Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2024 (Season 60)

bro is js yappin atm ice spirit evo nerf WB? like evo ice spirit is the worst evo and u wanna nerf it

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i don’t care if it’s gonna kill the card. dagger duchess deserves to die after being used in 99% decks for almost 3 season STRAIGHT

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My rework would be less damage from 153 to 100. Faster reload speed from 1.2 sec to 1.0 sec. Less daggers from 8 to 7.

Why we can’t get a evo ice spirit buff to buff his stun duration from 0.5 to 0.7 ? What do you think ?

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I voted the rework because while it’s a bit worse, at least it can kill minions whereas the dagger amount nerf cant

They ruined the game, just kill them already. Option 1.

Buff Magic Archer he’s not a good card anymore maybe give him a little buff hp or damage

No, that would likely kill the card. This is a rework to help get DD into a better spot in the meta by making it better against swarms but worse against tankier cards, meaning cannoneer can be the tank killer and princess can be in between.

Yk u can edit it

I hope to clear up some misconceptions that people have. In game the Dagger Duchess’ hit speed is listed in units of seconds as 0.35 seconds and her charge time is listed as 1.2 seconds. A hit speed of 0.35 seconds translates to 2.857 dagger hits every second. This however is not the number listed as her current hits per second in the post that I’m responding to but rather 0.606 hits per second. This number must therefore be referring to her hits per second starting at the moment that her charge bar fully depletes which equates to 1.650 seconds which is close to the in game listed charge time of 1.2 seconds plus the in game listed time that a charged dagger gets thrown of 0.35 seconds.

As far as what the effects of the rework would be, throwing 8 reworked charged daggers would do 896 damage and her dps when she runs out of daggers would be 89.6 damage per second.

The nerf would have her throwing 6 charged daggers that would do 918 damage and her damage per second would be 92.718 damage per second.

Based on the numbers I have to work with it appears that the rework is slightly more of a nerf than the dagger reduction option but the difference between the two is very small. I encourage everyone to vote for the option that they like more while knowing that both options have basically the same in game effect.

Analyzing damage per hit and damage in time, i think Dagger Duchess is broken and need a big refactory.
The biggest problem i think is the amount of damage she can do and the less elixir needed for defend.
I think the main goal of the duchess will be to be more stronger against smallest creature then medium/large.
It’s nice she makes many damage in less time (strong to kill little creature) but she also makes too much damage against medium creature and a bit too much also in a medium time against medium-large.

In the actual situation the Duchess make:

  • 1224 hit points in 2.8s (0.35s hit speed) and 1836 hit points in 10s (1.55 hit speed after the first 8hits) with a total of 12 hits, so, max 12 targets killed in 10s

The Princess make:

  • 327 hit points in 2.4s and 1308 hit points in 10s with 12 total hits, so, max 12 targets (109hp) killed in 10s

The Cannoner make:

  • 401 hit points in 2.4s and 1604 hit points in 10s with 4 total hits, so, max 4 targets (401hp) killed in 10s

Only watching this stats is clearly that is stronger and more versatile of the two other towers.

But now let’s add the fact that by concentrating enemy troops in the center of the arena you can double the damage inflicted in 3 seconds reaching 2448 hit points with a full reload time of 9.6 seconds for all knives. In the first 2 minutes of the game (when exlixir charging speed is at 1x) is clearly amazing against everything while spending much less elixir to defend itself, or often not needing to spend at all.

Another thing, it is also too strong against counterattack, two tower attacking strategies and many mid troops deck.
Can kills many small troops without receving damage and without spending elixir, and ok it is it’s main goal, but can also kill many medium troops (3-5elixir), like all mages, musketeer, dragons, flying machine, with no damage or 1 hit damage and without or spending 1-2 elixir max, just to play an elemental or an ice golem or something.
Many troops are too slow in relation of elixir gain speed and recharging knives time and so, playing at the bridge with single troop to do some pushing damage is completly useless because time to drop + walking hover brige and the tower is half charged again (612 hit points and can again kill a mid troops freely).

With the Option 1 she will make a more balanced damage but i think is too strong against elixir 4 troops:

  • 887 hit points in 1.9s
  • 1456 hit points in 10s
  • 13 total hits, max 13 targets killed in 10s

With the Option 2 she will continue to make too much damage:

  • 918 hit points in 2.1s
  • 1683 hit points in 10s
  • 11 total hits, max 11 targets killed in 10s

Have you considered about to add a mechanic like a delay (or fatigue) for each consecutive knife throwed?

Per each knife throwed, she accumulate delay, so, before throw/recharge the first new knife is needed to wait until recharge+delay passed.
For example with a 0.1s delay for each consecutive throw, after a complete discharge she need 0.7s + 1.2s before throw/recharge a new knife.
In this way is a bit reduced the power of the tower against mid/large troops and against normal speed troop, forcing to spend a little bit more elixir to defend against a good attacker (as happens with other towers).
Forcing to spending more elixir, will be mitigated all decks that only win throwing log or arrow with extra elixir (because they no need spend it for defence, not because they gain in tactics).

Realistically speaking I also think is absurd the idea to deal more damage per hit with a dagger then an arrow but by the way. :sweat_smile:


little prince
should get some buff to erase the SHARP nerf.
maybe we could have longer charge distance or else he will be a rubbish in case that the charge cannot kill goblin.

ram rider
is a good card in fact, she is just not suitable for the environment now. the buff is to much


It’s not just slightly more. It’s huge, bro. You forgot to take into account the interactions between DD and cards, especially after she’s out of daggers (2-shot Spear Goblin, 3-shot Minion, 3-shot Firecracker, etc.). It may look small since she’ll have a slight attack speed buff, but after she’s out of daggers these interactions
would really change everything.

If the option 1 is chosen, she’s gonna be dead. Idk if option 2 is big enough of a nerf, cuz she’d be not that good against things like Hog and Miner anymore (in 2x elixir she’s going to be really weak compared to the other tower cards).

Nah, jus make the shield able to take log but not arrows, or maybe he is able to be targeted twice by Lightning so that he has no shield left and barely any health or smth. Pushback maybe tone down like7~20%,because the whole point of evo wiz is that he is better equipped against melees. Having spell immunity AND melee imunnity is too OP.

As for LP, yes they tryna break it, it’s gonna turn into the next Phoenix, SHAME ON SUPERCELL. I think it’s pretty balanced in mid trophy road and lower ladder. I watch High-ladder games, and it’s still mainly LP himselfs hitspeed and dmg, maybe tone down the Guards attack dmg cuz if Guard connects after the dash he can do so much dmg, I seen this happen to others and myself, feels like watching mega pekka hit the tower with virtually no health after dealing tons of dmg. Maybe the tower spamming is what pisses players off about the LP

Keep in mind that she would actually take out some units faster in option 1 as well. For instance she would take out 8 skeletons faster than in option 2 and her dagger recharge time would almost definitely be faster since 0.8 hits per second when she runs out of daggers translates to 1.25 seconds between shots and I seriously doubt that she will be throwing a dagger 0.05 seconds after recharging. Imagine it taking her 0.05 seconds to throw a charged dagger as opposed to her current speed listed in game of 0.35 seconds.

If you are looking for another example in her favor, sure she would 2 shot spear goblins with the rework but she would also still 2 shot normal goblins just like she does now. If she starts with 8 charged daggers in her reworked form then she can take out all 4 goblins in a burst of 8 daggers. Option 2 would have her running out of her 6 daggers and then needing to reload 2 of them to take out the last goblin. Also with the goblin gang she can burst through 4 of the 6 goblins with her charged 8 daggers in her reworked form. With 6 charged daggers in option 2 she can only burst through 3 of the 6 goblins in a goblin gang.