Balance Wish List - 2023-05

Balance changes are coming up and we’d love to hear your feedback. Give as much details as possible to justify your ideas. Consult stats of the cards and the meta on our card stats pages:

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We will read everyone’s comments and send our recommendations to Supercell at the end of it. Deadline for feedback is Saturday, May 13, 2023 at 1pm UTC

Buff : ice wizard , tesla , x-bow , pekka , rocket , wizard
Nerf : goblin hut , mighty miner

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Wizard rework: 4 elixir with damage nerf so he cant 1 shot minion hord. Damage should be less than musk damage
Goblin hut: reverse the wave thing cause every wave takes 1/8 of the tower
Zap buff: zap is the worst spell the only thing it is used for is stun (you can’t use pekka and others with snowball and lose to every inferno mu) also goblins doesnt have any counter except arrows and log which both need to predict goblins before they get a value so i recommend zap must kill goblins
Mighth miner nerf: needs hp and damage nerf. It is absoloutly busted when you kill golem before enterring the bridge and he has kt health
Hog nerf: hog always takes one shot if you dont have building or nado so needs first hit nerf
Ice spirit nerf: 1.3->1 freeze time
Musk nerf: hit speed 1->1.1 sec
Tesla buff: little hp and hut speed buff
Skeleton dragons: hit speed 1.9->1.5 -5%dps
Pekka buff: spear goblins, gob gang, minions, gob, minion hord, archers all are counters for pekka and they got buffed without compensations to pekka so pekka needs hitspeed buff 1.8->1.6sec


Buff firecracker , tesla , pekka and skelly drags
Nerf Gob Hut, Goblins

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Nerf ice spirit, this card has incredibly high usage rate and is often considered to be an S tier card. A card that can save you if you overspent for just 1 elixir.

Goblin hut needs a nerf, almost gets value in every matchup and almost impossible to prevent taking damage from unless you have a poison.

Night witch should get a buff, it’s the worst legendary in the game and in the decks she used to be in she isn’t even a required option or the best option to use. Her niche doesn’t make it into pretty much any deck now.

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Wizard Rework: 4 Elixir - Damage Nerf To -1 Level Wizard - Radius 1.5 → 1.7 - Reduce Hit Speed 1.4s → 1.5 - Enough HP to survive Fireball + Zap but not Fireball + Log
Barb Hut Buff: Buff HP so the interaction with Fireball isn’t that bad
Mega Minion Buff: Recent Buff didn’t make it compete properly with the bird. A little more Damage or HP
Inferno Tower Buff: Worst building currently. I would make it take less for the full damage (like 1s or 1.3s)
Ice Spirit Nerf: Freeze effect is too much. 1.3s → 1s
Poison Nerf: Nerf Radious ( 3.5 → 3 ) or Remove the 35% Slowdown
Mighty Miner Nerf: HP Nerf, no longer capable of destroying both Princess Towers
Goblins Nerf: Deployment Change so it is hard to defend cards like Hog Rider with them

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Wizard Rework-
Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 % (281 → 218)*
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5.0 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec
*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed. If compared to the baby dragon, both deal area damage and have the same hit speed. But the wizard deals more damage, a longer range, and a larger damage radius; while the baby dragon has more health, faster movement speed, and is a flying troop.

  • A few of the new interaction changes include needing an extra hit to destroy minions, barbarians, the princess, and break shields.

  • Wizard is now out-ranged by the spear goblin, witch, ice wizard, and a few other cards.

  • Musketeer: DPS-218 at 6 tile range vs reworked Wizard: DPS-145 at 5 tile range


Couple Buffs/Nerfs/Reworks that could help the game

Nerf Mortar: -6% HP
1369 → 1287
Mortar has remained at the top of the building choices for the past year, and it seems to have survived all of the previous tweaks. A small HP nerf should keep it strong on offense while weakening its strength on defense.

Nerf Ice Spirit: -7% Freeze Duration
1.3s → 1.2s
The Ice Spirit has flown under the radar for countless balance changes, despite it being the strongest cycle card. Currently it has a 19% use rate in Grand Challenges, so a small tweak to its freeze duration should keep it in line with the other cycle cards.

Nerf Goblin Hut: 11s → 12s Spawn Speed
Ever since its last buff in April, the goblin hut has exploded in use/win rates. While it’s not broken, having a spawner meta makes the game boring or irritating to many players.

Rework Wizard: +36% HP, -18% DMG
720 → 980 (+36%)
281 → 231 (-18%)
The wizard has rarely ever seen any attention, despite it being (arguably) the worst card in the game for years. Changing its HP to be similar to the Executioner/Archer Queen is a good spot to start, since it should not die to a Fireball + Log as a 5 elixir card. Nerfing its damage by 18% shouldn’t change many key interactions, since it will still kill Goblins and Minions in one shot.

Buff Witch: +17% HP
838 → 980
Similar reasoning to the Wizard buff, the witch is a 5 elixir card, so it should not die to the Fireball + Log combo. Raising its health should also help it win interactions that a healthy 5 elixir card should.

Royal Giant


Inferno tower is not bad. Meta is just win condtions that are directly played at the tower this makes i tower useless. There is no giant/pekka/egiant/giant goblin in the meta so you dont need to play a 5 elixir card. No one will play itower against miner or graveyard lol

Skelly drags - Splash should increase a little and so should hit speed
Zap - Damage buff (Possibly the same as barbarian barrel)

Mighty Miner - HP nerf
Tornado - Spell radius should be decreased
Ice Spirit - Freeze time should decrease
Goblin Hut - Potentially lower spawn amount (2 per wave)
Bomb Tower - HP nerf

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Buff Witch : Damage

Buff miner : 17% Damage

Mighty miner
Ice spirit

Skeleton dragons
Barb hut

Battle healer

I’d love a golden knight rework, more dashes, little bit less hp and attack dmg

Return the healing bottle and make a balance for it if it is not suitable and strengthen the battle treatment and the queen of the archer

Skelly drags - increase splash damage
Wizard - increase damage by 4% and reduce hit speed from 1.4 sec to 1.3 sec

Spells - damage on tower reduction by 15% (except the rocket)
Goblin Hut - extend the time spawn of wave in order to get rid of one wave in the whole life
Mighty Miner - HP reduction by 3%

Wall breakers’ damage
Flying machine’s range
monk’s damage
Phoenix’s hit speed
Earthquake’s damage to buildings
Valkyrie’s first hit speed

Ice wizard’s health
Mirror(Increase mirrored card’s level by 2 levels)

Goblin hut to spawn 2 spear goblins per wave, add an additional wave, decrease the number of spear goblins that spawn after the hut’s death to 2 goblins

Rage spirit!! cuz why not😁

Wizard buff: my idea is to ad damage over time (like poisen)

Witch rework: 4 elixer but health decreased to 440

Mirror rework: Same elixer but minus 1 level

Mega Minion buff: get a shield

Rocket buff: more damage or incease movementspeed (ok with same damage to tower)

Ice Wizard buff: death damage

Goblins nerf: Deployment time increased to 2 seconds

Poison nerf: less damage to tower

Buff-Goblin Drill, Goblin Barrel, Rocket, Skeleton Barrel, Archer Queen, E giant, Bomb Tower and Mirror

Nerf- Goblin Hut, Pekka, Hog Rider, Ram Rider, Mega Knight, E Barbs, Poison and Tornado

Rework- Barb Hut, E Barbs, Mega Knight and Wizard

Nerf: Log - The Log has been in the meta for the past 5 years now. Would love to see something else.
Mighty Miner - The Mighty Miner is the strongest champion. Maybe a damage nerf or his drill is slower.
Ice spirit - The Ice Spirit needs a freeze time reduce. Why spend 4 elixir on a freeze when a 1 elixir ice spirit freezes them for half the time of the freeze spell.
Mortar - the fact that Mortar get a shot on tower when you lightning and log is a bit too much for a common card. Needs a decent health nerf
Poison - imagine a meta where you get poison cycled. And that’s still going on.
Tornado - just a smaller radius nerf would probably balance the card. Make it harder to pull things like hog rider to your king tower.

Buff: I think I speak for everyone here when I say we need a WIZARD buff. instead of a rework and make it 4 elixir, give it a really decent hp buff. Enough to where it dies to poison and arrows. But please nerf poisons damage next season.
Clone - I’ve had an idea. I like the 3 elixir cost, just make it exactly like rage and it do just a bit more damage.
Golden knight - I’m sure a lot of people will disagree, but it wasn’t how far he could hit a troop, it’s the dash mechanic. I believe he goes back to 6 tiles but fix the dash.

Ice Spirit
Stun is changed to a Slow (Rework)
Slow Duration 1.3 → 2.5 (Buff)

Tombstone/Furnace/Goblin Hut/Barbarian Hut
Hitpoints +10% (Buff)
First Troop now spawns delayed, same as Goblin Drill (Rework)

Battle Ram/Dark Prince
Charge Distance 3.5 → 3 (Buff)

Cost 3 → 4 (Nerf)
Hitpoints +25% (Buff)
Hook Charge Time: 1.3 → 1 (Buff)

Attack Speed 1.1 → 0.9 (Buff)

Battle Healer
Attack Speed 1.5 → 1.3 (Buff)

Heal Spirit
Healing -10% (Nerf)
Healing Area Radius 2.5 → 3 (Buff)

Crown Tower multiplier 30% → 25% (Nerf)
Stun Duration 0.5 → 1 (Buff)

Twin King Tower
Damage increase per Level 7% → 8% (Buff)