it’s fine. Let people pay twice as much and still get value.

Barb Barrel: I don’t feel like it’s been used against my troops and killed things it shouldn’t have. Be chill.


Dart goblin and every other 3 elixer ranged card dies to arrows, so why can little prince survive fireball?


Barb barrel should not be touched. It’s the only direct competitor of the Log, the most used spell in the game.
And Goblin Drill getting a buff is a no brainer. No only because it has fallen deep into the meta, but also because it will be a direct competitor to Miner/Poison that has taken over the meta (again.)

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Goblin Giant needs a nerf; not Bowler or Rage. It’s that Goblin Giant deck that’s boosting those win & usage rates.