Balance Wish List - 2023-01

Goblin giant would be way too op lol

Buff Mega Knight!
It can be very easily countered by lower elixir troops like knight, mini pekka or valkarie and is completely useless on offence(if alone). It probably need some damage buff.

It is one of the hardest card to defend. The pekka users always carry a zap or other spell due to which swarms are useless against it. Infernoes are even useless because of the zap. So according to me it’s hit speed should be increased so that it can have alternate counters.

The same thing you said about Mega Knight is true for the P.E.K.K.A., both cards can be countered with low elixir troops. I wouldn’t mind if both got a small buff.

FIX RAGE (specially lumberjack)

Lumberjack is now useless. It’s nearly impossible to use his rage. it got a big nerf while it didn’t deserve it. So you reduce most of the radios and reduce a lot of seconds just to kill skeletons? What’s the point of it then. It’s a rage card not a zap or a snowball.

Fix lumberjack, it is useless because it’s hard to get the rage with this small radios. Imagine -4 second and -2 radios just to kill skeletons. That’s a very very big nerf to a card that doesn’t deserve a nerf please fix it.

The purpose of the rage is to make my troops attack or defend faster, No need to kill skeletons with it, the lumberjack is useless because it’s hard to get the use of it rage because of it small radios. Also who would defend a scarmy with a lumberjack that’s a -1 elixirtrade.

A lot of my friends who use lumberjack stoped playing the game regularly just because the rework ruined their deck. I’m a pro golem player (highest placement 2400, highest Royale tournament placement 34) that use lumberjack, the rework was a very big nerf to the deck I created by my own. All the reasons I listed above and also many more. The rage dealing damage is actually bad for pro players, tornado can now easily be turned on just by bringing in the lumberjack without even a single hit. Also, if you use mother witch with lumberjack it’s also harder to get a lot of value from the mother witch. Many custom decks got destroyed like 3 musketeers with lumberjack, a lot of golem with lumberjack and also sparky and many other. The lumberjack and rage nerf probably got the second most attention rework after the miner nerf, if you just open the instagram comment in clash royale you will see it full with it. Please supercell fix rage (specially lumberjack).

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lightning 1-1.5 tile nerf

rocket 15% tower damage nerf

wall breakers 10% damage nerf

skeleton king 5% hp nerf

golden knight dash ai rework back to how it was

royale giant 10% damage nerf

goblin giant 10% hp buff

sparky rework (make retargeting not instantaneous and also when pushed away from the tower have it not shoot at it)

mega minion 5% hp buff

tesla 5% dmg + hp buff

royal ghost 10% hp nerf

miner 5% dmg buff but dig speed as fast as goblin drills was

all barbarian cards 5% dmg buff

archer queen hp nerf so that she dies to fireball + log/barb barrel or nerf to her hit speed when she activates her ability + slight dmg nerf

goblins slightly less spread on their formation (the 2 elixir ones)

monk rework 5->4 elixir and ability 1->2 + 10% damage nerf

have electro cards stun last .2 seconds longer and if so nerf electro wizards + electro dragons hit speed by an equal amount

graveyard rework? have the skeletons spawn locations abit more fixed and not completely random

baby dragon 10% dmg buff

lavahound 5% hp nerf

ebarbs rework slight hp buff have them not die to rocket (if that even is a small buff) 20% dmg nerf

mortar 10% hp nerf

firecrackers rocket fragments more focused and less range

rascal boy 10% hp nerf

witch slightly faster skeleton spawn rate

wizard 5->4 elixir, 30% damage nerf, small hp buff but have it die to log + fireball

ram rider rework charge speed 20% more time + 5% dmg buff

night witch 10% hp buff

and thats all

Ice Mage: I would give the worst mage without a hate 4% more damage so that they at least kill spear goblins and that their fall effect has the same effect as the freezing spirit but only a 1sg.
Pekka: 5% more damage so that it kills hunters and fishermen with 1 hit and defends by positioning it well as a hog rider without receiving any hit to the tower
Goblin Giant: I would add 1 more spear goblin or increase its life since it is practically only used with sparky
Noble Giant: -5% damage and his first attack is 8% slower
Monk: Card cost from 5 to 4
Skill cost from 1 to 2
Damage reduction from 80% to 70%

I didn’t understand where the edit button is after already one edit, so some more changes:
:small_red_triangle_down: Log - Range from 10,1 to 8 but damage buffed from 240 to 260.
:small_red_triangle_down: Skeleton King - 3% HP nerf.
:repeat: Night Witch - The death bats are back! When the night witch dies, she will only spawn one bat, but its HP is twice that of normal! (His health will be 134 HP, and the princess tower does 62 damage per second. This means he will be able to attack the princess tower 2 times)
:small_red_triangle: Mega Knight - Jump speed increased by 8% (I couldn’t find her actual speed on the wiki), speed increased from 60 to 70 but health reduced from 3,300 to 3,220
:small_red_triangle: Battle Healer - 4% damage buff
P.S.: My balance changes are really quite big, so it can be split into two parts. I tried not to make someone too OP or change too little. If you have any other great suggestions, you can write below.

Monk -
Elixir: 5 > 4.
HP: -15%
Ability Invincibility: 80% > 55%
Final Punch Damage: +14%

Balloon -
Speed: Medium > Slow
Damage: +26%
Hit Speed: 2 s > 2.5 s

Goblin Drill -
Crown Tower Damage: +10%

Ice Wizard -
Damage: +4%

Mega Minion -
Damage: +5%

Goblin Giant:
Hitpoint: +6%

Phoenix -
Hitspeed: 0.9 s > 1.2 s

Royal Giant -
Hitspeed: 1.7s to 1.9s

Golden Knight -
Dash Distance: 6 tiles to 5.5 tiles

Archer Queen -
HP: -3% (Dead to Fireball + Log)

Lava Hound:
HP: -4%

I agree with the all the changes but the mega knight because the jump speed is already fast enough and it is fairly balanced right now in the meta.

Please buff the goblin cage. It is one of the worst buildings. Please make it counter hog rider without any damage. Also nerf the archer queen’s health or ability. Nerf the graveyard by removing 1 skeleton or making it to comes on a waves like first wave is with 3 skeletons second is with 5 and so on.

buff ram rider: ram rider’s snare is very weak…it hardly stops hog rider and balloon…there’s also a very low use rate of ram rider…those who were using ram rider before also stopped using it. If that’s not possible then add one more function of slow down enemy attacks to ram rider or else other option reduce elixir to 4

All barbarians 5% hp
Goblin drill 10% crown tower spawn damage
Goblin cage 5% hp (worst building card in game)
Spear goblins +1 goblin just like you did with the goblins
Goblin giant +1 spear goblin appears when it dies (only 2 now) hp 3% this now can compete with Egiant
Minions/ mega minion 5% hp
Goblin hut 6% hp ( the last re work was good but they still needed to add more hp for it to be a viable building again)
Rascals girls- 7% hp buff
Bats- from 5-6 hp stays the same
Witch- 4% hp
Wizard- 5-4 elixir -10% damage +5% hp
Night witch- added 1 bat death spawn
Phoenix egg doesn’t die to log and barb barrel
Lumberjack- revert the last re work since it was bad
Rage- make radius.05% larger
Battle healer- heal affect -20% hp +3% damage per second -10%
Royal delivery- add the knock-back effect back to game
Ram rider- snare effect +10% easier to counter hog rider and balloon what it was used for and then in return -3% hp
Mega knight ( everyone’s favorite mid ladder menace card):smiling_imp::smiling_imp: I say just delete it and then move on from it so we don’t keep having this discussion about buff or nerf lol
Monk- skill ability from one - two, then card elixir back to 4
GY -1 skeleton again
RG- movement from slow; very slow, hp -6%
Skelton king -5% hp still very tanky
AQ -5% hp and movement from med to slow
Rocket crown tower damage from 591-430
Wall breakers -10% crown tower damage
Tombstone- slower spawn rate again
Mortar - 7% hp
Cannon -9%hp

I’ve got a new card idea for Clash Royale

  1. Can be placed anywhere
  2. Will do SPLASH DAMAGE; more than Sparky to troops, more than Hog Rider to towers
  3. Can be an UNSTOPPABLE (except Monk) WIN CONDITION, or a good defence card
  4. 6 elixir
    What do you think guys, is it balanced?

You’re probably right, but everyone says that Mega Knight is weak because he can be countered with skeletons​:skull: and for example with ice spirit. But then what does he need to buff :thinking:

I feel like a lot of these suggestions neglect certain trophy ranges - e.g. mega knight is not great higher up but he’s a monster mid ladder. My suggestion is to remove the delay for champion abilities but nerf the abilities themselves in elixir/ damage etc. This would be a nerf to the pros who have mastered the timings and are good at predicting opponent moves, which would be good as champions have been crazy good at top ladder for too long, there’s always at least one broken champion. At lower trophies this would make champions a little easier to use tho and not shut out the level 12s who are just unlocking them but haven’t had ages to figure out the abilities. I’ve seen too many people waste golden knight dash on a single melee troop or place archer queen then immediately use the ability when she doesn’t even have an enemy in range. I think this change could make champions friendlier to players just unlocking them but less annoying at the top.


Archer Queen

-Hit speed interval reduced from 1.2 seconds to 1 second
-Initial attack time increased from 0.1 seconds to 0.5 seconds
-Ability re-work. Now causes the Archer Queen to deal triple damage rather than buff her hit speed by 180%, speed while under ability increased from slow to medium


The Archer Queen statwise is underwhelming, but what makes her any powerful is pouring most of her value into her ability which results in a fundamentally flawed card. My aim here would be to re-distribute the Archer Queen’s power by making her more independent of Cloaking Cape, and to make said ability more specialized as a tank buster versus the super generalist role it currently has.

Battle Healer

-Removed self-heal and passive self-regeneration
-Damage increased by 38% (148 → 204)
-Heal radius reduced from 4 tiles to 2.5 tiles
-Heal pulses per attack reduced from 4 to 3
-Heal per pulse increased by 20% (25.25 → 30. Total heal reduced from 101 to 90 per hit)


This would be to give the Battle Healer a brand new coat of paint and to mitigate the annoying aspects of the card. Personally, the Battle Healer felt too much like a very weak Legendary card with how many things she could do at once, but ineffectively outside Elixir Golem decks as she was very tanky and only utilized with the Electro Dragon for his unparalleled CC. So, this would make the Battle Healer a more combat-focused melee troop with a support aspect instead of leaning way too much into sustain.

Fire Spirit

-Hit-points reduced by 4% (230 → 220)
-Damage increased by 10% (207 → 227)
-Area damage radius reduced from 2.3 tiles to 1.5 tiles
-Elixir cost increased from 1 to 3
-Count increased from 1 to 4


I dislike the Fire Spirit card being 1 elixir because balancing the card becomes too delicate. Which was the case when it was re-worked into being a 1 elixir card; said result broke the meta and made Log Bait worthless until the Fire Spirit as a unit got nerfed. Later nerfs would come down the line that put both the Fire Spirit and Furnace in awkward states. This re-work would be aimed to carve out more of making the Fire Spirit card unique instead of being shoddily put into a dilemma where you need to sacrifice your one or two cycle card slots for a unit with nothing really special to the table. Now that there’s four Fire Spirits for 3 Elixir, it re-brands them as a massive burst damage card and a stellar Royal Hogs counter on defense. Without the worry of dying to Zap and the Giant Snowball. Their hit-points like all Spirits now are being reduced to create a new interaction threshold where the Archers and Musketeer can reliably one-shot them.

Ice Spirit

-Hit-points reduced by 4% (230 → 220)
-Freeze duration increased from 1.3 seconds to 1.5 seconds
-Area damage radius reduced from 1.5 tiles to 1.2 tiles


In comparison to the Electro Spirit, I wanted to give the Ice Spirit more of a treatment as a hard shutdown while making it much easier for multiple expensive troops to avoid getting hit by him.


-Hit-points increased by 28.9% (838 → 1,080)
-Damage reduced by 22% (134 → 104)
-Hit speed interval reduced from 1.1 seconds to 0.8 seconds
-Skeletons spawned per wave reduced from 4 to 3 and now spawn in a triangular formation
-Overall DPS is increased from around 122 to 130


The Witch and Wizard have been in dire need for revamps for years. A part of why the Clash Royale team can never properly balance the Witch is they make her overly reliant on her Skeletons. I’d make the Witch more independent of her summons by exchanging combined damage for surviving the most popular spell combo in the game again. That being Fireball + Log. Overall, this would make the Witch a versatile troop for her cost and help to elevate the Witch into a healthier trophy and rank range. As her use rates and win rates outside mid-ladder have both forever been God awful.


-Hit-points increased by 40% (720 → 1008)
-Damage reduced by 14% (281 → 241)
-Area damage radius reduced from 1.5 tiles to 1.2 tiles
-Overall DPS is reduced from 200 to roughly 172


For the reasons mentioned above with the Witch. The Wizard’s case as to why the Clash Royale team has been reluctant to even touch him is the backlash they’d inevitably receive from mid-ladder players. Why the Wizard sucks in the first place is he pours all value into sheer damage and nothing else. Worsened by being 5 elixir, it’s clear he is a severely outdated card, but I don’t want to make him 4 elixir as that’ll only add the the issue of the bloated 4 elixir support roster, and spawn damage which many people praise like it’ll make him a phenomenal card makes zero sense for his design. While this seems like it’d make him overlap with the Executioner, the goal of this re-work would be to make the Wizard a higher-damage, riskier alternative to the Baby Dragon, while retaining as much of what made the Wizard fun to use in the first place.



-Range increased from 5 tiles to 5.5 tiles
-Damage increased by 5% (107 → 112)
-Now spawn 0.6 tiles further apart from each-other


Archers have always lagged behind all the other ranged troops and needed something special. This would now let them kill Spirits in two hits instead of three and also kill said Spirits before they can even jump them.


-Hit speed interval reduced from 0.9 seconds to 0.7 seconds


The Monk should’ve gotten compensation for being nerfed to 5 elixir. I dislike the idea of him having a 4-2 split because it ends up making him overpowered again on offense just because he’d get a ridiculous health to elixir cost ratio again. I’m buffing his hit speed drastically so he can pull off his combo more reliably against fast troops and to help mitigate damage he would otherwise take himself without his ability. For he is a “Defense First” Champion foremost.


-Damage increased by 3% (218 → 224)


To enable the Musketeer to kill Spirits in one shot with a new and precise interaction threshold.



-Range reduced from 5.5 tiles to 5 tiles


Too versatile and powerful against too broad a variety of offensive options. For being so cheap to play and getting massive value in return, the Cannon needs a better weakness that can be played around.

Electro Giant

-Reflect damage radius reduced from 3 tiles to 1.5 tiles
-Removed reflect crown tower damage penalty


It’s nearly impossible to stop the Electro Giant mirror deck that’s run rampant at top ladder for over a year and this would make fighting against him with more defensive options less challenging.

Electro Spirit

-Hit-points reduced by 4% (230 → 220)

Heal Spirit

-Hit-points reduced by 4% (231 → 221)


Same reasons as the other Spirits. Additionally it fixes interaction errors between the Heal Spirit and Tesla at certain levels.


-Death Damage no longer hits flying units


More viable counterplay even after the main Golem is destroyed by flying units should be warranted. As its death damage for killing something like the Minion Horde gave the Golem a lot of value just for dying.


-Range reduced from Melee: Long to Melee: Short


The Phoenix has still proven to be a super dominant force at all levels of play and this would force smarter decision making on where it should be placed when needed to defend. In addition to giving it actual weaknesses and counters.

Royal Giant

-Range reduced from 5 tiles to 4.5 tiles
-Initial attack time increased from 0.7 seconds to 0.8 seconds


The Royal Giant’s crept up as an overpowered win condition as of late. More of the win conditions should be more easily dealt with by ground tank killers instead of relying on buildings all the time.


-Initial attack time increased from 0.5 seconds to 0.7 seconds


This affects the Graveyard, Skeleton Army, Skeleton Barrel, The Skeleton King’s ability, Tombstone, Skeletons spawned by the Witch and the 1 elixir Skeletons. Skeletons as a collective simply deal too much burst damage for how cost-effective or versatile almost all cards involving them are.

Skeleton Barrel

-Death Damage no longer hits flying units


Following along with the Skeleton unit nerf proposal above, the Skeleton Barrel is oppressive to stop by its lonesome and need more counterplay from flying units.

This was my lengthy reasoning behind a lot of these balance proposals. I won’t be mad if any of you disagree.

Barbarian Barrel Buff :arrow_up:
Damage +3% (241 → 248) Can kill + 2 level goblins
But still needs +1 to kill Princess, Dart Goblin and Rascals
Range +11% (4.5 → 5)

Why? Because Log is used by almost 50% of Clash Royale I want Barb Barrel to see some spotlight allowing it to kill +2 level goblins is huge for underleveled players but with goblin Barrel you might need to deploy it around 0.1 sec faster because of my buff to goblins

And also Goblins Buff :arrow_up:
First Attack +25% (0.4 sec → 0.3)

Why? Because Goblin Barrel has been suffering recently with the 100% nerf in first attack so reducing it half way to 0.3 sec should help with faster Attacks on towers as a win condition

Witch Rework :repeat:
Damage +5% (134 → 141) Hit Speed +9% (1.1 → 1) HP + 10% (838 → 922) and Spawn Speed +11% (7 sec → 6 sec) But it’s first attack will be decreased by 29% from (0.7 sec → 0.9 sec)

Why? Because Witch has been one of the Worst Cards for a very long time so giving it the buffs but decreasing it’s first attack should help it become a balanced card

Wizard Rework: :repeat:
Elixir Cost (5 → 4) +20%
Hit Speed +7% (1.4 sec → 1.3 sec)
Damage -25% (281 → 211)
Hitpoints +15.7% (720 → 837) Same as Mega Minion
Splash Radius -25% (2.5 ->1.8)

Why? Because just like Witch Wizard has been one of the Worst Cards for a long a time so this rework to 4 elixir should help it compare with Musketeer with less damage splash damage but more hitpoints overall

Goblin Barrel Buff::arrow_up:
Impact Damage (0 → 81)
Crown Tower Impact Damage (25% of full damage 0 → 20)

Why? Eversince the rework to 3 elixir and remove impact damage hurt it so with this buff along with the first attack it will be consistent for doing damage to towers

The Log Buff::arrow_up:
Crown Tower Damage (20% → 25% of full damage 58 - >72)
Range +9% (10.1 to 11 tiles)

Why? The Crown Tower Damage Nerf in June was a bit harsh it deals the same as a Zap so restoring it half way should make it balanced by doing more damage then zap and more crown tower damage and restoring it’s ‘Legendary Ability’ By killing a Goblin Barrel and Princess at the bridge with a 11 tile range

Zap Buff: :arrow_up:
Damage +4.5% (192 → 200)
Crown Tower Damage +4.5% (58 → 60)

Why? Eversince it’s nerf to not kill goblins in 2017 made it one of the worst small spells in the game by increasing its damage to 200 a +3 zap can now kill Princess instead of +4 zap and will now to a bit more damage to towers

Giant Snowball Buff::arrow_up:
Damage +4.5% (192 → 200)
Crown Tower Damage +4.5% (58 → 60)

Why? To be consistent with Zap, Giant Snowball will receive a small damage buff

Ice Wizard Rework: :repeat:
Attack Speed +6.5% (1.7 sec → 1.55 sec)
Damage (Doesn’t Affect Spawn Damage) -6.5% (90 → 84)
Hitpoints +4.5% (688 → 718)

Why? Because Ice Wizard one of the worst card with competitive play dying to fireball and doing less than 100 damage is just very bad so increasing its health means it doesn’t die to fireball increase its hits speed to 1.55 sec will allow more DPS but as a trade off were decreasing the damage to 84 or by 6.5% to be consistent with Spawn Damage

Goblin Cage Buff::arrow_up:
HP +15% (742 - 853)

Why? Because Goblin Cage is one of the weakest buildings along with tombstone giving it a Health Boost will allow it tank one more hit from most tanks.

Tombstone Rework🔁
HP +31.5% (530 → 690)
Elixir -33% (3 → 4)
Spawn Speed (4 sec → 3.5)

Why? Same with Goblin Cage it is one of the weakest buildings in the game with this 31.5% HP boost will make it survive a fireball which is huge for a trade-off it’s elixir is increasing by 33% to 4 elixir and another is its spawn speed increasing by 12.5% to 3.5 sec increasing its HP to 690 will allow it to tank one more hit from the Hog Rider and most building targeters

Spear Goblins Rework::repeat:
HP +52.5% (133 → 202)
Damage +10% (81 → 89)
Hit Speed +5.5% (1.7 sec → 1.6 sec)
Elixir -50% (2 → 3)
Count +33% (3 → 4)

Why? Spear Goblins are one of the weakest troops in the game for 2 elixir you get 3 spear Goblins rather than 5 bats so adding this buff will make spear goblins sort of balanced with bats and skeletons with the damage and hit speed buff that’s a solid 15.5% buff (47 → 56)

Monk Rework: :repeat:
Damage -5% (140 → 133)
Combo Damage -5% (420 → 399)
Health -7% (2000 → 1860)
Elixir +20% (5 → 4)
Damage Reduction -20% (80 → 60)
Ability +12.5% (4 sec → 4.5 )

Why? The Monk was Completely dead after the recent balance change to 5 elixir retuning it 4 elixir while decreasing some of its stats should help

Bandit Nerf::arrow_down:
Dash Range -4% (6 → 5.75)

Why? Because It’s very annoying when a bandit connects and deals that 300 damage so to make it less annoying and so it doesn’t dash at a tower of unit decreasing it’s dash range should allow for more counter attacks and it being less annoying

X-Bow Buff::arrow_up:
Range +4% (11.5 → 12)
First Attack 0.1 sec faster
Deploy Time +14% (3.5 sec → 3 sec)

Why? X-Bow along with Tesla and a few other buildings have been the worst buildings for a long time giving it this buff should entice more players to play X-Bow

Mortar Rework::repeat:
HP +5.5% (1369 → 1444)
Blind Range -14% (3.5 → 3)
Damage +10% (266 → 292)
Range +4% (11.5 → 12)
Hit Speed (5 → 4.5)
Elixir -25% (4 → 5)
Deploy Time +7% (3.5 → 3.25)

Why? Mortar is one of the top buildings in Clash Royale so increasing its elixir cost but giving an amount buffs and nerfs should make it balanced
Note: Some of the buffs are to be consistent with X-Bow

:arrow_up: Pekka:
• damage: +3%
:arrow_up: Skeleton dragons:
• splash radius: +40%
:arrow_up: Goblin giant:
• hp: +5%

:arrow_down: Phoenix:
• hit speed: +0.1 sec
:arrow_down: Royal giant:
• hp: -5%
:arrow_down: Lavahound:
• hp: -3%

:arrows_counterclockwise: Wizard:
• elixir: 5 > 4
• hit speed: +0.1 sec
• damage: -22.5%
• first hit speed: +0.2 sec
:arrows_counterclockwise: Monk:
• elixir: 5 > 4
• ability cost: 1 > 2

Balance minion in description he is mele unit but he get reflect damage on ability monk

Tv royale for path of legend, it more comptitif than thopy road