Balance Wish List? 2023-07

At this moment is not important.

Nerfs (good sense):
RG Evolution - This is not a wish is a good sense
Mortar Evolution
Mighty Miner

Nerfs too: Inferno Tower, tesla, mortar, x-bow etc… (because i dont like only)

Wizard rework
Buff it’s HP so it barely survives fireball + log, but still dies to lightning.
Nerf it’s splash radius as well. Maybe nerf it’s damage a tiny bit so it kills minions and minion horde with 2 hits, while buffing it’s attack speed. I get that the balancing team always hesitates to touch Wizard because of it’s high ladder usage (Same applies to Mega Knight, Ebarbs, Witch, ect.) but many would love to see a shift in the meta where the Wizard is viable in a competitive playing field.


Need nerf elite barba
Its too op for common 6 elixir card
Fast movement, high damage

So, I am late to the party, but I want to still write how I feel the balance changes should go. So here they are!
Tesla: For a long time the Tesla has had a terrible win rate of around 35-40% in both categories. To combat this, I would decrease the hit speed by 0.1 seconds. This buff would make it a balanced card again and be an actual competitor to Cannon and Bomb Tower.

Witch: The spooky skeleton summoner has been very weak and hasn’t received a buff in a while. Yet I also understand the annoyance she can be in midladder. So, instead of giving her a massive buff, I would choose to do a 3% damage buff to her main attack and increase the splash radius by 0.15 tiles. This would make her overall better, but not be as annoying as she could be to the midladder players.

Mini P.E.K.K.A: The little pancake man has been experiencing low win and below average use rates in both Ultimate Champion and Grand Challenges. Just so it can get back to being a balanced card, I would decrease the first attack speed by 0.2 seconds. While this buff is miniscule, it should help him combat all the Hog Riders and heavy swarms (Barbarians) that are in the meta right now.

Guards: The three amigos have been suffering from being outclassed by the overall superior Goblin Gang and most imfamously, Goblins. While they aren’t exactly bad, they need a small buff to knock them back into a couple decks. This buff would be a damage buff of 5%. This will allow them to 1 shot Spear Goblins, making them better against Goblin Gang.

Phoenix: The last nerf turned down the power of the fire bird and has made it much more balanced overall. However, it still has a use rate of 11-14% with a 50-55% win rate, showing it is a bit too strong. For the last nerf it gets, I would decrease the range from Long → Medium. This will make it worse against moving Balloons and give Mega Minion another advantage over the Phoenix.

Balloon: Just like the Phoenix, the flying piece of cloth has had high win and use rates (14% use and around 57% win rates respectively) recently due to the resurgence of Lavaloon. To make it less powerful, I would decrease the health of the Balloon by 5%. This will allow anti-air cards to take it out slightly quicker and make it worse at being so high pressure for just 5 elixir.

Lava Hound: I think it’s finally time to give the hound the nerf it deserves. For literally YEARS, it has consistently held a healthy 9% use rate and a crazy high 59% win rate in Grand Challenges! While only a 50% win rate in Ultimate Champion. Since the divide in win rates is so different I would just decrease the health by 6%. Weakening Lavaloon’s extreme power even further.

Hog Rider: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGGGG RIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAA! Everyone’s favorite card has been consistently strong for years just like the Lava Hound, just with very high use rates (around 20%) and not win rates (around 50%). To reduce the use rates a bit, I would increase the first attack speed by 0.1 seconds. A very tiny nerf like this should make it feel a little more fair to go against (it always gets a hit).

Evolutions: While this isn’t covering 1 card, evolutions (especially the Firecracker and Royal Giant) have been incredibly broken and are controlling the meta. To get this to stop, I would revert the health buff of the Royal Giant to the same as the regular. Reduce the amount of ticks of the Firecracker’s shots by 2, Reduce the radius of the main spark area by 0.2 tiles, and reduce the health by 13% (still survives Arrows, yet barely). Barbarians evolution anger gets a cap of 5 and health is reduced by 7%(still survives Fireball and then some). Mortar evolution hit speed, damage, and health are reverted to the same of the regular Mortar.

Mighty Miner: The big brute with the amazing stache has still been very good with a very high use rate of around 18% in both categories with a healthy win rate of around 51% to boot. However, a large nerf would easily kill the card due to knowledge of past nerfs. So I would nerf the health yet again by 1.8% (4% over the 4 months/the 2 nerfs). This would make it worse at being able to soak up damage and hopefully get some people to move onto other cards that are competing with it.

That’s all I have for now! I hope you like it!

buff clone please,the terrible usage


Compared with other small spell, zap is the least practical. I would rather use Arrows or Giant Snowball. Zap should increase the stun duration.

Since it was weakened, its shooting speed is too slow to become a problem. It is almost impossible to find it in other decks except with Royal Giant or Three Musketeers. Please strengthen its shooting speed.

Too weak, her attack power should be increased so that she can kill a goblin at once.


Wizard has always been the card with the lowest usage rate and is an extreme card. Its cost is too high, so that when he goes to the enemy’s princess tower to counterattack, it is too easy to be killed by the opponent. Please turned Wizard to 4 Elixir and reduced his attack power so that he needs 2 attacks to kill Minions.


Valkyrie is too strong and should reduce his health by 0.05.

Pekka does not need a buff or a nerf. Leave it the way it is. Also, the phoenix does not need another nerf, it is fine the way it is.

Battle ram 100% needs a rework or a buff, as it’s only ever played like a secondary win condition or bridgespam troop, like ghost or bandit. It is only notably used in pekka bridgespam and some 3musk decks, and very replaceable in the latter. It feels like it takes so much longer to charge than other units like prince and ram rider, and gets immediately denied by whatever troop is around. I think some good possibilities would be a health buff for the ram itself, a rework allowing it to push troops back when it connects to a building, and/or a decreased charge time.

Regular goblins need some kind of buff independent of the 2 elixir card. Goblin gang and barrel have been stuck at a pretty low winrate, (partially because logbait sucks), likely because of the sacrifices that were made to any units involving the goblins in order for the 2 elixir unit to be 4 goblins. I don’t want to undo all of those changes, as that would make 2 elixir goblins cracked again, but I think maybe some kind of buff is in order for goblin gang and barrel. Maybe barrel gets its deploy damage back?

Skeleton barrel is also an extremely forgettable card that barely makes it as a win condition. It’s guaranteed damage when it connects, but is denied incredibly easily. It needs either more damage when the barrel breaks or additional skeletons, as airdropping less than half a skarmy for the same cost just isn’t worth it.

Guards could use a rework or a buff, as being a swarm that resists every first attack or a handful of spells isn’t that great of a utility when they still have fairly low health. Maybe having an additional guard or increasing the shield’s HP by a bit would help this card compete.

Firecracker needs a nerf, mostly because it has become grossly overused in ladder and most other modes. While it was popular in midladder before and respectable outside of it, it has become one of the most obnoxious cards to face. It has too much health for the amount damage it can do on defense, since the only small spell that can kill it is arrows. It should be killed by a log, but still have more health than a dart goblin of equal level.

Additionally, as unpopular as the idea may be, hog rider needs a nerf, as its win rates don’t tell the whole story. It’s constantly meta, and for years there’s a viable deck revolving around just cycling hog riders every season. It is strong enough to destroy all 3 elixir buildings, most spawners, and shrugs off goblin cage with its speed. I think its damage is strong, but fair, however it has just a bit too much health on its own. I would say maybe a 4-10% nerf to its health is warranted, as it would make people consider other options while not killing the card entirely.

As far as super troops go, royal giant and firecracker need some kind of temporary nerf until at least 10 super troops are in the game, as they are in an extremely strong state and make a good handful of cards completely useless when you get to the point in ladder or tournaments where every opponent is a ptw whale or pro. This games monetization system sucks and these cards will only be good for one or two seasons anyways, so we may as well rip off the band-aid and be done with it.

When are the new balance changes coming to the game?

I think Battle Healer, Witch, and Wizard really need reworks. I’ll list reworks for Battle Healer and Witch since I’ve seen a couple for wizard.

Battle Healer: Hitpoints +15%
Attack +35%
Heal attack no longer heals Battle Healer or other Battle Healers.

With these changes battle healer would lose the ability to heal herself and other battle healers in exchange for a solid attack and hitpoint buff. Okay This would make the card more straight forward to kill in exchange for having stats closer to a knight.

Witch: Skeleton spawn speed 7s->5.5s
Range 5.5->6

The witch is really squishy for five elixir and doesn’t have great DPS. This buff will give her a little bit more range and give her a few more skeletons to protect her.

I want to believe that several of the changes you are proposing are a joke.


Evo Royal Giant: same health as normal royal giant give it slightly more damage to make up.

Evo Firecracker: decrease tower damage massively or make it same health as normal firecracker.

Mighty Miner - health nerf: -4%

Balloon - sight range to 6 tiles, damage: -8%

Hog rider: -6% damage


Ice wizard: slowdown 35% to 40%

Recruit: +4% damage

Princess: +6% damage

Tesla: - 0.1s hit speed


Mega Minion:
Hitpoints: -16% one shot to fireball
Damage: +45%
Hit speed: 1.5s > 1.7s
Mega Minion is a good card but is outshined by the pheonix by a mile. This rework would make mega minion a separate card from pheonix and have to own mechanic. High damage air troop. This rework could be very successful or unsuccessful based on how people play it.

bro how can the monk reflect a lighting or a EQ? it hast logic

Buff :butterfly:P.E.K.K.A​:butterfly:
In the latest updates the pekka has been affected, from the Evo barbarians that no longer die from a single hit from it, or the firecracker that is impossible for the pekka to kill

I propose an increase in HP (10%), attack speed (-0.2s) and movement speed (+8%)

All this would give a little more life to the pekka within the current meta, making decks like bridge spam appear again…


electro giant is very weak. especially if they have a building. i think it has the highest targeting range of a defense attacking card. you can literally play a building card two times over from the middle and it still targets it. the electro giant is only good against decks that don’t have a building or high dmg high health cards, which most decks have those nowadays. If anything electro giant needs a buff. The fact you say e giant needs a nerf says to me you aren’t that high in ladder.

ice wizard(buff)

Hit speed: 1.7sec to 1.55sec
Spawn damage: 83 to 90


Hit speed: 1.8sec to 1.7sec
Sight range reduced

Magic archer(nerf)

Projectile range: 11 to 10


Range: short to medium

Damge: 120 to 110 (can no longer 2 shot spirits)

Bomb tower(rework)

Death bomb now does knockback

Hit speed: increased by 0.1sec

evo knight(nerf)

Hit speed reverted back to normal

Buff dart goblin

Ice Spirit doesn’t need a nerf, they should buff the other spirits instead, specifically ESpirit. Buff it’s range and damage maybe. And for Heal Spirit make it tankier. For Fire Spirit they could increase its damage maybe so that it could kill Princess.