River Race ranking improvements

Would it be possible to add a new column in the River Race ranking?
There are currently Clan - Boat - Medal - Trophy.
My idea is to add a Decks column between Medal and Trophy containing the war decks used today information.
It is not really convenient today to select each clan one by one to get this info.

Edit: if you think there is not enough room to add this column then replace Trophy by Decks… Trophy is not very helpful in race ranking

Interesting idea — what is your use case for having the decks info / why do you want to see that for other clans?

The trophy column is inherited from CW1. It actually is helpful for some some 4k clans to see if they are paired with 3k clans this week. So this cannot be removed.

Thanks for your quick reply! :+1:
I am a clan leader so when the race is ending… I want to know how many decks remain for all clans (200 decks per day is the max). With this info I am also able to predict the final score of each. If my clan is ahead enough from the others I can also decide if I attack their boat with my remaining decks instead of doing regular battles.
Another very helpful info would be to compute the medal average for each clan (medal sum divided by the decks used). With this info you know if clan members are playing well or not!

I see. That is fair request. We’ll look into it.

The feature I was requesting already exists in a discord bot called CW2 Stats Bot Discord… Do you plan to display the score projection and attacks average one day ?

I know that what you’re asking for is possible but that doesn’t mean that we will necessarily implement it.

As I have explained to you already, we have list of priorities that we work on — just because something seems to be easy to you is not necessarily high on our priorities. please be patient.

ok I will use the discord bot meanwhile… not sure I’ll be back here when you will have done the job… you already lost a lot of top war clan user with this lack… have a nice day ! :wink:

The “bot” that you mentioned pretty much copied everything we did. It’s easy for people to copy what we do and then pretend that they created it.

But anyway you are basically telling me that you won’t use our site even if I implement it… so then that gives me little incentive to implement it?

Thank you for the improvements ! :+1::+1::+1:
Just perfect ! :wink:

Thanks — discussions are on this thread: