Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2024 (Season 60)

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Vote for Dagger Duchess change

    1. Less Damage, Faster Hit Speed
    1. Less Daggers
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Dagger Duchess Option 1 (Rework)

Before After
Damage -27% 153 Hit Points 112 Hit Points
Hit Speed +32% 0.606 Hits / Second 0.800 Hits / Second

Dagger Duchess Option 2 (Nerf)

Before After
Daggers Stored -25% 8.0 Daggers 6.0 Daggers

Dang it I miss clicked


Shouldn’t it be less damage, slower hitspeed?


Please do not nerf giant. Only reason he was strong is because high HP counters DD

With her nerf, and especially prince buff, he should get much weaker anyways


I think the first change is better because it allows the DD to still be a unique role of being able to defend against medium tropps faster while struggling more against high hp targets.


Revote plz

Please vote for the second nerf, the first nerf still makes it a stronger princess tower. The second nerf keeps it’s unique stats and the ability, while the first nerf unfortunately makes it a princess tower with 8 daggers.


And dont nerf giant


I agree with the balance changes for: Giant, Evolution Knight, Evolution Tesla, Dart Goblin, Goblin Cage. The Little Prince is an op card yes, but the problem is not in the ability it is in the lp itself so I suggest: Hit Points -2% (dies to fireball); First Stage Hit Speed: 1.09 secs > 1.05 sec (-4%); Second Stage Hit Speed: 0,72666 secs > 0.725 secs; Third Stage Hit Speed: 0.36333 secs > 0.4 secs (+10%). The Ram Rider and Princes balance change might be too op and seems like a dangerous and risky decision. Instead these cards should get an evolution. The spear goblins buff is good, but I also suggest: Hit Speed 1.7 secs > 1.4 secs (-18%). The Void needs an entirely different nerf, which is connected with the single target damage 544 > 454 (-17%) (kills mini pekka). The Dagger Dutchess also needs an entirely different nerf, which is: Damage 153 > 140 (-8%); Hit Speed: 0.35 secs > 0.6 secs (+71%) (these are not random numbers, I have made a lot of calculations that are too long to explain) And there are the rest of the balance changes that I would like to see: Buffs: Golden Knight: Hit Points +10%, Ability Cooldown 8 secs > 7 secs (-12,5%) Ice Wizard: Damage 90 > 100 (+11%) Witch: Damage +12% (oneshots spear goblins); spawns 3 additional skeletons upon death Barbarians: Hit Points +10% (survive fireball) Zappies: First Attack Speed 1.6 secs > 1.2 secs (-25%) Firecracker: Rocket Speed (same as a musketeers bullet, so that it doesn’t miss quick moving spirits, spear goblins and etc.)
Evolution Bomber: Bounce Damage -50%
Evolution Wizard: Explosion Knockback 3 Tiles > 2.5 Tiles (-17%)
Evolution Archers: Damage Multiplier 2x > 1.7x (-15%)
Evolution Battle Ram: Repetitive Ram Mechanic (removed)
Evolution Wallbreakers: Damage Increase (Removed)
Evolution Mortar: Hit Speed Increase (removed)
Ice Spirit: Freeze Duration 1.2 > 1.1 seconds (-9%)
Wall Breakers: Damage -5%
Tornado: Radius 5.5 > 5.0 Tiles (-9%)
Graveyard: Skeleton Spawn (Non-RNG)
Wizard: Hit Points +7% (survives poison, a mini pekka hit and etc.)
Rascals: Rascal Boy Hit Points -20%; Damage +20%; Rascal Girls Hitpoints +16,5% (same hp as archers); Damage -25% (three shot goblins)
Barbarian Hut: 6 > 4 Elixir (-33%); Barbarians Count per wave 3 > 2 (-33%); Hit Points -27% (the same hp as a furnace)
Cannon Cart: Hit Speed 1 > 0.9 seconds (-11%); Hit Points +7% Broken: Hit Speed 0.9 > 1 second (+10%), Hit Points -7 %
Mirror: Elixir Increase 1 > 0; Level Increase +1 > Level Decrease -2 (suggestion)
Also Level 15 Commons are 10 times harder to obtain than Level 14 Commons, for Rares the number is 8 times and Epics - 12.5 times, which is just ridiculous. My suggestion is for all to be 5 times more difficult, because normally the gap between levels is 2 times bigger than the previous level, but here only wild cards are being used, which makes the method a lot easier and it’s the highest level, so it makes sense that it is higher than 2. So I suggest 5. That would mean 50k to 25k for a card, rares go from 5 EWC to 4, epics go from 20 to 25, legendaries and champions just become twice less and maintain the same value. Also common, rare and epic books go from 10k to 5k, because the total amount from 50k goes to 25k, so basically the value stays the same and the legendary goes from 10k to 15k and the book of books goes from 10k to 40k (calculated fairly, not random numbers), overflowing Evolution Shards go from 1k to 15k. Another issue is Evolutions. They are too overpowered and not easily accessible to free to play players, so I would suggest a second evolution wild shard in the season shop. My next topic would be gold economy. So after the player maxes out the majority of his cards to level 14, then he would not need to spend gold on upgrades and his gold would slowly become useless and overflow, so I suggest putting old or entirely new tower skins in the shop for gold as well as all of the banners, so tickets would get removed. Also, the price for Elite Wild Cards should be 50k gold for 2500 EWC, because its logical that a tenth of progress for level 15 is 10 times less than the full cost and the full cost should be 5 times more than the one for level 14, so the full price would be 500k and 1 tenth is 50k. Also 2500 EWC is 1 tenth of 25k.
The last problem is the absence of new star level skins. I think most cards could get a level 3 Star skin. All of the new cards have remained to only level one too, which is boring.


Can’t we get both nerf for duchess, even if it kills the card we can just rebuff it a little

Also why are we nerfing evo tesla so hard so lower the nerfs

Also nerf for evo wizard where?


Please delete duchess,it is so terrible that we dont know how to get buff or nerf for it.


But now giant is too easy to make damage on the tower,and plenty of players at the top are using the card.

He is just good cuz of the dagger when the dagger gets nerf he will be useless

All the changes are great, except for dagger duchess, void, giant, and little prince. :face_with_monocle:

[Dagger duchess]: Need more nerf to any option, for ex: less daggers and slower attack or charge speed. :rotating_light:
[Giant]: Will be weak again and not solid if range is reduced. Giant is ok no nerf. :+1:
[Little prince]: The 75% nerf is too much. 50% maybe is ok. Bow damage need nerf. :rotating_light:
[Void]: Needs a damage nerf. :rotating_light:

Other changes:

[All champions] except little prince need a buff. :muscle:
[Cannon cart]: of the weakest cards for long time, needs a buff. :muscle:


Yeah.But he is good not only his range but his hitpoint.

Man the option 1 its literally a buff, damage per second from 437.14 turns into 470.59 so vote 1!!:smiling_face_with_tear:
(ok considering total damage option 1: 896 option 2: 918)

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Pretty short balance change but I wasn’t expecting WIP so soon this month anyways lol.

Ram and Prince. As a Ram main I’ve been wanting a Ram buff for a while, however 3 - 1.5 might be too much. Ram it’ll definitely help to help it charge up and be more like an angry hog rider. But Prince charge does a LOT of damage. Maybe instead of 1.5 make it 2.5 or buff another stat.

Dagger Dutchess. I voted for six dagggers. I feel like a faster hit speed won’t address its main problem - being able to solo the strangest of cards. Like it can solo wall breakers (same as cannoneer) as well as obliterate a miner, and stop a battle ram from connecting. The amount of daggers it has is the problem; not the hot speed.

Void. I actually think this card is relatively balanced. Yes it does a lot of damage - but it’s pretty easy to offset. I don’t think a rework is worth it.

Knight: Ok? I haven’t seen much knight lately. A health nerf once again is what I’ve been expecting since May, however I don’t believe it to be necessary.

Giant: I thought its buff a while back was pretty solid. I believe it to be so strong due to dagger dutchess. Let’s let its rework to settle first before messing with giant.

Little Prince: this is a massive nerf. I think we should only implement the first hit speed nerf.

Goblin Cards: Fair. Spear goblins haven’t been a thing since the miner magic archer deck was meta. Dart goblin is a rare sight. Goblin Cage will be good.

Tesla: Merited. Way too strong.


So you basically wanna take away everything special from evolutions :skull_and_crossbones: