Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale October 2023 (Season 52)

Бл Чел как я тебя понимаю, уже написал в группу с просьбой не торогать торнадо и прошу тебя сделать так же


overall great ideas for nerfs. i think a princess nerf is missing from this list though. it’s the only reason why your little rocket cycle decks are busted.

Do you want to destroy lava? Lava nerf, balloon nerf, idrag nerf, barb nerf, even some lava decks use goblins or knight and you want to nerf those too. Hunter buff and itower buff. These changes are all against lava.


Nado nerf is completely unnecessary just Nerf the MArcher and don’t touch the nado


Lava hound and inferno tower really needs a nerf tbh

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To be honest I don’t get the tornado nerf. Can someone explain why so many people want it to be nerfed ?

buff the wizard or just delete him


vote for 16-cannon rework(plz
:kissing: :kissing:

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Тут только на английском или испанском чат, но я тебя понял)

What I picked and why:

Evolved Knight nerf: Everyone knows it’s incredibly broken and this nerf will not be enough to fix it. This is amplified by it’s huge 43% use rate and 57% win rate in GCs. In battle it feels like it takes a 9 elixir commitment to kill this 3 elixir card. If I were to balance this card, I would take away the Hit Speed buff and put it back to 1.2 seconds like the regular Knight. Right now it has more health than a Valkyrie while also dealing half the DPS of a Mini Pekka all for 3 elixir.

Evolved Barbarians nerf: Similar to the Evolved Knight, the Evolved Barbarians are incredibly strong on defense while also being really good as a counter push. They also have a 21% use rate with a massive 58% win rate in GCs. This nerf might be enough to balance it out, but I think the HP should be nerfed by an extra 4% before these changes go live. An 8% health nerf will still let them survive Fireball, but only with a sliver of health instead of an 8th of their health.

Bomb Tower nerf: For nearly a year now the Bomb Tower has reigned as the supreme building. Boasting a high 16% use rate with a respectable 52% win rate in GCs. It is constantly finding its way into any cheap cycle deck over Tesla and Cannon. I think a Hit Speed nerf was the right idea to balance it as it is way too good at controlling the map against not just groups of units, but even pushes with a large tank.

Magic Archer nerf (First Attack Speed): I chose this over the damage nerf because if you think about it, a damage nerf would be a buff as it would take more hits to kill certain cards, which in turn allows him to get more hits on the tower from the bridge. A first attack speed nerf would be a better change as it can’t immediately get 1 shot on your tower right after being lined up and deployed at the bridge. While its rates are overall balanced in GCs, it just feels very unfair for your opponent to get damage so easily.

Lava Hound nerf: Where do I even begin to describe how much I hate this card. Its rates in GCs may be fine, but the main problem was the health as it is basically a Giant that is flying. Its massive amount of health made it tank for cards (such as balloon and Inferno Dragon) for way too long while also keeping it alive long enough to get more damage on the tower. Everything about this card is centered around its health which is why I voted for the nerf.

Tornado nerf: Similar to Bomb Tower, Tornado has been incredibly strong for multiple years on end. Constantly hovering around a crazy 20-25% use rate with a good win rate of in the low 50s. A radius nerf was needed due to it being able to pull anything and everything in the arena to exactly where you wanted it to be. However, because of the crazy high use rate and past nerfs not being enough to balance it, I don’t think this change will be enough. So I would impose a rework that would make its Crown Tower Damage standardize all the way down to 1 damage per tick at any level. Effectively making it useless at a card to finish the game off with while still being able to activate King Tower. To compensate for this huge nerf, I would also buff the damage of the Tornado by 17%. This will allow it to defend pushes easier, but weaken the synergy with Magic Archer.

Balloon nerf: Balloon has been very good for a long time ever since the rework it got all the way back in February of 2022. The rates may be balanced in GCs, but it did always feel unfair when you would a take a large amount of damage even after taking it out. This balance change will not fix this issue, but makes it a little weaker, which is appreciated.

Ice Spirit nerf: Not much I have to say about this. Ice Spirit is the best spirit and 1 elixir card by far as it holds your troops in place for a long time. The rates in GCs back this up pretty well. Any nerf is nice.

Inferno Dragon nerf: I can’t put my finger on it but for some reason inferno Dragon has absolutely exploded in popularity recently. Staying at a good 13% use rate and a great 55% win rate in GCs. Since Sparky is meta for the first time in years now, I have seen how good Inferno Dragon is at taking out practically any large push with ease. An HP nerf might be needed to control its dominance in the future. Aka, I’m scared of it becoming incredibly popular once Sparky and the Evo Knight phase out of the meta.

Bomber buff: Last and definitely least, I voted for the Bomber buff. For a long time I have noticed the weakness (2% use rate and a 49% win rate) of the Bomber and wanted to see it get some attention. A range buff could be good for a little while, but I don’t think its going to make it meta by any means. So instead of a range buff, I would give it a Hit Speed buff of 0.2 seconds (1.8 seconds → 1.6 seconds). This makes its DPS much higher and turns it into sort of a cheap glass cannon against cards like Valkyrie and Lumberjack. A Hit Speed buff also makes it better at controlling huge piles of swarm cards which it can’t do right now as it gets overwhelmed way to quickly.

Other changes I want to see:

Mighty Miner buff: Ability Casting Time -0.2 seconds

Why? Mighty Miner fell off pretty hard since his last nerf. Dropping to a low use rate of around 4% with a win rate in the mid 40s in GCs. He now feels very slow to ramp up his attacks and lags behind a lot. I decided the casting time for his ability should be decreased to reduce the amount of situations where you use the ability, but he dies right before the bomb drops. This does not make him better at taking out large tanks.

Rage nerf: Rage Boost 35% ->30%

Why? Ever since Sparky became meta again after years of absence, the Rage has exploded in popularity similar to the Inferno Dragon. With a 15% use rate and a 56% win rate in GCs, it is undoubtably strong. So I decided decreasing the boost from the Rage would make it slightly less of an annoyance to deal with, yet not decreasing its damage capabilities.

Lumberjack buff: Now destroys the Log if face to face

Why? To compensate for the slight Rage nerf, I think making the Lumberjack completely destroy the Log if he is running at it wouldn’t just buff the lumberjack slightly, but also nerf The Log slightly while staying true to the lore. This will not go into effect if the Lumberjack is attacking something, deploying, or he is turned around. It will only happen if the Lumberjack is left alone and is running towards the tower. This should be put into the game as a part of a major update since it isn’t exactly a simple change to implement.

Arrows nerf Damage -7%

Why? Arrows have found themselves to be in a very good position right now with a high 18% use rate and 50% win rate to boot. They basically work in any deck regardless of the archetype and can wipe out somewhat low health pushes with ease for just 3 elixir. To weaken the sheer power of the Arrows, I would decrease their damage by a good 7%. This doesn’t change any interactions. it just makes them worse overall.


Yo don’t harm my boi Ice Spirit

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goblins dont stay on fight that long

Absolutely no one except hog players is asking for a tornado nerf. The card needs to be strong to keep certain archetypes from completely dominating the meta. Besides, it’s a 3 elixir spell. How weak does it have to be to be considered “balanced”?


We dont need more buffs to log bait… Inferno Tower hp buff? Are we crazy? It’s already so tanky… doesn’t make any sense. Also where is nerf to hog rider? Instead we are nerfing tornado, one of the few answers to that card. Really what game are you guys playing?
Also recruits are the worst evolution, need a small buff.


Tanking 6 elxier and killing an 8 elixir golem afterwards is ridiculous! Terrible terrible idea

Buff goblin cage👍

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Are you serious?Marcher is quite balanced in other decks like
bridge spams.It appears strong just because a special deck like miner wb. And some players complain it is just because they play game with no skill,just put their stuff in front of the towers knowing the opponent has a marcher.And don’t forget the historical balance,this balance will kill this card.Any balance is not gonna kill any card.This nerf is unreasonable,just because a special deck to kill a card and ignore other decks. Don’t let players’ anger kill a card.


Cannon cart deserves the rework more than anything else in my opinion. Ice spirit and govlins also should get nerfed too with the evo skeletons getting that buff


Bomber and cannon cart need this

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These community-voted balance changes never work out. Idk, just ask the pro players or something.