Zap Evolution - March 2024 (Season 57)

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Evolution Spells shouldn’t exist. Troops and buildings are fine as there is a good variety of them both cheap and heavy, but with Spells you have to at least carry a strong and a small spell to have a chance of winning. Making them evolved will make the base forms useless and make the game even more P2W if you don’t have your spells evolved

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It is like the evo ice spirit but far, far better


Its only not good for the meta at the moment, I’m sure they will release more evolution spells so that eventually every deck will have access to a good spell. And remember, the limiting factor is still that there are only 2 evolution slots. If you play evolved zap you are giving up on evolved skellies or evo bats or any of the other crazy evos.

This will bring about a resurgence of Classic Lavaloon decks :open_mouth:
Good luck, cycle players!

Like ice spirit evo, zap evo is interesting , but 2 cycles…

I also strongly oppose against evolution spells. They change too much interactions, and lets players kill defense troops that are not supposed to be killed. Also, evolutions are kind of meaningless if evolution spells can kill them easily. Please no more evolved spells other than snowball.

For evolved zap, the damage is too high considering that the stun is also x3. It can kill too many ranged defense troops or nearly kill medium HP melee troops (ex: barbs). With x3 stun, the defense troops will do nothing.

I suggest these changes:
First zap: same as normal
Second zap: 174 damage to troops, 53 tower damage (in total, same as arrows). Rest the same.
- Unreasonable that it kills evolved archers.
Third zap: 0.5s stun only
- How can zap kill fireball-killed troops (or log + earthquake)?
Fourth zap: 0.5s stun only
- I feel like no one is going to use evolved zap with 1.5s stun and lower damage.

In conclusion, I suggest evolved zap to be useful as arrows, but while being a mini freeze. Another important stat would be the delay between the zaps; I suggest 0.8s (0.3s after stuns) so that there is somewhat consistent stun with good timings. Spells are hard to give evolutions as it is impossible to counter them. Total: 366 damage, 111 tower damage, 2.0s freeze.

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I totally agree with everything said in the comment.

evolved zap killing 4 elixer units and evolutions is too much. Maybe reduce damage to be like arrows.

The fourth zap is not needeed. The stuns are already enough.

Yeah, that’s why Evo Zap is 2 Elixir, while Evo Ice Spirit is only 1.

great more paywalled, super strong cards…

why does this feel like lightning

yeah that sounds more balanced