Squad Busters Clash Royale Giveaway

I’m there. Thanks for the banner

Thanks for the banner!

Overall, Good game but the home menu bit empty. used squad.royaleapi.com for checking dps of the characters. 2nd right upper one

Can I get a Banner now ? :smiley: still wanna run away with it like a goblin :stuck_out_tongue:

how do i claim it?

i want those banners

My thoughts on squadbusters is thst the game is a cool idea, a multiverse/colab of supercell games in one fighting game

When i was playing clash today, i remmeber stumbling across a player who had a squadbuster banner, and immediately started to try to look up how they got it, because I think it’s rlly cool how squad busters was presented in clash.

Im hoping I could get the chicken banner for clash, as I just like how goofy they represent a chicken in the fighting game

Suqad busters i feel is a very unique concept that allows for more casual gameplay compared to supercell’s other games, overall i like it because even though the micro transactions are still there, its not enough to be considered pay to win. 10/10 love playing the game

bro the giveaway is ovER, what are you on about