Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale October 2022 (Season 40)

PLEASE READ. I find it extremely unfair that they are nerfing cannon this much. For all the 2.6 players out there such as myself, we all understand that the cannon is very good in decks with champions. The reason for this is that you can always get to another cannon because 3-card cycle is the problem, not the cannon itself. It seems that everyone forgot that cannon was the worst building in the game for years until champions came around and now all the sudden cannon is op without any changes to it? It’s 3-card cycle. I understand that Supercell will not change 3-card cycle so I understand why a cannon nerf is warranted instead but the nerf is too much. Its extremely unfair to all the 2.6 players that have been playing it for years. This nerf will make the card unusable and render it unviable to use in an deck, therefore killing the card. This may be the end of 2.6 if this nerf is not changed. I believe that a simpler and softer nerf would be just to reverse the most recent buff to the cannon because we know cannon was viable at that time but was certainly not overpowered, this would keep the cannon in check but not make it completely unusable. Please take this into consideration.


I’m very surprised they aren’t changing Lava Hound at all, because statistically it’s stronger (and I’d argue lower skill as well) than mortar. Hound has consistently had higher usage and win rates than Mortar in GCs, and Hound also has a significantly higher use rate in top 1000 ladder (hound 10%, mortar 6%). Despite all this, mortar is getting a 13% HP nerf while Hound remains completely untouched

If nothing else, they need to nerf Hound HP by 3-4%


The mortar is one of the best win conditions, it fires from your own field, it has a lot of life, it is not very expensive, it does splash damage, in defense it is very good because it holds a lot on the battlefield.
For some reason it has been one of the most used win conditions in the crl. what happens is that you have to learn to play it well. If you play it right, it’s crazy.
Here the best decks of mortar:

The cannon is a card that has a very low cost for the much it brings, you can easily defend cards that are worth much more than it. As for the death of the 2’6 I want to remind you that the 2’6 has recently received a very large buff to the musketeer, ice spirit and ice golem is true that nerfed the ball and the log but is that everyone used these 2 spells as they are practically universal in clash royale. Anyway I agree with you that it has been a very big nerf and should have the nerf but smaller.

I think cannon nurf is too much
Cannon could count Hogrider but now it cant clearly count hogrider

And earthquake can count cannon too much

Not a hp nurf, plz make damage nurf

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And i think mm got too much nurf too
I think hp-4% is balance

Golden night got -10% hp nurf, and it was big nurf to him

I worried mighty miner will be like to him.

Plz make sure nurf-4%hp

Queen and drill desperetely need a nerf.
Queen royal hog is broken because of the queen not the royal hogs.

Heres my take.

Supercell balances off topladder where mortar is quite prevelant.

Mortar is a very high skill card and is used in many high skill decks at the highest of ladder.
I personally have pushed up to 6k trophies with mortar and it is extremely hard. Fighting Megaknight Pekka Ebarbs Rage beatdown is hard and takes lots of skill to defend (while the ebarbs player mindlessly bridgespams)

More or less, Mortar is not an overpowered card. It is a high skill low reward card that is used by pros who are very good at the game (also who dont fight Mk ebarbs balloon rage every game).
Its strong but not overpowered whatsoever. Cannon cart is strong, so a slight nerf is fine, but again cannon cart is one of the best counters to megaknight in midladder so nerfing it wont help.

Last thing, nerfing cannon, cannon cart, and mortar would be a decent on topladder, but really screws over the other 95% of the playerbase.


superecell tryna get rid of skill decks LOL

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nerfing mortar by almost 15% bruh. supercell tryna get rid of skill decks LOL


Cannon nerf of 14% is kinda a lot it basically dies to fireball and a lot of other spells. Cannon should get a 5-8% HP nerf as it would just most likely almost die from the spawn time if the cannon was preplaced for a defending push. Also I feel cannon is only used mostly in higher trophies which makes it even worse for lower arena users to use a 3 elixir building that was solid in defending.
Give cannon a 5% HP nerf.


For wizard I think that a 15% hp buff could be better,have the same hp as musk is terrible

6+ Year player, 7350pb, 19 challenge winner, top 500 global tourney winner

Truthfully I don’t understand why the team is making such dramatic changes to a lot of these cards, specifically the 14 and 13 % hp reductions to Cannon, destroyed Cart, and Mortar

I understand Cannon is the most popular choice building for cycle decks currently, but the strength of the card is not due to its stats but rather the 3 card cycle mechanic, plus the fact that Tesla is now one of the worst buildings in the game

Cannon Cart I won’t say much since the strength of the card comes majorly from the wheeled version

Mortar is one of the best win conditions in the game, but a 13% hp reduction is quite ridiculous when back in the day Pekka received a 10% hp reduction and the community went crazy, she even had to get a range buff to compensate for the extreme health reduction, whereas Mortar and Cannon get nothing except fragility

The best case scenario I would suggest is lessening the nerf to Cannon & Mortar and making a small buff to the Tesla and Bomb Tower until the team can address the 3 card cycle problem, and not to kill these adequate defensive buildings in this game that is already being dominated by so many heavy beatdown decks with Lightning

As for the rest of the changes, Mighty Miner is strong and I don’t think 8% will kill the card but 4-6% would be a better start, 4 Goblins is a crazy change and I’m curious to see how that plays out but I worry it could be too much, Gang going back to its pre-nerf state is a good change with Guards and Skarmy dominating over it, Valk and Mighty Miner are much better mini tanks than Knight and I think the small buff will be nice for him, the Barb Hut rework is interesting I just really hope it doesn’t become meta again especially with the E Golem buff, speaking of which I don’t know what kind of place they want E Golem but personally I don’t like the mechanics of the card and hope it stays not strong, I’m glad they updated the elixir give back last balances, now the team needs to find a way to make Healer versatile in other decks while not making it op in just E Golem, Royal Hogs are too match up dependent in a splash heavy meta, they’re too strong against decks with little to no splash answers and too weak against decks with a lot of splash answers, they need more counters like Hog Rider so they should have less mass and more pull range to buildings so it’s easier to counter them without spells or Valk/Bowler


I feel like the mortar nerf is a little too much. Maybe it can be tuned down a bit?


Safe to say they don’t care about firecracker. Literally make her first attack 3 to 2 seconds and it will be a start. But they are just delaying it perpetually.


I believe the nerfs are somewhat fair… I do believe the hp nerfs for the buildings, especially cannon, are a bit much though. Mortar alone already has enough hp to defend from hog or piggies, or even beat down decks, removing 13% shouldn’t hurt too much, that being said, it also has great potential to be an offensive card too so I can see why it needs to have less time on the map.

As for the Cannon nerf, this will completely disrupt the balance it has to defend off balloon, hog, mega knight jump. I’m sure it will disrupt some other cards that I haven’t named either, making it completely useless and not used anymore. This should receive a lower hp nerf or reduced damage as I believe the damage is a bit too much for a 3 cost.

Cannon Cart destoryed hp nerf seems reasonable. Once that bad boy locks onto the tower it’s a dark path for the opponent that is getting shot at. That being said, I do believe the hp nerf is pretty high for this card too and should be less than 10%.

Mighty Miner has been a problem for higher ranked players, not so much for lower ranked players so this nerf won’t affect many players under 6300~. Miner still has a lot of Hp even after this nerf.

I have noticed how quick piggies get dmg off on a tower as they come within tile range and it is pretty questionable, not a huge problem but just something people probably complained about since it was probably a 1 second end of game winning method of theirs.

The Buffs are interesting, I can understand the change for goblins as they never get used. Knight having an increase of hp by a little bit is great I think! Goblin gang going back to pre nerf is also great, it will compete with other 3 elixir cards well!

E-Golem is an interesting change and might be used more, considering how I never see it in ladder anymore since previous changes.

Barbarian hut could probably use a shorter spawn time by 1 or 2 seconds, but all in all, decent changes all around. I will say… that the building nerfs are quite harsh, I do believe they should be lessened. If you guys agree like the post to show your support.


No need a nerf on Royale hogs :sob:

Why no one is talking about buffing the e dragon? He is too slow

I agree. I’ve been saying Lava needs a nerf for months because it’s had insane stats for 7+ months


Mortar and cannon themselves aren’t op
The 3 card cycle with champs is what makes them broken
All the op decks with mortar and cannon have champs in them
Eg :- mm bait , mm drill , mm hog eq mortar , miner mortar with queen/valk , miner mortar with skelle king/musk , etc
Cannon and mortar are really difficult to use without champs . The classic 3.0 mortar and 2.6 hog is already struggling in the meta
Supercell should think of nerfing the 3 card cycle somehow instead of nerfing the f2p cards