Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2024 (Season 60)

Evo Knight needs a damage reduction nerf. :rotating_light:
Evo Wizard shield nerf needed. :rotating_light:
Night Witch bats spawn slight nerf needed. :rotating_light:


If Dagger douchess attacks faster, it would be better against goblin Barrel, like only one goblin would hit, stop nerfing ma boy, he didn’t do anything!


Maybe also buff Evo ice spirit,valk,
recruits, firecracker,mortar and wall breakers then this will be a perfect balance changes

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Evo Knight, no he’s fine already, maybe reduce HP multiplier to 1.05, but if he doesn’t manage to move you get zero evolution benefits

Careful with the nerf to Evo Knight
He’s fine as he is, maybe reduce instead his ability damage reduction to 55% or 50%
But do not remove the HP multiplier, if you have to nerf that, reduce it to 1.05x
If he has no HP bonus, he’s literally the same as a normal knight he happens to die without moving


Also don’t nerf Giant, he’s literally only used because it overwhelms Dagger Duchess
Ram Rider needs more of snare slowdown buff, to 80%.
If you so refuse so strongly to nerf little prince HP, at least consider as well removing his ability to target air and or a range decrease further to 5 tiles from 5.5 tiles and make him return to his original hit speed after he stops attacking for like 1 second.

Tesla nerf is so deserved, and would be even better if you reduced the pulse radius as well, how does it have a bigger radius than its range???

it is too overpowered

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No the nerf is justified

  1. All changes in these balance changes were needed, however some were a little over the limit.

  2. Giants range nerf is a little too crucial. Giant is only so strong because of dagger duchess.

  3. As much as I hate the little prince, the nerf is overkill for the card. He will easily go from the best champion to the worst if those changes go live. I think that the guardian should still at least be able to kill goblins, the hitspeed nerf is fine though.

  4. Thank you so much for seeing that ram rider needed a buff. She has been so bad for centuries it
    feels like. The charge time was one of the main issues.

  5. I don’t know how much times I have to say this about the evolution knight, but the bonus hp is not the problem, it’s the damage reduction mechanic that is broken. Reduce his damage reduction to 50% and he will most likely be balanced. 60% is too much reduced damage.

  6. Everything else is fine with the balance changes, I am so glad evo tesla is getting a nerf. That card is so annoying to go against.

  7. These are my thoughts on the balances, I hope to see something considered from my review.

  1. Dagger Duchess having 6 daggers would kill the card, the other option is better.

  2. Prince and Ram rider buffs are overtuned, half the time to charge is too strong. Maybe 15% would be a better change.

  3. Giant nerf is unnecessary if you plan on nerfing the Dagger Duchess.

  4. The Ram Rider and Prince charge buffs are overtuned. Half the time is too much, maybe having a 15% reduction would be enough.

  5. Evo Tesla nerf is VERY needed. The strongest card in the game right now.

  6. The rest of the changes were good overall.


As a prince main i have to say he has been weak for years , the change is right for prince but for ram rider , na ah ,ram rider should be 2.5 and prince 1.5

Cannon Cart needs a buff or rework because the community keeps saying that it is a good card that is amazing at defence but the card doesn’t fit in any deck or archetype.

Also, pick the second choice if you want the nuclear option against Dagger Duchess.


clash royale need to know that not everyone plays beatdown .since dagger duchess is weak against beatdown and strong against cycle decks. duchess need a heavier nerf

Here’s my top 5 changes


Prince buff is necessary

Where’s Mighty Miner buff? I mean, they gave every champion a chance by buffing him, except of Mighty Miner. It’s going to be a year since his last nerf and at this point Mighty Miner has 1% usage rate and 30% victory rate in GC. What are you waiting for?


Nerf the duchess to six daggers please, it keeps her main ability but makes it less powerful but the other Nerf just makes it good against goblin barrel! also the less damage but more speed makes its damage basically the same as normal princess which makes each card less unique.

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ram rider is so trash what you talking about?


ram needed the buff.

The little prince nerf is too much. The guardian charge damaged being reduced ny a lot and making her not kill the goblins would literally kill the card. What i suggest is we do a rework for little prince. Let the card get its previous nerfs revoked and make the card a 4-5 elixir card.

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