Balance Wish List - 2023-03

all spell+miner damage on tower → 25% (log stays at 20%)
archers atk speed 1.1s → 1.0s
golden knight cool down 11s → 14s
phoenix hp 1052 → 1010 (-4%)
ice spirit freeze duration 1.3s → 1.2s
mega knight hp 3993 → 3833 (-4%)
lumberjack atk speed 0.8s → 0.9s
egiant hit speed 2.1s → 2.3s
royal giant hp 3072 → 2888 (-6%)
mini pekka hit damage 720 → 662 (-8%)

3m buff middle one or outer 2 get a spawn shield
goblin barrel land damage (same as goblin drill)
ebarbs hitspeed 1.4s → 1.3s
ice golem hitspeed 2.5s → 2.3s
barb hut death barbarians 1 → 2
rascal boy hp buff 1665 → 1715 (+3%)
battle ram stun effect 0s → 1s
bandit hp buff 907 → 952 (+5%)

night witch spawn speed 5s ->7s bats spawn 2 → 3

Addressing the Miner Poison decks:
-Archers and Goblins nerf.
-Bomb Tower damage nerf.
-Maybe a slight Mortar HP nerf?

-Maybe it’s the meta with arrows and golden knight, but Guards and Goblin Gang are subpar cards, especially the former.
-Either Mega Minion buff or Phoenix nerf since no reason to use Mega Minion if you have Phoenix.
-Zap Buff.
-Rework to Tornado? Feels like you can distance your troops on opposite sides of your princess tower and they will all get pulled, which feels like a big reason why Golden Knight is so good right now.

Even though miner poison is everywhere, miner is not the problem. Don’t nerf miner. It’s mechanics is what makes it versatile and good to put in any deck. The problem is the other cards. Miner with its current stats was not even in the meta till the archers buff and rocket Nerf. Think about that. So no need to Nerf miner, Nerf the other cards.

Rework poison: it should do damage every two ticks instead one with each tick being one Second apart. Same damage but spaced out. So you can actually catch the miner with goblins or other swarm units without dying. Nerf crown tower damage.

Rework tornado: reduce radius.

Archers Nerf: 5% hit speed Nerf.

Phoenix hit speed Nerf: 0.9s To 1.0s

Fix GOD DAMN golden knight! That thing’s dash makes NO SENSE!!!

Nerf skeleton king’s HP

Also Nerf lightning crown tower damage if you’re nerfing poison. Nerf all 4 elixir spells to do the same amount of crown tower damage and all 6 elixir spells identically.

Nerf flying machine first hit speed!

buff egolem so that it is not insanely op like a couple months ago but not extremely bad like it is now. Also nerf bomb tower, poison, golden knight and miner

Nerf miner somehow and maybe posion. Archers also way too strong should have gotten only half of the buff. Less important maybe hog and rg NERF to there first attack speed

Lets start from the moste confused card (Monk)
Beside countrering shoting cards like canons and Musketeers, it also becomes invincible. It just doesn’t feel right for it so lets go through it .
Monk Damge deflation goes down to 40% so it keeps a musketeer or canon alive and not die to a zap or a log HP goes up by 30% and and make an extra hit for the nock back hit so 123 then nock back. Ability duration from 4 to 5 seconds.
With this balance now even if the opponent play Ecards it wont counter monk. The game should not be about countering cards should be about how to use them correctly in the game.
2- wizard HP should go up by 15% not only for Poison also when u play it aginst other troops last longer so its worth it.
3- Phenix now is so balanced but the damge per hit is a lot so -10% damge ( dont slow down hit per second)
4- poison radius from 3.5 to 3 and -10% tower damge to all spells but not rocket.
5-Tornado needs a nerf or a re work.
6-E giant is not a great idea came to CR because its so easy to play it aginst everything so i recommend rework. Make it like the titan in clash of clans . When it walks makes Ewaves every 2 seconds so it its easier to kill it.
7- all buildings should not be fully countered by poison or fire ball or earthquake. Make their HP more and make thier spwning less.

idt goblins need that much of a nerf. I prefer if they nerfed their hitspeed but gave a small buff to the other goblin cards to compensate i.e. barrel, drill, goblin gang

The mega knight needs a rework it’s a 7 elixir tank that does less dps than almost all other troops and it’s always been either mediocre at best overall when used by a skilled player or broken. I would remove his spawn damage or reduce the damage of his jump and spawn and then after one of those two options maybe even his heath by up to around 10% to boost his regular attack. He’d still have attacks that feel legendary while being much more of a more expensive dark prince or Valkyrie in terms of usability and value. Cards that have always been pretty usable and viable.

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Dart Goblin - +8% hp
The dart goblin has been consistently low in win rates for some time. With the archers now being much stronger and able to survive the log, it should get a small buff if only to keep up. Now, I chose 8% because that’s the biggest buff that changes as few interactions as possible, the only one of note is that it will no longer die to one wizard fireball. It will still die to log. While I think it deserves to survive the log, I understand that it would hurt the log’s utility, and could make the dart goblin just a bit too tough. However, I stand by the fact that the dart goblin needs at least an 8% hp buff to not be overshadowed by other cheap ranged units.
Goblin drill - drill now deals minor knockback
While the drill is relatively popular and successful as of late, it feels underpowered for an “upgrade” to the goblin barrel. It is easily denied by mini tanks, swarms, and patient spell users. I think giving it a bit of knockback would give the goblins some elbow room coming out of the drill to help them connect more often. Additionally, this wouldn’t deny any existing counters, but would change a bit of timing and placement, making it a bit stronger without significantly changing interactions.
Mega Minion - Speed: Medium-> Fast
I understand speed buffs can be a bit risky, especially with how it went for the mighty miner rework that was quickly undone, but this would be a decent option to make this card more appealing. It feels like it takes forever for it to move and attack, and it just barely misses a second tower hit when not defended. So a small movement speed or even hit speed buff could be due to give this card a bit of flair to give it an edge compared to the phoenix.

Archers - 0.9sec → 1sec hit speed
Archers have exploded in usage rate since their buff, and while they aren’t broken, they are a bit strong. This would hopefully lower their usage rate while still being a net improvement from their old hit speed of 1.1sec.

Here’s an interesting idea: Prince’s charge will not be broken by any troop less than its total damage, but it will loose damage on its next target. For example, if a skeleton is between a prince and a giant, the prince will charge through the skeleton and hit the giant. However, the skeleton’s hp is removed from the charge damage as it connects with the giant. So if the charge deals 700 damage and the skeleton has 100 health, the prince will deal 600 damage to the giant. So until the prince hits a troop with more health than its charge’s additional damage, it will continue to charge. Prince is kind of a meh card and only sees use in a handful of decks, so this would help him shine, while also not changing too many of his stats.

For the current state of the meta, I’m personally enjoying it with a few exceptions of some really strong cards

Archers are too damn strong and I think a 1.0 hit speed is fair and doesn’t need to be higher or lower
Phoenix is still too strong as is and should either be reworked to 5 elixir and buffed accordingly or increase the hit speed to 1.0
Mega Minion has been entirely overshadowed by the Phoenix so I think a small buff to its damage would be fair
Night Witch is only ever used in Golem and has practically no diversity or any unique features so I think it should spawn two bats on death
Wall Breakers has consistently been a good alternate win condition and they are really easy to counter but I think they should receive a slight nerf to the damage
Miner is currently the most played win condition and preventing it from targeting the crown tower is very reaction based so I think a slower first hit speed would be fair

These are my suggestions and I hope to see at least one of these to be implemented in the next Balance Changes

this card had beeen outclassed by pheonix in so many ways, hit speed buff or damage buff would be nice

also rework cards like rascal and wizard, 5 elixir cards that arent worth their cost

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Other simpler changes are under this hog rider change. (It would be cool if i saw one of these possibly.)
Okay so i have an interesting idea for the hog rider of a new mechanic
The hog will be spawned in at Medium speed, after 3 or 4 seconds of being in the arena the hog will start moving fast speed. Once the hog is in the arena for 6-7 seconds, he will start moving very fast speed. (The speed does not reset when targeting a building)
To compensate the hog could get a .2 a .1 sec hit speed reduction to make it more rewarding to connect to the tower.
The rework is designed to make the hog less spamable at the bridge and allow more time to defend for people against that hog they put at the bridge 2 seconds into the match. At the same time it allows for bigger pushes and more opportunity to put other units down. This does make the hog a bit more risk versus reward like the battle ram, but it would still be different enough as the hog keeps whatever speed built after some time (and he doesn’t split into 2 barbarians upon hitting a tower).
Other changes can include
Archers Nerf: Increase archer hit speed by 0.1sec. (Half of what the buff was)
Royal ghost nerf: Ghost no longer deploys invisible, now goes invisible 1 second after deployment.
Princess rework: Damage buffed by 30% (Level 11: 169-220. Now kills goblins in one shot, but not minions.) First shot delay increased by 0.4 seconds (This is to allow the possibility to let her counter swarms a bit better but makes her easier to counter at the bridge.)
Skeleton barrel buff: +1 skeleton
Bandit nerf: Dash range goes from 3.5-6 tiles to 3-5.5 tiles (Allows more chance to counterplay but still a good reward for connecting to the tower
Hope these suggestions are decent ideas.


  • Archers kills almost everything
  • Small royale giant hp nerf always gets the extra hit
  • Mortar nerf small hp nerf it always gets an extra hit
  • Grave Yard it needs a fixed pattern where the skeletons spon mabey 2-3 patterns so you know where to place your troops onto it
  • Miner mabey a small hp nerf because a 3 elixer miner can do more damage to a tower than a rocket, each hit dealing the same crown tower damage as a log, hard to catch you just need to guess where it might pop up
  • Electro giant needs a nerf, like more than half the cards in the game die to it + tornado or + lightning
  • Phoenix mabey needs a small damage nerf
  • Tombstone it is op and has been for a very long time perhaps 0.1-0.3 longer gaps between the skeleton spoan intravels
  • A small hog rider nerf, for a very long time hog rider has been very strong and popular and though most players have multiple counters to it in their deck how is it so viable of a stratigy?


  • Electro dragon - a movement speed buff or any attack speed buff, movement speed buff will make it less of a defensive card and make it a bit harder to block from resetting a inferno, sparkey, mighty miner
  • Mega minion a damage buff, phoenix is a better version of mega minion in every way so there should be some sort of difference or separation between the two
  • Which we shouldn’t leave it dead for ever, hp buff to survive fireball + log with like 1 hp, or 5 second skeleton spon speed too much, 7 second skeleton spon speed too slow make it 6 seconds, If the ishue is mid laddar or low leveled players, well just adapt to it being balanced, everyone adapted to every card in the game really so its not a problem
  • Night which, its soo bad that most golem decks don’t use her any more, she needs an hp buff to survive fireball + log or because it is very easy to kill, or give it 2 death bats its a LEGENDARY!!! it doesnt have any legendary ability, it can always be nerfed later if it is op, the meta evolved from a long time ago I don’t think 2 death bats would make it op even if it somehow does though it is unlikely it can always be nerfed or emergency nerfed, I think we should give it a try

Re work

  • I think fire cracker who is ranked 103# grand challange needs a faster hit speed like - 0.3 hit speed but will also push herself back less allowing it to be more easily killed and to reload and shoot faster too
  • I also think Wisard needs a rework mabey even any, It’s been dead since the game cam out and is only good at punishing low leveled players It is defenetly time for wisard to get a full rework or a buff, probubly a rework mabey let it survive a fireball + log because a 5 elixer card shouldn’t have that little hp same reasoning for the which buff
  • Mabey mirroring a card shouldnt be + 1 elixer but + 0.5 but it will still mirror everything 1 lvl higher than the lvl it is.

Thanks for reading I hope some of these make it to ingame

not sure how that mirror would work due to the rounding in clash royale. I think electro dragon is fine and healthy personally. Night witch i can see happen at some point but its uncertain. hog needs a rework more than a nerf i feel like. Graveyard isnt really in the meta right now. tombstone isn’t op to me personally, a bit defensive? Sure, but i dont struggle to counter it. Finally i don’t see an electro giant nerf by itself. More likely a tornado nerf or lighting nerf before the egiant himself

PEKKA- 20% resistance to ranged attacks. Every second attack is splash damage (like valk) at 50% damage

RAM RIDER- does double snare damage when charging and + 30% charge damage but nerf hp to be same as hog rider, and 20% less normal tower damage.

WIZARD- six elixir, 2000 HP, 25% of any damage taken is added to his next attack. +0.2 hit speed.

ZAP- strikes twice at 175 damage each, two seconds apart.

LIGHTNING- does the same thing (area damage how zap is now) but at 700 damage a strike and the 3.5 radius.

LOG- 3 elixir cost, double the knock back it has now. PLUS an extra two tiles range.

SKELETONS- 2 elixir. 4 skeletons spawned like graveyard anywhere

SPIRITS- 2 elixir. 2 spirits +1 tile jump range

MINER- 4 elixir, does 300 ground splash damage on spawn (75 crown tower, 3 tile radius).

FIREBALL/ POISON- 20% increased slow/ 50% knockback, 4.5 elixir cost

E-GIANT~ buildings won’t pull farther than they pull anything else, + 15% HP, MINUS 50% reflect damage!

INFERNO TOWER/ DRAG~ multi- target rework. Both four elixir, They hit for 100/75 a second on up to four targets.

Edrag~ range MINUS 1 tile, move speed- very fast!!

DARK PRINCE- HP/ shield HP +25%, charging splash radius +1 tile, 0.2 less hit speed

MEGA MINION- 5 elixir. + 40% HP, + 0.2 hit speed. Stuns for 0.5 seconds with every hit

RASCALS, BARBS, MINIONS/ HORDE-plus 1 tile more spread out and hit speed + 0.1

TORNADO/ EARTHQUAKE- stuns buildings for its duration, including your own…does 30-50% less damage to buildings. Something like that…

MEGA KNIGHT- spawn damage radius reduced 1 tile and only damages in front of mega knight, not all around. Spawn damage goes back to 710.

MONK- ability activates faster

PHOENIX- back to how it was at launch BUT ALL of the reborn Phoenix stats are 50% worse. It’ll be fine trust me…

Skeleton drags should get a rework maybe an extra dragon for five elixir and spread them out across the map like royal recruits… idk but they are dead. No pun.
MAGIC ARCHER is dead. Maybe he goes to 5 elixir too but his arrow is stronger, goes longer and he gets a shield so he won’t be instantly destroyed by fireball. Mother witch could also use this treatment as they are both legendaries that should be able to survive fireballs

Buff Mirror,the problem with playing a mirrored card after playing a champion is solved,I think buffing the mirror to make again lvl 16 cards will make the mirror balanced

I actually made a list for balancing every card that need balancing but i forgot it, so I’ll go freeflow:
•Wizard rework: 38% Hp buff (720>993), damage nerf 20% (281>225), attack speed nerf (1.4>1.6), first attack speed buff (0.4>0.3)
•Wizard rework: elixir cost buff (5>4), damage nerf 20% damage nerf (281>225) attack speed nerf (1.4>1.5), first attack speed buff (0.4>0.2)
•Witch buff: 19% Hp buff (834>992), skeleton spawn speed buff (7s>5s)
•[I know this is a fantasy] Electro Dragon Rework: elixir cost nerf (5>7), attack speed nerf [chargable] (2.1>3), 95% hp buff (1045>2037), 110% damage buff (211>443) chain attack buff (3>4), range buff (3.5>4.5). If you ask why, is to bring it closer to the COC electro dragon.
•archers nerf: attack speed nerf (0.9>1)
•Sparky buff: attack speed buff (4>3.5)
•Poison rework: removed decreased speed, added a 25% attack speed reduction
•Ice Golem buff: 60% attack and death damage buff (84>133)
•Spear Goblin buff: attack speed buff (1.7>1.5)
•Ice wizard buff: 48% spawn damage buff (90>133), 40% damage buff (84>117)
•Tesla buff: attack speed buff (1.2>1.1)
•Bandit buff: 11% attack buff (193>204)
•Barbarian buff: 5% Hp buff (670>703)
•X-bow rework: 65% damage nerf (41>15), attack speed buff (0.3>0.1), sound buff (implement the CoC sound), deploy time (3.5>3)
•Night Witch buff: added 3 death baths
•Mega Minion buff: attack speed buff (1.6>1.5)
•Battle healer rework: 15% healing per second nerf (101>85), 15% attack buff (148>170)
•Executioner buff: 15% attack buff (169>195)
•Mirror buff: mirrored troop buff (1>2)
•Rage rework: elixir cost (2>3), 70% attack buff (192>336)
•Miner rework: 10% tower damage buff (54>77), 15 Hp nerf (1210>1030)
•Skeleton Dragons buff: attack speed buff (1.9>1.8)
•Bats buff: attack speed buff (1.3>1.2)
•[In case needed due to the rage buff) Lumberjack nerf: attack speed nerf (0.8>0.9)
•Clone buff: cloned troop level buff (0>1)
•Guards buff: 10% damage buff (121>133)
•Royal delivery buff: 22% damage increase (437>530)

Archers: Hit speed slowed from 0.9s to 1.0s

Poison: Building damage (crown towers and placeable buildings) reduced -50%. This basically makes it opposite of earthquake. The reason poison is OP is that, since it damages over-time, it compensates for by dealing extra damage for its elixir cost. Problem is, the fact that it damages over-time isn’t actually a bad thing in many scenarios (for example, when defending graveyard or attacking with miner). Thus, it needs a nerf, but rather than simply giving a small nerf to damage in general, I think nerfing only building damage will enhance its uniqueness while maintaining the same troop interactions. Plus it logically makes sense for a spell called “poison” to damage troops more than structures.

Tornado: Add a deploy time delay similar to that of royal delivery. Tornado is extremely versatile which is why it’s so popular among top players. This delay will make it more difficult to successfully time many defensive and offensive maneuvers. Plus, if there is a preceding/warning noise like in royal delivery, it will give the opposing player time to react to the coming shift in the positions of their units. With this nerf, golden knight does not need to be nerfed.

Mega Minion: Faster hit speed 1.6s to 1.5s. Needs to compete with phoenix. An alternative option is to implement the phoenix rework outlined below.

Wizard: Give spawn-in damage. This makes it consistent with the other wizards.

Rascals: Increased distance between the troops upon deployment. This should make it harder for enemies who are targeting the boy to deal splash damage onto the girls.

Ice Wizard: Increase the splash radius of the hit or increase the slow duration from the spawn-in effect.

Pheonix: -15% hitpoints and damage of current original phoenix, but make the reborn phoenix stronger than the original form! Players should be rewarded for protecting the egg! +25% hitpoints and damage relative to the current original phoenix. I want to see players try to intentionally get their phoenix killed on their side of the map to take advantage of an overpowered reborn phoenix counter-push!




battle healer




consider what people are behind playing the cards.
players that like to OVEREXTEND on offense are the ones that rely on wizard for defense. the card is fine, it’s the player type that is using it, that causes it to have low winrates.