Squad Busters Clash Royale Giveaway

Played 4 games, won 3. Actually a nice game.

Reminds me of WC3 somehow. For the giveaway I’d love to use the colt banner!

My personal opinion on Squad Busters: its good! the only complaint i have is WHY WONT YOU JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING OTHER THAN MEDIC?

I really liked the goblin heist the blue king.

I played through the tutorial and I believe this game has massive potential. Firstly because supercell doesn’t release poorly made games and secondly because it felt very action-packed and addictive! Thirdly I love to see all of my favorite characters from across the supercell universe together in one chaotic squad busting game!

The banner with Shelly and battle healer is probably my favorite although they are all amazing!

Website has been very handy for me as an active CR player since release. Helped me reach Ultimate Champion for sure! Hope I can win one thanks to you guys! :partying_face:

Hello, I like the gem one

Love all banners and Squad Busters! Already invested quite some in it.

All of the banners are amazing, the art style everything just like squad busters it’s an awesome overall game you hardly get bored of.
Maybe it has to do with the chest tokens just being 3 and then you wait for 3 more, you can win or by more with coins but what I would like to see is the ability to skip a chest after a battle to save your chest token. Idk it would probably affect the game balance wise because then if you end up finishing a bad place you would just skip the chest to save the token for a better place.
Chest tokens are well priced in the shop (in game coins) so idk it’s alright

Too late? Banner me please!

Did royaleapi forget about this giveaway? :face_with_peeking_eye::thinking:

When will royaleapi announce the winners?

Pls gang I’m on my knees here :cry::pray: I don’t care which one just one

Yo less gooooooooo

Yo less gooooo

Squad busters is a great game. My favorite is the colt being chased by a chicken.

I have been involved with clash royale and clash of clan for more than 5 years, maybe I will spend more time learning about this new game.
I want to receive banner number 3. thank you very much

Squad Busters banners look cool😍

ok thank you very much i am waiting you

All banners are good. But Nita, Bruce and co is the best banner according to me​:ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

I’m there. Thanks for the banner