Balance Wish List - 2023-01

Got ideas and for balance changes? Write them here!

Balance changes are coming up and we’d love to hear what you think about the state of the meta. Good suggestions will be compiled into our recommendations to Supercell.


Buff mega knight. It is currently one of the worst cards at high levels. I think a damage or hp buff would be best.

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Buff Goblin Giant. It’s one of the worst wincons in the game. Maybe a HP buff or adding another spear goblin to it would be good


Something like TIME4ACOOKIE balance changed concept with some other changes. (Just my opinion)

Monk - 4 elixir, ability 2 elixir.
Freeze - 4 elixir, freeze duration 2.5s, slow duration 3s, deploy time same as rage.

Goblin Giant - 5% hp buff
Mega Minion - 2% hp buff + 5% damage buff
Witch - 5% damage buff
Skeleton Barrel - 3% drop damage buff

Wizard - 2% damage buff (slightly smaller radius?)

Royal Giant - First hit delay from 0.7 to 0.8
Skeleton King - 3% hp nerf


Change elixir count from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 to 0.5,1,1.5,2,2.5,3,3.5,4,4.5,5,5.5,6,6.5,7,7.5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10.
After that, buff golem elixir from 8 to 7.5


The top is dominated by queen rocket control decks.
I would really like to see a queen nerf. It has been broken since its release. Rocket needs a little crowntower dmg nerf.
I also like to see log getting a nerf. Its the best small spell since literally ever.

For buffs I’d like to get monk back at it. Just make sure it wont be broken again.
Goblingiant has been terrible for so long now. Should get buff.
I’d like to see rage getting that buff that was needed last balances.
Maybe megaknight small buff? Does not that good on top

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Phoenix is one of the best cards in the game. Buffing it would be weird


  • wizard … either make it 4 elixir(reduce stats so doesn’t outshine musketeer) or give small fire spawn damage (not too overpowered)…:fire:

  • Night witch …she is not even a legendary…she has no quality of legendary…she should get her death spawn bats again. (Maybe just 1 bat which takes 2 shots from tower(double hp of normal bat))

  • Battle Healer…rather than heal on every attack …make her to heal her surrounding every 3 or 4 seconds…(when she hits a target she heals herself but not anyone else …but every other troop gets healed every specific second (excluding her).(in the radius as electro giant)…so she could be a good support as well as attacker…we don’t have to wait for her to attack for the heal :+1:

  • monk …monk isn’t overpowered but his ability is …so i and the full community wants the monk to be 4+2…rather than 5+1…please supercell and royals api🙏


Buff Giant Goblin Health +5%
Nerf Royal Giant Damage -3%
Rework:Monk Elixir Cost 5–>4
Pensive Protection Cost 1–>2
Combo Damage:420–>380


Wizard rework:elixir cost 5 to 4,damage nerf %6
Goblin giant buff:%9 hp buff or extra spear goblin
Monk rework:5 to 4 elixir,ability cost 1 to 2,ability protection %80 to %60
Archer queen nerf:ability hit speed nerf or damage nerf
Witch buff:%5 hp
Goblin drill buff:goblins spawn faster from the drill, or drill goes faster to enemies tower


golden knight and egiant are being used everywhere in top ladder, at least nerf golden knight. Also, RG dominates and does an insane amount of damage. (maybe a damage nerf for him?) i don’t even want to play in that monk meta again so i am not going to ask for a monk buff. (monk meta was the worst time to play clash royale imo) Finally, mortar miner and splash yard are very viable decks, so if you want to change the meta up a bit, give them a small nerf.


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Give royal delivery the knockback effect

Make graveyard skeletons spawn slower so theres more time to react to a graveyard freeze/ poison

Make goblin giant 5 elixer, more health but walk slightly slower

Delete wizard

Nerf pheonix hit speed

Nerf rocket crown tower damage

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:small_red_triangle: Wizard - 5% hp buff
:small_red_triangle: Barbarian Hut - Barbarians amount on Death from 1 to 2 and Spawn Speed from 15s to 12s
:small_red_triangle: Goblin Giant - 5% hp buff
:small_red_triangle: Rage - radius from 3 to 3.5
:repeat: Monk - Elixir cost from 5 to 4, Skill cost from 1 to 2 (Literally the whole community is asking for this rework, because the Monk himself is not as strong as his Skill.).
Damage reduction from 80% to 70%.
:repeat: Battle Healer - Now she only heal herself when attacking and heal everyone every 3-4 seconds in radius like Egiant .
:small_red_triangle_down: Archer Queen - Damage or Speed nerf.
:small_red_triangle_down: Phoenix - Hitspeed from 0.9s to 1s


Wizard Rework:
Elixir Cost: 5 → 4
Area Damage: -22.5 % (281 → 218)*
Range: 5.5 tiles → 5.0 tiles
Hit Speed: 1.4 sec → 1.5 sec
First Attack Speed: 0.4 sec → 0.5 sec
*Level 11 stat (tournament standard)

With this rework, the wizard becomes a rival to the musketeer. Having the same health and the same damage per hit as the musketeer. But while the wizard offers splash damage, the musketeer offers a greater range and a faster hit speed. If compared to the baby dragon, both deal area damage and have the same hit speed. But the wizard deals more damage, a longer range, and a larger damage radius; while the baby dragon has more health, faster movement speed, and is a flying troop.

-a few of the new interaction changes include an extra hit to destroy minions, the princess, barbarians, and break shields.
-Musketeer: DPS-218 at 6 tile range vs reworked Wizard: DPS-145 at 5 tile range


P.E.K.K.A. Buff:
Damage: +2.7% (816 → 838)*
*tournament standard stat (level 11)

This buff will allow the P.E.K.K.A. to one-shot the witch and the hunter of equal level, just like how the mini P.E.K.K.A. can one-shot the wizard and the musketeer of equal level. Will also help her be a bit better against Royal Giant and Electro Giant, which have some of the highest usage rates for win conditions in the current meta.


Queen: ability duration from 3.0 s to 2.8 s
Phoenix : hit speed reduced from 0.9 s to 1s
Damage reduced by 4% (will still one shot goblins)
Death damage decreased by 40% (will only kill skeletons)
Egg hp increased by 25% (it will no longer die to log and barbarian barrel)
Goblin giant +3% hp
The queen, the Phoenix and the log are a bit too good, the queen nerf is pretty simple, the Phoenix rework will make her weaker (and she will hopefully no longer overshadow the mega minion) but it will also indirectly nerf the log and indirectly buff spear goblins (a card that has fallen off recently) by not killing them with death damage
The goblin giant is the worst win con so it deserves a small buff


Royale Giant: first atack More slower
Rocket: tower damage 591>430
Ice spirit: remove The last buff
Log: make his run through the arena slower, that made him weak when he came out
Goblins: remove the buff that made them stand apart

Wizard (a rework prototype, I still can’t think of anything concrete):
Damage :point_down:: 373 > 281
Extra damage :arrows_counterclockwise: : -8% of the enemy’s life with each hit
Health :point_up:: 955>1200
Attack speed👇: 1.4>1.6
range radius: -0.5 stairs
Monk: elixir 5>4 Ability elixir 1>2
Fire spirit: Remove the Last nerf, but reduce their damage to crown towers
Graveyard needs a rework or nerf
Golden Knight needs a rework or buff

Battle ram: +5% hp
healing spirit: 0.5 stairs radius effect
Goblin giant: +1 spear goblin or More Hp
Drill: With the nerf to the goblins towards their first attack the win condition of goblins were weakened, but the dril especially, making it go through the arena a little faster would not hurt it
Night witch: More damage or increased attack speed

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Is this official or sum?

  • Buff to Rascals either by elixir cost or rascal girl health because the card is useless, too many cards counter it easily.
  • Will never happen but Ice Golem attacking other units would be cool, would definitely make users use valk/knight less
  • Bring old heal spirit back or buff battle healer in some way