Squad Busters Clash Royale Giveaway

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To participate in our squad-themed Battle Banner giveaway, you’ll just have to comment under this post. You can write anything, but here are a few ideas that we’d like to hear from:

  • If you have tried Squad Busters already, what are your initial impressions?
  • Have you used squad.royaleapi.com? What content did you find the most useful?
  • If you are still waiting for global release… just tell us which of the 4 banners you like the most!

And don’t forget to pre-register for Squad Busters, you can do it here.


I like all 4 of them :pleading_face: can I has? lol

My favorites are the chicken banner and the goblin running away with gold banner


For sure I would like to receive the banner with colt and the chicken - it’s in my eyes the best one by far!

I like the colt one and the one with all squad busters characters. Waiting for global lunch!!

I really want one of those banners :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Idk what to write just give me the banner

East Or West RoyaleApi Creator Code is the Best :heart::handshake:… #Royaleapi

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I want the running goblin banner :slight_smile:

I really want one !! code-royaleapi

I’m going to participate for the chicken one :speaking_head:

Royaleapi EveryTime Everywhere :heart::handshake:

haven’t tried squad busters yet but it seems like it could be fun. the new squad.royaleapi is pretty polished too. favorite banners has to be the third and fourth one

Trying my luck for the giveaway :four_leaf_clover:

Hey can i get that 3rd supercell family banner…been in family for almost 8 years​:pleading_face::pleading_face:… trying my luck…btw Squad Busters not available here in India till now… waiting.

Squad busters has not been made available to my country, I haven’t experienced it, but it looks very nice. I didn’t use the Squad busters API. I liked the pennant with the goblin the most. #L2RYJUGJU

Heyy have u played squad busters

Yeeaaah need the goblin runaway banner :slight_smile:
Your content is great

My luck runs thin with giveaways like these but I love that goblin stealing gold banner! :hugs::hugs:

Goblin Banner Please I want That Too badly RoyaleApi :smiling_face_with_tear::heart::handshake:…

Giving my best everywhere so that I can Win the goblin Banner​:heart::handshake:… Sharing to increase my luck by 1% To makeit up to 100%