Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale December 2022 (Season 42)

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The Phoenix nerf is a good step in the right direction, but I feel like it needs more. Either a slight damage or fire rate nerf would be good. Post balance I still see no reason to pick baby dragon over phoenix in beatdown decks such as golem and egiant. Baby dragon might come back into splashyard thanks to its higher health and better job tanking for graveyard (which escaped a nerf this set of changes despite dominating!)


You should buff zap and snowball if rage is still 2 elixir after the rework. And monk needs more nerf his damage reduction and ability duration is so big. And e golem needs some hp nerf.

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if I’m not mistaken, now we can kill the goblin barrel with a rage spell, man they need to add buffs to the barrel next season, it doesn’t even hit the tower anymore


reduce tesla damage but add the ability to stun enemies (similar effect to zap or e wiz) or just buff tesla hp/damage


Phoenix nerf again haha. This legendary bird is the definition of broken and I agree! Since however Mega Minion was a version of Phoenix before Q3. I don’t think a damage buff is enough to spike it’s usage. What I recommend is making it a baby dragon type card where it can hit up to 3 units at the same time to help deal with swarms and if there’s only one or two then it’ll deal concentrated damage to those units. I think this is something that the mega minion sorely needs to help its usage. This will help it be a little unique and help discourage the high usage of Phoenix which is at the moment mega minion but LEGENDARY. These changes look. Also LOVE the minion horde buff! It’s one of my favourite cards and the first I got to lvl 14 so I’m always happy when I see my favourite cards get a buff!

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I personally think its better to make monk ability 2 elixer instead of making monk 5 elixer


Please add this balance change-

Wizard Rework:

Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 %
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed. Sort of like the dynamic of the baby dragon and the inferno dragon. He also won’t be able to replace the niche that the baby dragon has. Because the wizard offers more damage, greater range, and a larger damage radius; the baby dragon offers more health, faster movement speed, and is a flying unit.


You honestly think that Goblin barrel needs a buff because it can die it almost any spell right now, also I would nerf the damage rage does cause for people that use lumberloon lavaclone and golem, the rage is just gonna screw up most defenses.

I think rage doesn’t need a nerf because it is completely balanced and doesn’t need any changes.

Horrible rework.

That’s similar to what I’ve offered to Supercell in the past balance changes. He really doesn’t worth his 5 elixir, finally he’ll be useful.

Awesome thinking.

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please do not buff minion horde, they already take dawn my ballon in 1 second(and please do a small buff to the balloon death damage)

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Rage might be broken. It will be able to fully counter gang, bats and skarmy immediately, pushback and make units faster. Something has to be done, I doubt anyone wants it.

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I really like the balance changes but I think golden knight needs a buff he has a really low use ad win rate it as a champion. It is only up right now because it often counters goblin gang and goblins not including its incomplete dash bug. I’ve played golden knight since 1 month after release and since the latest nerf it almost never gets value. You know how that 1 health gk always got those 1 or 2 swings on the tower but now it never connects I can only connect it with a tornado + gk ability but that costs 8 golden knight use to have 2660 health at lvl 14 but now it has 2394 and it is quiet fragile - 266 health so I’m not asking for a +266 health buff but a +133 to total at 2527 health at lvl 14 so it wont be op but it will be in the middle so it would be balanced. It could instead get a movement speed buff to fast the same as mighty miner because golden knight is dead. It is not special anymore its better to max out any other champion than gk because right now with how weak it is it is not worth to max anymore. It will still be almost as easy to counter him by just placing something up high but he will do live a bit longer just survive like 0.8 seconds more to get that 1 more swing . So please buff golden knight so it can just get a bit more usage or win rates go a bit up. Golden knight just needs a little buff not a massive one 133 health can balance golden knight from strong weak to in the middle to get more value from him more often Thank you for reading and Clash Royale please buff him to restore some of his power thank you.

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3% usage with a 45% win rate golden knight

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As much as I enjoy the other changes I want to explain why the changing Monk’s cost without any compensation is a bad idea and should be replaced by another change.

Royal Recruits are a good example of how substantial changing a troop’s elixir cost can be. They were comically overpowered a 6e, abysmal at 8e, and mediocre prior to their damage buff at 7e. Their emergency nerf was effectively a 33% decrease to their damage output and HP, and completely fell out of the meta not long after it took effect. Recruit’s non-existent usage after dropping to 7e proved that even a 16% cost increase (from 6e to 7e) proved to be a bit much.

While I’m by no means condoning Monk’s brokenness, which is very evident, I feel a different approach should be pursued over changing its elixir cost to 5.

I would easily support an elixir cost increase had it been more expensive, but a cost increase to 5, without any compensation, would be effectively a 25% decrease to its stats. While a bit of a stretch, it isn’t too far from recruits’ 33% value nerf back in 2018. It’s tough to predict a cards’ viability with such a major change, and I find that it should be addressed through its stats. This is also applicable to changing the costs for abilities, too.

I feel like they should address the ability’s most problematic elements rather than increase the ability or troop’s elixir cost. I’d drop his damage reduction multiplier from 80% to 50-60%, as he seems to barely take damage at all during his ability. OJ’s video illustrates why Monk’s damage reduction is problematic through his ability’s interactions with tiebreaker.

Another nerf would be to reduce the damage reflected projectiles deal. Reflected projectiles deal the exact same damage they otherwise would (albeit AOE ones deal reduced tower damage). Since most ranged troops deal high damage, they are easily dispatched by the time Monk’s ability ends. Making reflected projectiles deal 70-80% of their original damage would be a good course of action since it’d enable most troops to live at least one extra shot from their own projectiles.

Alternatively, they can reduce his ability’s duration from 4 to 3sec, which has a similar effect while narrowing the time frame Monk can reflect spells and take less damage, making his ability more reliant on proper timing.

TL;DR: The slated nerf for Monk seems like more of a band-aid solution rather than an attempt to fix his most problematic elements. Since smaller numbers increase with larger percentages, changing a card’s elixir cost is too risky, especially for sub 5-cost troops and shouldn’t be the primary course of action. Royal Recruit’s balance change history is a good example that demonstrated the potential ramifications of this approach.

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my suggestion:
Rage spell boost= 35% to 30%
Ability duration: 4-3 seconds
Ability cost: 1-2 elixir
Damage reduction:
80% to 60%

What are you talking about? Rage got buffed so hard. Thats not a nerf. It will be the best spell in the game by far… I mean a one shooting zap that rages your troops for 2 elixir wtf supercell xD

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