Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale August 2023 (Season 50)

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Where is the wizard rework? 6 balance changes is so little, I get it its summer so the team is away. But I’ve been asking for a wizard rework for a while. It’s a card that hasn’t gotten a balance change in years. And is not in a healthy spot in the meta. Please consider adding a rework, here’s my idea for a rework. But if you don’t take my idea please do something, anything.

Wizard Rework-
Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 % (281 → 218)*
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5.0 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec
*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed. If compared to the baby dragon, both deal area damage and have the same hit speed. But the wizard deals more damage, a longer range, and a larger damage radius; while the baby dragon has more health, faster movement speed, and is a flying troop.

  • A few of the new interaction changes include needing an extra hit to destroy minions, barbarians, the princess, and break shields.
  • Wizard is now out-ranged by cards with a 5.5 tile range such as spear goblin, witch, and ice wizard.
  • Musketeer: DPS-218 at 6 tile range vs reworked Wizard: DPS-145 at 5 tile range.
  • As a 4-elixir card he becomes faster to cycle in a deck than as a 5-elixir card.

I see that strengthening the speed of hitting the big pika or the points of injury will be a smell because it is no longer popular or many appearances

what about skeleton and clone?

I think the Tesla buff is not enough it should be 1 hit per second. Bomb Tower is overwhelmingly better in this meta. They should compete with each other cause they are both 4 elixir defensive buildings.
Maybe Hunter can get a small buff cause Hunter is replaced with Phoenix in many decks.
Goblin Giant buff was needed and its happy to see this buff.
I think the Firecracker nerf is not enough her sparkle DPS must be lower.
Mighty Miner nerf is great to see.
Monk and Wizard reworks are needed they are so bad in meta.

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In my opinion, Firecracker needs to die to arrows, or two small spells. (I’m not sure what does more damage, sorry about that) - simple as that. I have no problem with evos being a little broken - that’s the point is it not? But when you have a 3 elixir ranged troop doing upwards of 800 damage to your tower, from ITS SIDE OF THE ARENA, it makes games that you should win turn into free wins for the opponent because the evo firecracker can just snipe your tower:

Here is my recommended change for the firecracker:
Nerf it’s HP enough so that it can die to whatever deals less damage, 2 small 2 elixir spells (they all do the same I believe), or arrows. Also nerf it’s recoil. The fact that it’s pushed so far back is what allows it to snipe so easily, nerfing this to be like the regular FC will allow players to get rid of her more easily. Imo EVOS ARE ALLOWED to be a little broken, but not game breaking.

Rg: once again, I agree with this, but I like the fact that RG is terrifying. I don’t play RG myself but like I said earlier, evos can be a little broken. Just not too broken… I believe that this hp nerf will allow it to fill the role of “Terrfying, but not too terrifying.” However I believe the rg itself needs a nerf. Its range is insane and if you don’t have a building you’re screwed. Please recommend to SC to reduce its range from 5 tiles to 4 tiles, or to reduce its HP.

Battle Ram: This change worked pretty well for the Prince… I think. I’m not sure how it did competitively after his buff but he did become better at pressuring the opponent. A buff like this for a win condition like battle ram will certainly help it. But I only see battle ram connect in the hands of a skilled bridge spam player, or a sloppy opponent. An HP buff could help this card. Not required however,

Goblin giant: I find Goblin Giant to require very specific decks to work well. Simply buffing this card won’t fix that issue. If SC wants players to explore new WC’s, they should consider WC’s that are less reliant on specific decks. If they want Goblin Giant to be more popular amongst the player base I think that a rework is needed. However I don’t think the Goblin Giant in general needs any sort of change. It’s good in the decks it currently performs in and is a solid WC in my opinion. I’m just giving my opinion based on SC’s explanation.

Mighty Miner: I love the mighty miner. It works well in practically any situation. A nerf is well merited. I feel like a nerf like this will help him a lot, and it’s a change I never expected from SC, so I hope this will help him become more balanced. I just hope it doesn’t kill him, I’ve been practicing playing Hog EQ mortar MM lately and I think I’ve gotten a lot better.

Tesla: I don’t like Tesla at all. Everything it does can just be done by cannon. The only upside it has is that it attacks air, but against a swarm like minions or minion horde it doesn’t really work. A hit speed buff will help, but I’m not sure if it’ll help the card escape midladder. I guess only time will tell.

My recommended changes:
Zap; this card is completely outclassed by Rage and Snowball. Rage has a higher radius and speeds things up while snowball can be used to slow down troops for longer periods of time, and help counter quick cards like Hog rider and Ebarbs. There is no situation when I use snowball that I’d prefer Zap, except when it comes to resetting inferno tower. But I play Ewiz and Lightning so resetting Inferno isn’t a worry. Zap needs a damage buff to kill goblins once more, and a radius increase. An advantage zap
Has over snowball is that it’s instant. Given that swarms still trend even in my arena (arena 19). A change like this could help zap give some competition.

Charging units: this is only if SC decides to do this. But battle ram is the third card they’re reduced their charge time from 3.5 to 3 tiles. If they implement this for all charging units (ex: Bandit and Dark Prince) it will allow for some consistency between these units. - and maybe make the game more bridge spam oriented which SC admitted is the kind of gameplay they like seeing.

Hog rider: this card has a nearly 20% use rate in GC and UC. This is WAY TOO HIGH for a troop. Even if it has a win rate in the low 40s, a high usage rate in competitive modes means a very reliable and strong card. It takes near perfect placement to fully counter a hog, and it still connects to tower unless you overcommit. (Sometimes it still connects nonetheless) An HP nerf, a first hit speed nerf, or a hit speed nerf will suffice for this card. When one card is a top tier WC for many months on end, it needs a nerf.

No, instead Nerf Evolved Mortar, Evolved Royal Giant is way more balanced now, after that emergency nerf. Nerfing it further will massively decrease his usage rate.

The evolved firecracker still needs a hp nerf,like lower than 397 which would be killed by a shot of archer plus a log,or a ice spirit plus a log,e.g.However,like contents above,firecracker still keep op when she cant be kill by Arrows.
All after all,to make a balance,the best solution is to throw all the stats buff away,those unique abilities are quite BROKEN!that’s enough!

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Here are my thoughts on the new August 2023 balance changes.

Firecracker (Evolved): While this change is good, I don’t think it will be enough to make it balanced. Because it will still survive Arrows and the spark nerf barely hurts the damage output, it will still be just as strong as before. If I were to change this, I would nerf the HP by 16% and reduce the spark crown tower damage by 20% along with the spark duration nerf. This will make her just barely die to Arrows (she would have 365 HP and the Arrows do 366 damage) and reduce her effectiveness at damaging crown towers (damage to crown towers goes from 60 → 48). If the team doesn’t want her to die to Arrows, you can nerf the HP by 15.5%. Overall a massive nerf like this will most likely make her balanced since she already is easily the best card in the game.

Royal Giant (Evolved): This change, like the Firecracker, will most likely not be enough to balance it out. Even after they nerf it, it will still have more health than a post buffed Goblin Giant! Instead, I would nerf the health by an additional 6.2%(a 15% health nerf overall) and reduce the pushback from 1 tile → 0.7 tiles (same as the Log). A change like this will make it less annoying to use cards like Mini P.E.K.K.A to kill it while still making it special as it has its ability and a 5% health increase over the regular Royal Giant.

Mighty Miner: I think a nerf to the Mighty Miner is completely justified and I feel they did it really well. Nerfing the HP would be too stingy and annoying to do as it has flip flopped constantly for over a year at this point. Changing the intervals between stages was a much better idea and I applaud the team for this!


Goblin Giant: Goblin Giant is still an underused and pretty forgettable card. So I think it was a good idea to give it a HP buff that will let it become a more viable win condition in not just Sparky, but maybe some other archetypes as well. I also use it in my Goblin Giant Logbait deck so I got some large bias.

Battle Ram: Lets just be real here, outside of P.E.K.K.A Bridgespam and maybe Three Musketeers, you never see this card. I like this buff because it gives it competition with the Ram Rider while also not making it too strong in the process.

Tesla: Ever since that nerf it got a while back, the Tesla has by far been one of the worst if not the worst non spawner building in the entire game. With a low use and win rate, the only decks it has really been somewhat viable in is Tesla Logbait, Miner Control, and X-Bow. This buff will hopefully take a chunk out of the Bomb Tower’s crazy use rates and make it a decent building once again.

FINAL THOUGHTS: These balance changes are really really great for what they are. However the Evolutions do need more of a nerf than what is presented right now and I think they should add maybe a rework to the Wizard and 2 more buffs and 2 more nerfs to other cards. These balance changes are really small for being a proper balance update instead of emergency changes.

Cards to Consider Adding to these Balance Changes:
Wizard Rework: (elixir: 5 → 4, Damage: -22.5%, Range: 5.5 tiles → 5 tiles, Hit Speed: 1.4s ->1.5s, First Attack Speed: 0.4s → 0.5s)

Why? it’s literally the worst card in the game.

Royal Delivery Rework: (Deploy Time: 3s → 2s, Damage: -8%, Radius: 3 tiles → 3.25 tiles)

Why? Very Low use and below average win rates throughout both GCs and Ultimate Champion. It is also very inconsistent to defend with. Outclassed by Fireball.

Hog Rider Nerf: (First Attack Speed: increased by 0.1 seconds)

Why? High use rate across GCs and Ultimate Champion. It’s too versatile for a win condition.

Lava Hound Nerf: (Hitpoints: -7%)

Why? Good use rates with crazy high win rates (around 60%) in GCs and high use rates in Ultimate Champion.

Bomber Buff: (Hit Speed: 1.8 → 1.7)

Why? Completely outclassed by Firecracker, and Electro Spirit. Also has very low use rates in both competitive categories.

Rascals Buff: (Rascal Boy Hit Speed: 1.5 → 1.3)

Why? Consistently at a 1% use rate in both GCs and Ultimate Champion with decent to below average win rates. Not strong enough to spend 5 elixir for.

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Pls buff wizard by increasing it’s health by surviving to a mirror fireball or give him a rework or give him an evolution
Because what’s the point of using it if their is an executioner also it’s one of the worst cards in the game

You guys should also buff the mirror it’s only good if their is a meta card in the game you guys should buff it from + 1 level to + 1.5 level

because when its + 2 level it’s kinda op when it’s +1 level it’s not that great so by making it +1.5 level the mirror card will become balance

My suggestion is you guys should give evolutions to those weak cards than giving it to already op cards or already balance card :slight_smile:

Also I have a card suggestion called bat cave you should definitely make it because it’s been a long time since you guys created a building also if you think it will make the game defensive I think we can already become defensive on our deck if we want even though you don’t add a new building.

The 4th bat spawn is also 2 regular bats

Please, give Night Witch her second death bat back😭

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I stated in a tweet shortly after Evo was released, that it was an unfair advantage and will take years based on their current model to get all the cards evo’ed if you go by 1 evo card a month. So the he better option is to evo all the 109 cards at once. So everyone is on an even playing field.

What if it takes a year or longer for a player who uses a deck but never gets one of their cards evo’ed while others have their pick. Unfair!

Side topic… How has the HOG never gotten a Nerf in this game? Either increase it’s elixir cost by one or decrease its HP. It’s a very op card. There is a reason why it’s used so frequently and in many variations as it’s a beginners card that little thought is needed when used, based on its OP status that seems to be overlooked, unlike every other card in the game.

Another alternative for balancing evolutions is to treat them like an ultimate move in a MOBA game. Where the weaker ones “charge up” faster than the stronger ones. This means that rg and fc evolutions should take more cycles to use and evo fc and rg, and less for evo skeleys. That way you can play evo skeletons quite a lot throughout a match, and evo rg and evo fc are much more rare.

Why they didnt buff something like E-Dragon or Battle Healer , this cards havent been meta in a while . ( Yes ik about E-Golem problem , but you can rework B Healer and E-Dragon and nerf E-Golem so it will break the synergy , also im a Lava Loon player and when i face E-Golem i go all in so for me its not that big of a deal ) . Like there are cards that havent been used in a while and Supercell should focus on a way to break the synergy instead of thinking for the 459969420th time at what scam offer to add .

This is easily one of the lamest set of balance changes in a long time. Devs confirmed here that the HP buffs for Evolutions are here to stay which is incredibly frustrating, since at this point it all but confirms that they don’t value our feedback on them and now solely consider stats without actually testing like your average Redditor.

As for the other stuff here, it’s fine. Battle Ram and Goblin Giant both kind of sucked so they needed help, Mighty Miner nerf hopefully plays out like the E Barb sight range nerf and gets him into a good state. Tesla is IMO just a bad change. Bomb Tower is good, yeah, but people just flock to the next best building after the current one gets nerfed, obvious by Cannon taking over after Tesla got nerfed, and now with Cannon nerfed people flock to Bomb Tower. These cases were both despite the fact that people ignored these buildings prior and considered them middling to poor, but apparently their viability flips competely overnight despite literally 0 changes. The problem however is Tesla is easily one of the most annoying and impossible to navigate buildings in the game. You have to wait until it pops out, it survives every spell weaker than Lightning, it hits air meaning that isn’t a viable form of counterplay, and the interactions it has are basically as good as they can possibly be, packing enough damage to one-shot Minions but attacking fast enough to take out the entire Horde in less than 7 seconds, with literally 0 assistance mind you. If Tesla is to be changed, it should be a REWORK, not a buff. My suggestion simply being to either focus on making it a frail, but high damage building by also lowering the health, or to make its attack slower but higher in damage per hit so that it matches pre-nerf DPS, but is more easily distracted by swarms. As it stands it’s far too easy to abuse and quickly makes the game miserable when it’s really good. They could also consider giving it a longer delay before it attacks when it emerges, that way enemy ranged troops can attack it before it does. Just anything that isn’t making it as annoying and overpowered as it was a couple years ago.

Also, cry harder Xbow players, we all hate you and you know exactly why.

I really like these changes, however i think they need to be added on too or changed.

Evolved RG- I think the balance they gave him is fine, but to add onto it, i think they need to change the cycle from 1 to 2.

Mighty Miner- As a MM player I am sad that he is getting a nerf, however I completely understand. He has been very good since the Archers buff in February 2023. I think this nerf is completely fine.

Evolved Firecracker- This change was much needed. She could widdle down your tower in 10 seconds if she’s alive with a sliver of health. This change was needed, but I think it needs more, like a crown tower reduction by like a quarter. Then I think that’s fair.

Battle Ram- I like this buff, it has been a rather bad win condition especially with bomb tower’s usage spike. I like this buff and hopefully it will come back into the meta.

Goblin Giant- I also like this change, but i feel like it’s too little. I know 6% is a lot more health, but i think the goblin giant still needs some more help. I think adding a 3rd spear goblin on his back would be perfect. not only would it make it good, but also even spear goblins. all the cards that have spear goblins ex. gang, hut and the actual card itself. I think that buff would work perfectly, but maybe reduce his health buff to like 2 or 3%.

Tesla-This buff was much needed. Tesla has been underpowered by the bomb tower for a little bit now. I think this buff will make these two great competitors.

Regarding the issue of balancing evolved cards, I think it’s best that we just accept that it will balance itself overtime. I do wish that evolved cards did not so heavily incentivize cheap, hyper-defensive, fast cycle decks by making them unlockable via cycling cards, but I don’t think the Clash Royale team would be open to changing that at this point. Evolved cards wouldn’t be as overwhelming if they weren’t played every two seconds. With that being said, however Clash Royale team, please prioritize giving evolutions first to cards that are weaker due to their nature of being difficult to balance: Wizard, Witch, Elixir Golem, Furnace, Goblin Barrel, etc. Evolutions give the perfect opportunity make less successful cards such as these a real chance at being a healthy part of the game. The reason Barbarians aren’t getting a nerf in this WIP balance changes is because they were one of those cards that were previously in a bad spot but are now in a healthier state because of their evolution. Learn from this and choose which cards will first be getting evolutions wisely. This will make the issue of balancing card evolutions in the short term much easier.

Regarding the WIP balance changes, I like that Supercell wants to see a greater variety of Win Conditions. I am in favor of all of the current WIP balance changes, though I worry that the buff to the Goblin Giant will make it outshine the Giant, so I think the buff should be accompanied by small damage or HP buff for the Giant.

I have an additional suggestion for the balance changes involving the Barbarian Hut: The evolutions have been devastating to the Barb Hut. Not only are Firecrackers everywhere, but now Royal Giant actually counters the Barbarian Hut! Previously, one of the (very few) reasons to use Barbarian Hut was because it counters Royal Giants very effectively. But now, with the Evolved Royal Giants, defending with a Barbarian Hut is a death sentence. At a cost of 6 elixir, the Barbarian Hut will barely scratch an evolved RG because of the new pushback feature, and it’ll buy you only a little time before it locks onto your crown tower.

So here is my suggestion to help the Barbarian Hut: Increase the lifetime from 30sec to 42sec, slow the spawn speed from 15sec to 21sec, and increase the HP by +20%. This will keep the total amount of barbarians spawned at 8 if left alone, but slow down the spawn time between waves by 6 seconds. Though it may not seem like it at first, these changes would actually turn the Barb Hut into a better offensive card, but only a slightly better defensive card, if at all (believe it or not, Barb Hut is a horrible defensive card since it always takes too much damage defending a push to ever create the second wave). By delaying the time between waves, players will have more time to recoup their elixir and allow enemy ranged units to cross the bridge before vanquishing them and sending a push to accompany the second wave of barbarians. The Hitpoints buff will allow it to absorb a little bit more damage (2 Hog Rider hits instead of 1, for example) and still generate the 2nd wave of barbarians. Plus, at a 6-elixir investment, it should surely have at least as much HP as a bomb tower or a mortar.

I think that the nerfs are going well because of the noble that had a long duration. What if I do not agree is to lower the life of the firethrower if something but not much because in the end it is an evo card and what sense does it make for it to die as easily as a normal firethrower0. The thing about the great miner I think the nerf is a lot because in the end it doesn’t defend as much and it would take time to kill strong cards. And with the giant goblin if I raised his life then I would slow down the goblins that are mounted or, well, not increase his life.

(This has been Copied and Pasted from my comment on the reddit post. I’m just trying to get my word out there)

These balance changes feel so random. The goblin giant and battle ram buff feels like they were drawn from a hat. But i’ll still give my opinion on the changes.

Goblin Giant: The health buff isn’t really needed for a card that already has a well established niche in the decks it’s in. All this buff really does is make goblin giant better at the decks it’s already good in. If you HAD to buff it then i’d choose to give it a faster attack speed. So that way it fairs better against buildings and towers. Making it more versatile in the process.

Tesla: The buff I truly agree with. Tesla has been a bottom 10 card for a while now. It’s been outclassed by a huge chunk of the other buildings. This is especially sad because tesla is the only other building that can hit air besides inferno tower. This buff will give it more competition with other buildings without making it more oppressive.

Battle Ram: This emphasizes on my comment on randomness. It has been on the higher end of the grand challenge list for a while now. Scoring 17th place overall. It’s already a powerful card in the popular Pekka Bridge Spam. Which is already a very popular deck to begin with. With those two in mind, battle ram doesn’t need anymore strength that it already has. It would only make it even stronger in the decks it’s already strong in. I would just scrap the buff all together.

Firecracker: I can see where it’s going. But it’s not enough of a difference to make an impact. The health nerf isn’t doing much. Yes, it tackles the problem of being on the board for long periods of time. But the problem is that it still retains all the beneficial interactions. It still doesn’t change any spell combos. It doesn’t change any troop related interactions. It’s still forces out a negative elixir trade. It still requires immediate and fast focus fire. The other nerfs don’t change much either. It attempts to fix the issue of excessive chip damage. The duration nerf doesn’t change the fact that each tick of damage is still the same. All it does is give the illusion of less damage. I personally would reduce the shrapnel count to around 3 or 4. This would make the shrapnel damage less devastating because there would be less overlapping AOE damage. Letting it to deal less damage overall.

Mighty Miner: This nerf does impact it a considerable amount. But by how much? Only time will tell. But right now it seems like a good approach. It makes more reset/stun cards more devastating for the Mighty Miner. Especially zap and log. This makes the DPS of the mighty miner weaker upon being reset. Especially when those two spells are used in a pinch. Giving Mighty Miner even less time to cause huge damage. Which allows a bigger window to efficiently counter the Mighty Miner

Royal Giant: The health nerf need to be bigger. I would round it up to 10%. But it’s biggest problem in my opinion is that it does way to much at once to be stopped effectively. I would add an additional nerf on top of the health nerf to the RG. I would either increase its attack speed by around 0.1 or 0.2 seconds. Or Reduce its knock back so that way it can no longer permanently stun melee troops trying to attack it. But besides those, there’s no real solution to nerfing the Evo RG without making it redundant or making the nerfs insignificant.

Additional Comments:
I feel like there can be more changes made. Especially for the nerfs and maybe a bit more buffs. Here are my recommendations for what can be added

Hog Rider Nerf:
Reduce HP by around 5%
Reduce Damage by around 3-5%
Increase the hit speed to 1.7 seconds
Increase first hit speed by 0.2 seconds

Hog Rider has ALWAYS been the most popular win since forever. His sheer power for only a mere 4 elixir can’t be ignored. Hog Rider provides so much for so little. Hog players never have to worry about overcommitting elixir because he’s so cheap and spammy since hog rider does all the work for them. Hog Rider’s counters are so specific and precise. It’s basically impossible to stop a hog rider with troop based cards. My purposed nerfs aims to make troop counters more effective or by making stopping the hog rider a little bit easier in general.

Zap Buff:
Increase damage by a tiny amount (No. Not killing stab goblins)

Zap is always being replaced in decks. This is because all the other small spells provide more benefits and versatility than zap. The goal of this buff is to give more purpose outside of the stun. I’m aiming towards turning in to the “Damage Dealer” of the cast. Or rather… An effective card to finish off remaining troops. It should be able to clean up remaining troops after an offensive or a defensive movement. This would help mitigate the need to spend higher amounts of elixir in order to counter a threat that’s still low on health.

Final Thoughts: Overall. I would give it a 5.5/10. It feels incomplete and void of purpose. But the main goal is still visible. Forgive my wall of text. I tried condensing it to be straight forward as possible. I hope anything I said could be put to use. But whatever that may be… I’ll always look forward to these changes. Have a great summer break supercell!