Account unlink from Esports Profile

Could i get this account unlinked, from the RoyaleApi esports profile #LRGC8URPP? proof of ownership if needed

No, only the owner of an esports profile can request accounts to be hidden.

well, its my account, but thats not my esports profile, so i dont want people to see it there

i dont want it hidden, but unlinked

Do you have an esports profile?

at the moment of speaking, no, if one can be created, and my account moved to it, i would like that

let me know what info u would need, and i can give it to you

so? nothing new?

No, only the owner of an esports profile can request accounts to be hidden. Thereโ€™s nothing else you can do based on the information you provided.

Hi again, im telling you, that is my account, but its on the wrong esports profile

and as previously said, i dont want it HIDDEN but UNLINKED, its my account, i can prove ownership, but thats not my esports profile, and is not related in any way to me

Sorry, we canโ€™t help you. What you are requesting isnโ€™t possible.

#LRGC8URPP is not on my esports profile, i have an esports profile #2LVQJ8CV on this account, i dont have access to the mail that has ownership to it, i just recovered the account some time ago via supercell support, but not the mail, any info or proof if needed

note: id like #LRGC8URPP account to be linked to that esports profile

i dont wanna annoy you guys, but tell me if there is any particular info i could add

I think weโ€™ve already answered your questions. Asking the same thing several times wonโ€™t change the outcome, we canโ€™t help you with this issue.

so like what am i supposed to do? my main account is linked to someone else api profile? and their twitter is suspended and i cant talk to them so they confirm they dont own that certain account

:no_mouth: im still looking out for an answer?, i have an esports profile, now could u please move my account to it?, #LRGC8URPP this one to #2LVQJ8CV this one? as i said, its MY account, but not on my esports profile, it cannot stay like this

ownership can be proved anytime, of both accounts

This account has the same issue. We canโ€™t create a profile for you with it.