Balance Wish List - 2023-05

gobhut, mminer, queen, goblins nerfs
tower damage nerfs to all big spells besides rocket
barbhut buff
wizard rework that makes it weaker but 4 elixir, make it kinda like a splash musky but less dps than the musky

Just deduct like maybe 20% more hitpoints off the goblin hut

4 Elixir Wizard will never happen. CR doesn’t need more 4 elixir ranged cards.

Makes sense. Then I would change it for a Graveyard nerf

Maybe they can do something to make it 4 Elixir and viable in that way. 5 Elixir for what he does is too much. Witch spawns Skeletons, Bowler can do pushback to certain troops and Executioner haves an incredible range. If we want the Wizard to become viable the way he is, the Elixir should be reduced or given a special ability to compete with the others 5 Elixir cards

Only want to propose 5 changes. Two re-works to the Wizard and Witch, a mini re-work to the Ice Spirit, a buff to P.E.K.K.A and two nerfs to Spear Goblins and Mighty Miner. Cards will also not be balanced off use rates and win rates. Not a single comment of mine will be biased towards “X card is underused/overused, Add stupid comment here implying change and hope what we do to change it doesn’t break or ruin the card.” In hindsight, this is a bad mentality as it often results in over-buffing, over-nerfing, insignificant damage control and random out of the blue balancing which as of recent have become a big problem with Clash Royale. Truly perfect balance is impossible to achieve in any game and I am perfectly contempt with that. Some cards simply work better in a specific deck than with another and that’s just how it works.

Now for the actual proposals I have

I’ve always wanted to think of ways to update the Wizard to compete with the modern scope of Clash Royale. However, much of the difficulty involved in being able to effectively touch upon the card’s exploitable weaknesses and reliable hard-counters (Fireball, Poison, Miner, etc.) are reinforced by behaving as an inferior version of the Executioner. It hurts that being such a fun card is deliberately, perpetually weak. This new design aims to make him a more rewarding, but still risky card that acts more akin to himself in Clash of Clans. Being durable enough to withstand a punch and give back incredible damage in a very small radius. In other words, a pseudo single-target/splash ranged unit similarly to the 2019 Witch re-work. Just without the skeletons that made her re-work unbelievably broken.
-Hit-points increased by 20% (720 → 864)
-Damage increased by 43% (281 → 402)
-Hit speed interval increased to 1.6 seconds (From 1.4 seconds)
-Attack delay increased to 1 second (From 0.3 seconds)
-Area damage radius reduced to 0.5 tiles (From 1.5 tiles)

What the biggest thing is that irks me over the Witch’s current state in is her over-reliance on Skeletons to get value. I’ll quickly break down this re-work. As I want to incorporate a multitude of the things I liked about the card’s former states and use those as a basis for re-making the Witch, and give her a fair set of strengths and weaknesses that revolve around her and not her Skeletons. First, hit-points. I liked that in June 2018 she could survive most spell combos, but was still badly designed because the Clash Royale team made her even more overly reliant on her Skeletons. Second, how fast she used to attack during soft launch and 2016. She may have sucked the worst in the game’s first three years, but I liked her response to so much swarm. This is all aimed to making the Witch actually shine without needing to crutch off of her endless spawns since I propose her getting a spawn cap similar to Clash of Clans.
-Hit-points increased by 11.7% (838 → 936)
-Damage reduced by -20% (134 → 107)
-Hit speed interval reduced to 0.7 seconds (from 1.1 seconds)
-Now stops spawning Skeletons once 6 of them are created (Skeletons spawned by her appear darker to distinguish them)
(If for example, 2 skeletons die out of the 6 she spawned that are currently alive, she will spawn the two that died as a replacement and cause her summon to go on cooldown)

Ice Spirit
If I were in charge of the balancing, I’d prioritize putting a more stark contrast between the Ice and Electro Spirit by making the Ice Spirit a hard shutdown rather than have ludicrous area denial as a 1 elixir stun.
-Freeze duration increased to 2 seconds (From 1.3 seconds)
-Area damage radius reduced to 1 tile (From 1.5 tiles)

P.E.K.K.A is really weak compared to the cost-effective power of Champions and needs more distinguishable advantages against certain cards and win conditions than them. In my opinion, I believe her one-shotting RHogs and the Fisherman (But still needing three hits to kill the Knight) is a justifiable buff.
-Damage increased by 7% (816 → 873)

Spear Goblins
The range buff was an unnecessary change that moreso resulted in the Goblin Hut becoming overpowered.
-Range reduced to 5 tiles (From 5.5 tiles)

Mighty Miner
The Mighty Miner exerts too much power even just by his presence. The most logical nerf to me is to shorten his reach to make him easier to kite and last moment locks of massive tower damage less likely to happen.
-Range reduced to Melee: Medium (From Melee: Long)

BONUS FOR FUN CHANGE. Bats and Skeletons
For the love of all that is holy can these tiny pests one level higher than my Hunter not survive a pellet from a black-powder double-barrel blunderbuss? It has annoyed many players for a long long time that this is a prevalent interaction directly related to over-leveling. Can is PLEASE go?
-Hit-points reduced by 20% (81 → 64)

I might get a lotta flak for the Wizard and Witch proposals but I can’t stop that myself. This game needs less cookie-cutter balancing and stuff that would actually be unique and spice it up.

Skelly dragons

Goblin hut
Mighty miner
Ice spirit

Battle healer

I was instead thinking of making the Wizard behave closer to how he acts in Clash of Clans (AKA Chad of Clans Wizard) where he does lots of splash damage in a tiny radius, and behaves more akin to a single-target unit.

I accidentally sent this to SML oof.

I only ask one thing: pls rechange that Valkyrie image. Play this game for almost 7y and valk was my fav card since the beginning and I just can’t get used to how bad it looks now. It now has such a childish chubby face and they really made it look weird. Seems like she’s 12 in her image but when u play it she’s an adult. Even the old one used to represent her better in the arena with that strong calm posture since the CR valk is a slow pace unit and not that much aggressive when compared with the CoC version which is fast guess that’s why they gave it that image back then. Honestly mixing this with all I’ve seen lately just makes me think the supercell team back then had a pretty much solid idea and interpretation of the game. I won’t complain about other topics ppl are mad about, I only ask this: pls rechange the valk image into a less chubby weird looking character!

Buffs I Would do:

Goblin Giant +5% HP
Even with its other buff a few months back, it has only about a 3-2% use rate in GCs and UC and a 51% win rate, which is healthy, but at a 2-3% use rate, this is pretty pathetic for a win condition.

Elixir 5 → 4, -22.5% damage, 1.4 → 1.5 Hit Speed, First Hit Speed 0.4 → 0.5, Range 5.5 tiles → 5 tiles, Radius 1.5 → 1.7, increase projectile speed.
This makes it so the Wizard is a similar card to the Musketeer, just with splash damage, a faster projectile speed, and a faster first hit speed. Yet has much worse range and hit speed overall.
Tesla Damage +7%

This small buff will hopefully make the Tesla a more viable option with its 2-3% use rate and terrible win rates in UC and GCs

Dart Goblin Hit Speed 0.7 → 0.65 seconds
With the Archers taking his place before and now Rascals and Spear Goblins, the little guy hasn’t received anything to help him in a LONG time and I want to change that. A small hit speed buff will allow him to kill most tanks and pushes slightly quicker without him being broken. I feel he deserves this because of the terrible win rate he has in grand challenges and has bad win rates in both to go along with the win rates.

Nerfs I would do:
Hog Rider First Hit Speed +0.1 second

This small change to the Hog’s first attack speed will make it slightly less able to just barely get a hit and will hopefully make it a less used card with its 12-14 use rates in both categories and a decent win rate to boot.

Phoenix Range: Long → Short, Hit Speed 0.9 → 1 second

Phoenix is still one of the most prevalent cards in the game with a massive 25% use rate and an amazingly high 55% use rate in grand challenges with a healthy 51% use rate in UC. this change makes it so the Mega Minion will be better at taking out cards like Balloon since it will lock on quicker and only have slightly lower DPS for 1 less elixir. Plus, I am kinda tired of seeing it all the time, so giving it a harsh nerf is needed.

Goblin Hut Spawn Speed: 10.5 seconds → 12 seconds, lifetime 29 → 23.5 seconds, Hp +9%

The Goblin Hut has EXPLODED in use rate over the past month because of the Spear Goblin buff and has made the game into a spawner meta. It also has good win rates to coincide with the use rates as well. This nerf will make only 8 Spear Goblins spawn from the Hut over time (including the death Goblins) instead of the 9 we have now. It will also be more susceptible to other spells that aren’t Earthquake or Poison while still keeping the Hut as a good defensive card against Hog Rider and Giant with the hp buff.

Graveyard: Skeletons will now nearly always spawn on the furthest left edge of the circle

What does this mean? I hear you ask. Well the problem with Graveyard is that it always gets damage no matter what, so i am getting rid of that feature by making most Skeletons spawn the furthest away from the Princess tower. This makes the traditional placement basically never get guaranteed damage. A few will spawn on the upper right edges to still make the King Tower activation possible.

That’s all I got right now. Hopefully you will consider adding these changes to the game!

Buff canon hp, this card is great but needs just a little bit more hp imo

Buff the log tower damage

Nerf wizard, less damage

Nerf hog rider first hit speed just a bit

Buff golden knight damage, this card is also great but it needs some more damage

Nerf goblin hut and furnace, these two cards combined are pure chaos

Nerf flying machine attack range a bit

Buff zap damage

Buff ice wizard damage a bit

Royale giant
It’s been the strongest win condition for the past years it’s so broken for 6 elixir a damage nerf or hit speed
Nerf hogrider
It’s so strong with eq or fireball it always gets last shot
Nerf goblin hut
So annoying to deal with it’s good in every matchup
It’s so strong for the last few metas it does a lot of damage and has a big raiduis
Nerf flying machine no need to explain
It’s been so bad since the last nerf no one uses it
Ice wizard
Only used in splashyard
Buff tesla
Worst building in the game
Buff valk
Overshadowed by mighty miner and knight
It’s easily the worst card in the game

Rework barb hut. We have buffed all the other building a while ago it need a rework. History of Clash Royale's Worst Building - YouTube has a good idea. Summary the idea is to make the first wave 4.5 or 5 secounds after placement and give it more health and better spawn speed this means troops can get a few hits before its start spwaning making it not completely OP.