Balance Wish List? 2023-07

Balance changes are coming up and we’d love to hear your feedback. Give as much details as possible to justify your ideas. Consult stats of the cards and the meta on our card stats pages:

We will read everyone’s comments and send our recommendations to Supercell at the end of it. Deadline for feedback is Thursday, July 6, 2023 at 1pm UTC

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Pekka and zap both need buffs.
Pekka should get a health buff of 5-8% and a melee range increase to long.
I’m not sure how to buff zap but maybe an increase stun time or slight damage increase.

All evolutions need nerfs and mighty miner needs another small health nerf.



P.E.K.K.A does not feel very well in the current events. For 7 elixir, she can be countered by many cards. A small hitpoints buff (+10 %) and a decreased hit speed (like -0.2 sec) will allow her to prevent such situations.

Golden Knight
The Golden Knight is one of the weakest champions. His dash is a little weak, and also he is not used much. To put him in the champion’s place, he needs a dash buff (increasing dash chain by 2 and max distance by 1 tile) and damage buff (+11 %) .

Ice Wizard
Ice Wizard has recently become not particularly playable. He can die quickly from spells, and his damage is imperceptible. Therefore, Ice Wizard needs to buff health and damage by 12%.

Zap is not the best small spell. His damage is a little weak, and the stun is imperceptible. Unlike a giant snowball, it has a noticeable slowdown. Therefore, the Zap needs a 10% damage buff, as well as an increase in the duration of stun by 0.25 seconds.

The giant is not popular as it is a bit slow and it rarely reaches buildings. The giant needs some buffs (damage +4 %, hitpoints +8 %) so that he can use it much more often in the decks.

The bowler has a good position, but he is always played as a support. This buff to hp and damage (around +5 %) will help him for a better attack as an attacker, and not in a support role.

Dark Prince & Battle Ram
Everyone except the Dark Prince and Battle Ram charge their ability faster, so to balance their rights, they should also charge the charge ability as Prince and Ram Rider.

Ram Rider
Most often, Ram Rider does not have time to reach the royal tower, and its cost of 5 elixir forces the player to stay in an unsafe position. Her damage and health buff (+14 %) will help to be more dangerous, as well as often reach and destroy buildings/royal towers.

Royal Ghost
The Royal Ghost is a bit unpopular, as it is often used for surprise defense, but it is difficult for him to attack, since he has a lot of time to hide in invisibility. This buff (decreasing time to be invisible -0,3 sec.)will allow him to enter invisibility more often for a good attack.

The witch is well used in defense, as well as in support, but sometimes the enemy releases spells, or cards that allow the Witch to die quickly. A small buff to health and damage of 8% will allow her not to die quickly.



  • She only useful in E-golem decks. So, she needs to be reworked so that it does not depend on such decks.

She needs damage and health buff by ~15%, but in order for her not to be too strong, she needs also a lower healing by 20%, as well as her healing radius by 25 %

Mirror, Clone, Three Musketeers need a rework

Lava Hound needs some rework (Lava & Ballon decks is insane, and it can be uncounterable)

Golem and night witch need also rework.


Archer Queen
The Archer Queen is too strong in defense, and her ability is too difficult to master. So that it is balanced enough, Archer Queen needs a nerf to her damage, while her ability is active (-12 %) and hitpoints (-10 %)

Electrogiant & Royale Giant
These are two cards that are too strong and it is impossible to counter them in certain decks! Therefore, in order for everything to be fair, they need a health, damage and recoil-damage nerf by 15 % (recoil-damage for royal giant too, if evoultion is already unlocked)

All evolutions is OP (besides barbarians and skeletons) so they are need some health, damage nerf

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Executioner nerf, fireball + arrows or lightning should kill him

Executioner isnt too OP, moreover, he can be countered by many cards (the same valkyrie)

nah, pekka is pretty solid card. I agree with evolutions nerfs (rg is the best candidate) but skeletons evolution needs a rework. Max count must be reverted, but health buffed to 260-300 hp so they will no longer die to log and also duplication taking 1s


Ain’t no way skeletons can have more health than a log. They’re one elixir remember.

Also pekka hasn’t been in a single top 200 end season game for months, it is definitely not a solid card xD

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Tesla : make hit speed faster (revert old change)
Evolutions : remove the extra health (rg, mortal, etc)
Mighty Miner : less heath
Xbow : been a bad win condition for a while ever since rg and lava became meta
Also those trash cards : Clone, Healer, Mirror, Barb Hut

  • [Nerf] Zappies: I would decrease their range from 4.5 to 4. Their damage and HP are balanced, it is their range that makes them too effective a defensive unit, as it allows them to not be targeted and continue their work for too long time.
  • [Rework] Fisherman: heavier cards should be pulled less than light ones (in terms of amount of distance), just like with the Tornado card. To compensate, his damage per second could be increased slightly (I would say about +8.7%, so as to give him a dps equal to the Miner).
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Wizard Rework-
Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 % (281 → 218)*
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5.0 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec
*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed. If compared to the baby dragon, both deal area damage and have the same hit speed. But the wizard deals more damage, a longer range, and a larger damage radius; while the baby dragon has more health, faster movement speed, and is a flying troop.

  • A few of the new interaction changes include needing an extra hit to destroy minions, barbarians, the princess, and break shields.
  • Wizard is now out-ranged by cards with a 5.5 tile range such as spear goblin, witch, and ice wizard.
  • Musketeer: DPS-218 at 6 tile range vs reworked Wizard: DPS-145 at 5 tile range.
  • As a 4-elixir card he becomes faster to cycle in a deck than as a 5-elixir card.

Is currently the worst card in Grand Challenge and the bottom 5 in Ultimate Champion.


golden knight: buff his dash distance to 5.5 tiles.
cannon: buff hit speed by 3% (cuz bomb tower is insane now)

nerf the amount of cycle to the royal gaint (2 cycle)
nerf the hp of the evo firecracker

Buff Monk: ability reflects all spells: earthquake, lightning…

Nerf Mortar Evolution: replace golbins with skeletons

Evolution: cost 1 more elixer (if some cards are week, increase stats/ability)
Tesla: get a chain atack (like electro dragon)
Whitch: elixer decreased to 4, decrease helth, to the same as mother witch
Wizard: add a damege over time affect (like firecracker evolution)
Mirror: cost the same elixer, level -1/-2
Mega minion: get a shield

wizard rework PLEASE MY BROTHER, it actually would be a fun card

Rework phoenix
4-5 Elixer
Hit speed nerf reverted
Small phoenix after egg nerf reverted
Give back some damage and health

Buff Goblin Giant by adding a third spear Goblin and more health

Nerf Royal Giant evolution to have smaller recoil radius

Give ice wizard more health

Give mega minion more health

Mega minion rework
Hitpoint: die to fireball
Speed: medium to fast

Log needs a rework: The more troops it hits (especially heavy troops), the least distance it should advance.

Ice needs a rework: Unfreeze troops with fireball and area-effect fire attacks.

Mirror needs a rework: Display the mirror effect when a troop spawns (ex. Miner, Goblin Barrel), not when you drop the card.

Electro giant needs a rework: Do not stun enemies on range attacks, but it should be unaffected when it receives electrical attacks.

Troops with metal body or armor need a rework: Slightly increase the defense, but double the stun time if they receive an electrical attack.

Nerfs are unneccesary for cards which aren’t completely meta dominant. From the past season, we can clearly see certain cards dominating the meta. Cards like Egiant, archer queen, executioner, don’t need nerfs.

Evolutions were direct buffs to certain cards, making them OP and the meta extremely centered around them. Particulary, firecracker and royal giant.

They should at least have same HP as normal. Their extra abilities are already strong, and you don’t do anything extra to get them. A player not using an evolution is at a disadvantage.

Outside of evolutions, mighty miner is too versatile, needs an ability dmg nerf or HP nerf.

Bomb tower could also use a small HP nerf - It’s the strongest building now, shown in its usage rates.


Rocket: Small crown tower dmg buff, ~3%, old nerf was too harsh. It’s now barely used, lightning is almost always better.

Tesla: Hit speed/damage buff, revert past nerf. Very low usage rate especially for a defensive building. Also a way to make meta air cards like lava/balloon less of a threat These cards aren’t OP, there just aren’t enough strong air counters.

Archers: Revert first hit speed nerf. They have low usage and firecracker is much stronger than them. Also air counters note above ^

Cannon Cart: Because of the cannon nerf affecting it, this card is rarely ever seen outside of clone decks. Cards like musketeer are much more versatile. It needs a buff to the the shield HP of its moving form (~3%) This would not affect the normal cannon, but help the cart.

PEKKA: Pekka has been weak for awhile, being overshadowed by cards like elite barbs. There are many strong swarm counters now like skeletons,
goblins, and barbs. She needs a small hit speed buff, so these cards still counter her but she can deal with them better.

Ram rider: Has also been weak and barely used for since her nerfs, overshadowed by the hog rider. She needs more tower damage to compete, ~6%

Guards: Not a used swarm card compared to skeletons and goblins, with arrows being in the meta. They should provide more value as they die to arrows anyways: a ~3% damage buff could help bring more variety to the swarms used.

Rework: ice spirit
Needs further distinction from electro spirit. Its freeze also gets too much value for 1 elixir. Change its freeze to ~0.8s with a ~1.2s slow after. This makes it stronger on defense but weakens its offensive potential. Fire spirit is also very underused so this could create more variety, as it’s stronger offensively. Ice spirit still resets cards like inferno dragon.

Rework: mother witch
Mother witch is too polarizing of a card, completely shutting down some decks like graveyard but being useless vs others. She needs less hp to allow spells to kill her easier, but more damage on her normal attack in exchange. This gives her more versatility, but keeps her main purpose of shutting down swarms.

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Zap: Stun duration: 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds
I think log and snowball gives more value because of their knockback/slow speed mechanics. Increasing the stun duration zap can be a good substitute in my opinion.

Electro spirit: Stun duration: 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds
To make him consistent with zap.


Electro Wizard

  • Stun duration: 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds
  • Hit speed increased by 0.2 seconds

This rework is meant to make him consistent with the zap spell, but it doesn’t increase his value at the same time.

Electro Dragon

  • Stun duration: 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds
  • Hit speed increased by 0.2 seconds

Same as Electro wizard


  • Stun duration: 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds
  • Hit speed increased by 0.2 seconds

Same as electro wizard

Electro Giant

  • Stun duration: 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds
  • Health decreased by 5%

This time to compensate I think it’s better to touch his HP

Nerfs: Evolutions (Temporary)
Why? Evolutions are meant to be stronger version of the cards, but right now there are only 5 evolutions, so if you don’t have one of them you are in disadvantage and they decreased the amount of meta decks inside Top Ladder. I think is better to tone down the evolutions until we don’t have at least 20 of them or that all of the win conditions are evolved first.

Edit: I forgot to add Lightning spell. Same buff 0.5 —> 0.7 seconds stun duration to make it consistent

Pekka: + hit damage, kill knight in 2 slams, 1 shot for hunter or fisherman… +first hit faster

The P.E.K.K.A is clearly to weak, she does not counter Golems or Giants like she did before but it is easily countered by many cards for massive elixir trade. In a meta were minipekka does well pekka seem to cost to much for what she brings to tthe table… to easy to out cycle with cheaper win condition and not stong enough with the other.
The solution: Probably More DPS. More damage\hit probably? and we should probably increase her hit speed. ebarbs are just better for 1 less elixir
If Golem is the ultimate tank P.E.K.K.A should be the ultimate thak killer…
P.S. Mighty Miner is just the best champion, too versatile, too tank and slow for 3 card cycle… nerf needed