I would like to seek help to find my old lost account

I had an old clash royale account that I have lost since around 3 years ago, I lost it due to the device I played on breaking down and I was not able to reconnect to that account ever since

My name is Tank on that account
The arena I was in is builders workshop the last time I played from what I remember
I wasn’t so high of a level back then, maybe level 5-7.
It was made around 5 years ago when builders workshop was arena 6 (still is) and legendary arena was the highest arena
I remembered the first and only legendary I got on the account was the log.

I’m really sorry for the limited information as the account is 5 years old. I’m sure it’ll be hard for you guys to help me find the account so if it’s really difficult, I’ll just search through the users myself

Here’s everything we’ve got. Good luck: Tank-2021-05-25.csv · GitHub

Thank you for the help but I managed to find my old tablet and I had to uninstall google play store updates and reupdate it because it kept crashing, then I waited a whole night for cr to update and This morning I got the account back.

#28V9G20L is my tag, I’m so happy I could find it back after 3 years

Ok. Good to know. Happy for you!

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