Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2024 (Season 60)

So? she would deal less damage overall to hog rider and bb dragon. The main thing is she is good against swarms, and ABSOLUTELY BROKEN against mid-health units like hog and witch(without her spawned skellies of course). I think SC is tryna buff her against tanks like Giant and Golem while taking out her ability to put down hog(Cuz hog and logbait are dead rn bcz of her). When u think about it, faster reload is a buff if her dmg nerf is relatively small

I already ran the calculation for her damage with both proposed changes and they both nerf her damage over time. The rework even nerfs it after she runs out of stored daggers. If you think that they could be buffing her against tanks like golems then you misunderstood the proposed rework. Some interactions between units change but they are most noticeable with fragile units that only take a few hits to kill.

I don’t want dagger duchess nerfed

I am a three musks player . I ve never change my main deck for a long time ago . Let me tell you supercell that the last nerf of elixir collector was the worst nerf ever . If I play an elixir collector i sacriface with 6elixir to get an advantage of 2 elixirs . Now with the last nerf i feel like i get disavantage for a whole minute of the game . Get back the old elixir collector and nrf directley some decks thats using it .

Agree, voted for the 6 daggers. The first option basically defeats the whole purpose of having DD rather than the princess tower in the first place.

With the nerf for eco Tesla I agree that the pulse needed nerf. But with that I should also at least increase the health to 1.1x because the pulse duration is what kept it from talking a lot of damage

I’m one of the OGs in the room. I’ve been playing since 2016, so I’ve seen this game go through a lot. Here’s my piece on each of these changes.

The Prince buff is definitely needed, but I’m not sure the Ram Rider needs it. Ever since its release, the Ram Rider has been the better option for the Prince for an Offensive option. Because the Ram Rider targets only buildings, you’re reducing the clearance required for a free 700 damage. I’d probably say a 5% health buff would be better than changing its dash buildup distance.

TL: DR Ram Rider has always been better than Prince for offense, but I feel like increasing the charging distance would widen the gap between the cards.

Evo Knight. I’m convinced you guys need to redo the card completely. He’s been nerfed to high heck from rip. But I’ll wait and see if this finally balances the card.

I think the damage nerf for Evo Tesla is sufficient, I personally haven’t seen high usage from it other than X-Bow. And even then, they run Evo Knight.

The three goblin cards listed needed the buff. Nuff said.

The Void spell is great for the Hog counter, and Honestly, as long as the Hog rider has been, he’s never had a true counter the way he does with the Void spell. I think the rework is a good step, but Void is a high-skill card. Either you’re great with it, or you’re great against it.

Dagger Dutchess is another symptom of the issue that I feel like Supercell should be releasing new Tower Troops in pairs of 2. (IMO) Because the theory behind the Tower Troop was fundamentally a good idea for both new tower troops, it’s been nauseating watching the state of the tower troops constantly change. Obviously, DD is leagues better of a troop than Cannoneer, and that’s simply because most high-ladder favors low-cost cards, and cycling. At least, that’s the trend that I observe. But with that preamble out of the way. I think the Rework is the better option. Reducing the daggers stored, you’d also need to increase the time it takes to recharge them. A bad idea would completely crash the card without it.

TL:DR Vote Rework, reduction in daggers doesn’t make sense. The card would fail to do the job it was created for.

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I know I’m adding this really late, but please nerf evo Wizard and evo Bomber, and buff evo Ice Spirit and evo Gob Barrel please, they need it.

think about these

Ram Rider and Prince maybe too much like Evo Recruit, at least change to 2-2.5 tiles and apply it too Dark Prince as well since he still have 3.5 tiles charge till this day.
LP nerf is way too much, change guardian charge DMG at least kill goblin
Evo Tesla nerf deserved
Evo Knight now just Knight with shield, maybe exchange 10%HP bonus for 10% less shield then he balanced
Void is okay, more time to react but still okay overall
Giant nerf is not needed because DD
I vote DD 6 dagger nerf
All other changes is all right

Bro, at least half of these comments come from OGs. Saying it doesn’t make your opinion sounds better. There are two points I just can’t agree with you, about Evo Tesla and Dagger Duchess.

1. Evo Tesla: The only defensive building (if not building in general) you can see in the meta is Tesla, or Evo Tesla. Inferno Tower does appear in Log Bait, but most of them prefer Tesla anyway. Log Bait, Xbow, Drill, Princess Cycle, each and every of them use Tesla, I don’t know why you said only Xbow uses it.

2. Dagger Duchess: Did you realize the rework would change the interaction between DD and swarms (aside from Skeletons)? There’s very small difference between the two options if you just consider her damage before she’s out of daggers, but her dps and interactions after she’s out of daggers are like heaven and hell.

I’ll give a short but extensive overview and also my opinions on each nerf buff and rework…

  1. LP- Tbh that’s a very very harsh nerf. Pls don’t do that supercell, I know he’s a broken champ but his current state is quite balanced overall and the damage Nerf is unnecessary. The hitspeed as well doesn’t make sense at all but it’s still fine to be implemented. I’d say instead of making the damage go crazy low, make it die to fireball and trust me supercell, the card would still survive the meta pretty well instead of completely killing it by taking away the whole basket of damage… even a reduction of 30-40% damage is very acceptable but I request you guys to not nerf the damage by 75%. You’ll kill the best card in the game.
  2. Prince and Ram- These two cards were one of the most struggling cards in the current meta. IDK last time when I faced a prince deck even tho I might have faced 2-3 ramriders in the whole season up until now that too in bridge spam as always. Giving this buff may increase the overall use case and give it some amount of viability which is needed in the current meta full of tanks.
  3. Evo Knight- Again this Nerf tbh won’t affect this card much as it has been the most versatile of all the evos. But at least some additional HP is what it needs to serve its purpose as a damage-sponge in front of your pushes. I’d say given this nerf maybe buff his damage reduction ability by 65-70%. It’ll make up quite a bit or give him some amount of extra damage of 10% at least.
  4. Giant- As long as DD dominates the meta, so will the giant. Unnecessary nerf but won’t make any kind of difference. I’m neutral about this even tho I’ve been playing giant gy for quite a long.
  5. Gob team- Ah they’re fine to get the buff. Those cards were suffering a lot with the DD in the top. So small small buffs may change a few interactions like spear gobs just able to get one or 2 hits before getting rekt by DD. It’s fine even tho idk about the hp buff of the cage. It’s pretty balanced as it is I think. And the damage buff of Dart Gob is also fine.
  6. Void- The Nerf gives us the opportunity and more time to get cheaps down on the spell area to protect our target cards from the void. It will kinda make void a bit predictable other than the sudden kill it is right now. So yeah it’s fine and idts it’ll affect the void much as players have already kind of acquired the knowledge of blocking it in its stronger state.
  7. DD- And here have at last the star of the game, Dagger Dutchess. This card is the epitome of how strong and versatile the rarity legendary is, even tho getting legendaries is not nearly as exciting as it was back in 2017-18. I don’t have my DD maxed so I don’t get to use it on the ladder. And the HP Nerf from the Supercells side was a good decision but still guys. We all know it’s broken when u see it melting mini Pekka and Valkyrie single-handedly. Now we have two options for this the Nerf and the rework. IMO I’ll go with the Nerf.
    Basic Maths- 153x6=918 and 112x8=896… we use DD to get that initial slaughter potential… Fewer daggers will still keep this alive and viable and one of the most used tower troops. If we go by the rework it’ll unleash the dagger fury a lot faster as it’s getting 0.8 hits/s instead of 0.606hits/s… But due to the low damage and already slow hit/reload of 1.2sec, it will struggle and the main motto of using DD will be gone :). So, implementing Nerf will be a better and more balanced choice without killing the DD.

So yeah these are my thoughts and I hope the community and Supercell somehow come by my comment and by comparing all the feedback of the community take some proper steps without force-snatching the viability or killing any card brutally in the process.