Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale October 2022 (Season 40)

Also where is the Lava nerf? It’s been arguably the most consistently unbalanced wincon for over 5 months now


I understand that and agree but I do believe the nerf is so bad that it wont be viable in any form which I, of course, think is too much so I think a smaller nerf would keep everyone happy.

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The canon needs a nerf but smaller llike 5% hp


Wizard should be nerfed his splash damage is too op and he’s everywhere in low and mid ladder.
Also buff ice wizard and 3 e dragon

why buff useless barbarian hut but nerf cannon

Fire wizard need a new mechanic, that make it different and usable. I don’t use mortar but i don’t think that nerf is a good idea, mortar decks need a lot of skill, and it’s only used in top ladder, there is a lot of cards that are much better than mortar; that nerf could kill that play style and make the game less diversified.

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An HP nerf to the cannon is not a good nerf. Cannon already has very little HP. They should revert that back to normal and instead nerf its DPS (attack damage or attack speed) if they really want to nerf the legendary cannon.

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The 13% Mortar HP nerf is very extreme. The card is strong on top ladder, but it is not oppressive on top ladder (unlike mighty Miner this season, or gk/giant skele in recent seasons). It can be tanked by almost any card in the game, and does very low damage. It’s only redeeming quality and the only reason it’s useful to begin with is it’s hp and it’s blind spot. I agree it needed a nerf or rework, but this is too much. 13% hp nerf will absolutely kill the card, making it only be useful when another card (like queen) is strong enough to pick up its slack.

I think mortar either needs a less extreme hp nerf, at most it should be 9% hp nerf. Or Mortar should get a buff to damage or attack speed to justify the large hp nerf.

It’s also worse than lava hound in both use rate and win rate, which is a card that is being completely untouched, so maybe give hound the hp nerf it deserves.

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i think pekka needs a buff and the mortar shudnt get nerfed

I do like the look of these balance changes. However I would like to see an HP nerf to our friend Golem. In the hands of a skilled player it can be really annoying and an HP nerf would really be helpful. Also, I would LOVE to see an HP buff for Magic Archer. Though it’s not required because it’s a top tier card in my opinion, a minor HP buff would help this card. I’m worried about the 3 spear goblin though haha, log bait will be getting an intense buff, however for those of you that hate 2.6 hog it’s getting yet ANOTHER nerf with the HP nerf on cannon. I’m honestly relieved that my deck isn’t affected by this by either nerf or buff because even if it’s minor it changes how you play your deck. The Mortar buff is appreciated because in the hands of a skilled mortar player it’s deadly.

I know that people disliked mirror buff awhile,but it made the card so much better, it finally found its way into the meta like the balance team wanted to. I think the mirror should be buffed again to +2 levels because so many players upgraded it to level 14 and used alot of their resources. Also now mirror just feels like a dead card and nobody really uses it anymore. Anyways though I like the goin and goblin gang buff, but I with the MM, royal hogs, and mortar nerf. I understand MM’s nerf but nerf 8% if its HP, it should be at most 5%. Mortar and Royal hogs are in a great state right now. Mortar isn’t used to much in top ladder nor mid ladder. Royal hogs don’t need the hit speed nerf they are counter by majority of buildings. I agree with all the other balance changes though.

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I disagree with the elixir golem and mortar changes. Mortar hasn’t been a solo win condition since its last couple nerfs a few years back. It just doesnt do enough damage. Now theyre nerfing it because its a high skill card? Makes 0 sense. Use rates have been pretty low for a while now and win rates arent abnormally high. 13 percent is also massive; when valk was strong she only got a 4% health nerf. Small changes are better than larger ones that can usually kill cards. Same thing with cannon. A smaller nerf is better and then they can adjust as needed. And elixir golem just needs to go back to the way it was, perhaps with the hit speed buff. Or maybe not; its just inherently flawed. And royal hogs as well. Not really used in top meta decks and is extremely unnecessary.

Cannon nerf and royal hogs nerf are completely unfair i think RHogs was op because of that rhogs Gskelly mirror deck, and they already nerfed giant skeleton and mirror. Mortar nerf is deserved but 13% is a lot. I really like the buffs though i think they are all good.

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Canon nerf is not good, I a new player and my deck is hog 2.6 but recently you nerf log and fireball, doing this all my efforts to level them your are throwing to the floor, consider all players that cards are in level 12 or 13

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I like these balance changes, but I feel like a rework of mirror should be added to the table. Previously, mirror was extremely overpowered after being buffed to add two levels to the mirrored card. However, only one additional level is not nearly worth the extra elixir cost.

I propose that mirror be reworked to cost one elixir LESS than the card it’s mirroring, and in exchange the mirrored card is 2-4 levels lower than the level of the mirror.

Mirror would gain more prevalence as a cycling card, and operate more as a weaker reflection of the card played first as opposed to a stronger counterpart.

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Yeah let’s buff this giant graveyard meta that we are having by budding witch👍

Personally I would have liked to see a E-spirit buff and a firecracker buff.

Electro spirit - +15% damage
Firecracker - Hit speed 3 sec - 2.5 sec

-Nerfs to mortar, cannon cart, cannon and mighty miner are right but… But the nerf percentages are too high. 14% nerf on the cannon is TOO MUCH in my opinion. Nerf required but in lesser quantity.
-I don’t understand why the elixir golem is constantly getting buffs. Absurd…
-Barbarian hut is nice but I still don’t think it will go into the meta.
-Goblins would be strong, but I can’t see any other solution.
-Knight could get some more buffs.
-The goblin gang is in its old form.
+A buff could come to the wizard and other huts. Rascals should be buffed.

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Hi. According to balance change.
First of all,I think extra hp for the knight it is too much. I think this card is pretty strong, it’s going to be very dificult to counter this card with the hog. It will be full meta for hog and fast cycles even for baite.
Secondly, I can’t see good sense with boostig gobling gang and this card has been always good.
Thirdly, elixir golem, this buff it is too much it is going to be impossible to counter this card. It’s going to be mostly eli golem and bite meta.
I think cannon cart and cannon it is good to nerf them a little bit because they are too strong, too high hp also little nwrf for might miner is ok.
Barbarian hut I think this is too much but let’s see maby will be fine.
My propose to buff cards:
I have been playing Pekka for very long time and I need to say it but became very weak, comparing to strenght this card from the beggining of this game. Now, pekka is getting beat by golem. Years ago if somebody put pekka on the map against golem was pretty sure that pekka will cope well with the golem. Now it’s a little bit too weak, maby hp, or some more dps. Or little bit longer sword range like 2 years ago you did accidentaly it was nice buff.
Next thing, in my opinion bandit it’s little bit too weak. Need more power. Like more dps this is somethink like assasin, suppoused to be more powerful like in most games.
Mini pekka this small bastard has too long range. Everytime when I play Ram rider agains mini pekka can hit ram rider on charge from very far away, it suppoused to be very short range for it.
Lastly I thing that inferno tower has too much hp. It’s staying really long on the map. It’s really staying for ages sometimes. Consider to small nerf.
Best regards, Riddick.

In my opinion, the mortar, cannon, and cart nerfs are wayyyyyy to harsh. All of the cards needed a nerf but the percentages are to harsh. Mortar needed a 3-4 percent health nerf. Cannon/ cart needed a 3-4 percent health or 4 percent damage nerf. Also i think that firecracker, wallbreakers, ice wiz, tesla, and spear goblins need a buff. Firecracker needs a 20% damage nerf and a 1 second attack speed decrease. This will make it not have as many seizures during battle and is overall a buff because it increase its dps by about 13 percent. Wallbreakers could use multiple things, one option would be to increase the radius that wallbreakers damage units when they explode, another option would be to have the wallbreakers do damage when they die without hitting a building. Ice wiz needs a damage buff I suggest maybe a 10% buff. This may seem extreme but icewiz has less dps than 1 skeleton. Spear goblins need a damage buff or range increase. However before they buff spear goblins they would need to not include the 3rd spear goblin in goblin gang. Finally, drill archer queen, and hound need a nerf. Drill needs to not do damage upon landing and not knock back units. Archer queen needs a damage nerf. Hound needs a 2% health nerf and one less pup. Thanks for reading

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