Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale October 2023 (Season 52)

Don’t vote tornado, or else bad players will keep complaining about hog rider. Plus it’s just a very skilled card that works well against the meta, and radius nerf will kill it.


Exactly tornado shouldn’t be nerfed, I rather it staying strong than weak.


Battle Ram Buff/Rework to make it a real card and not a spam-deck reserved card

Damage on hit : -40%
HP : +30%
Charge Speed : -30%
Time before barbs can play : +1s

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It seems that many of you don’t know how BALANCE should work. Sure MArcher is strong rn but balance does not mean killing the card because of players anger! The first hit nerf would just kill the card (we had this exact nerf and it was a dead card). Nado radius nerf is ridiculous it would change king tower activation so significantly that it would be an indirect nerf to hog, which nobody needs.


Splash-aspect rework

Arrows Rework Arrows are meta-meta too good over the years
Total Deploy time : x2 or x3 slower
Crown tower damage : +10%
Total Damage : +10%

Minion Horde Rework
Elixir cost : 5 → 4
(Optional : Minions Count : 6 → 5)

Wizard Rework
Damage : -40%
Fireball radius : +20%
New effect : “on fire” : last 4 seconds, 50 damage per second

Zap Rework
Damage : Kill stab goblins


i believe it means it goes from 1.1 hit per second to 1 hit per second so it goes from 11 hits in 10 seconds to 10 hits in 10 seconds

You can block the inferno tower with anything, use electro dragon, or use any spell on inferno tower to get past it.

I think magic archer is a perfectly balanced card. It’s very bad unless you know how to play it properly. The magic archer promotes skill based play as opposed to something like firecracker that will always get damage. Most complaints of him are from people who keep placing stuff infront of the towers knowing the opponent has a magic archer. And as for people tornadoing units in the magic archers path, it’s a candidate to get nerfed so just vote that. I would personally rather buff other 4 elixer ranged units instead of just killing the magic archer because i think we’re forgetting that magic archer is used in more decks than just miner wb and they did this before and it KILLED the card.


Yes it’s like 5 for 8+6=14
9 positive elixir trade that’s a big mistake

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Ok so, how come the Magic Archer is getting nerfed? Was there some kind of ultra meta deck I was just missing?

Also, there was one time when they did indeed nerf the Magic Archer’s hitspeed to EXACTLY 0.8s and the card was completely dead after the nerf. Please don’t repeat your past mistakes.


Yeah, I’m with you. The magic archer shares many stats with the mother witch. The only difference would be their abilities, cursed hogs for mother witch and piercing arrows for magic archer. In both grand challenge and Ultimate Champion the mother witch has a higher rating then the magic archer. So I think he is balanced right now, but is just seeing a higher use because of the current meta. But any nerf will kill P.E.K.K.A. bridge spam variations that use magic archer. And just down right making the magic archer mediocre any other deck.


Ah yes just buff the marcher with +30% dmg seems balanced


Wtf nerf Balloon?Are you crazy supercell? Balloon Balaced card only lavaloon buff🙄single balloon Ballace


GubGiant sooooo buff and supercell sooooo crazy and joker🙄


Buff Xbow
Nerf graveyard


Option to NERF Inferno Tower HP pls!

please vote for evo barbs and bomb tower

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1.1->1.0 hit/sec is a nerf, you will get 0.1 less hits each second (regarding Cannon Cart and Cannon rework)

Nerf evo recruits
Remove damage
removed hp buff
nerf charge tile 1.5 to 2.0 at least


Remember last time Prince’s charge was 2.5 tiles? It broke the game. Let’s keep it at 3. It’s a solid card and it works in the decks it works best in - this is a lot from me because I’m a big prince fan and I used him a lot my first year of playing. Overall the changes recommended are great BUT. I strongly disagree with the MA nerf. I don’t view it as overpowered I just think it’s strong in the right hands. The thing is that it has its fair share of counters and a nerf of any kind is nit merited on any means.

Pls consider the following changes:

Hog Rider nerf (minor). Hit points -3%. Hog rider always feels to have a sliver of HP when it gets a hit. A minor hit points nerf should reverse that.

PEKKA BUFF: Either Damage buff or +7% so It can one shot cards like witch, fisherman, hunter and royal hogs, or reduce its hit speed from 1.8 - 1.6 or 1.7.

Pekka has been struggling for a while now and my main (PEKKA Ram Rider) is barely viable. While Ram rider itself is solid and doesn’t need a buff or a nerf, a buff to PEKKA will really help her out in all its main decks. PEKKA is one of the most beloved cards in CR. Let’s give her the respect she deserves.

Electro Giant; Electro Giant has been struggling since it’s most recent nerf last summer with only 1 uptick since then. I think we can all agree it was mirror that made this card so obnoxious and Electro Giant itself was just an above average card. I vote to partially reverse this card’s last nerf (Reflection damage -33% and reduce it to -10%. To help it get some bite back.
Electro Giant may be settling as a midladder menace, but a buff should help delay or reverse that.