Your Website for Other Games!?

Hi RoyaleAPI Team!!
So, First Let me say, I Don’t actually Know Where to Place it, In General or In Feature Request😅, So Pardon Me For It.

So, There I Would Like to Start, I Have a Idea For Your Website. RoyaleAPI is The Best Analysis Website for Clash Royale, And Asper I Know, You Use The Official Clash Royale API for doing Analysis, Like all Do It, Though, Your Team Does it Best, So, I Know You Would already Be Knowing, Though, I wanted to Ask You Why Don’t You Make Analysing Website for Other Games Of Supercell!?, It Would Be Awesome. Like The Clash Royale Official API(
The Brawl Stars API (Brawl Stars API) Is Also Alike, and All Supercell Official API are alike. Of course, It’s Your Choice and Wish, But I Would, and All People who play Other games, Would Love To see A analyst Website From you!

Thanks For Reading,
Regards, Dragonemperor.j


  1. Our team is small and we won’t be able to manage multiple games’ updates if we work on more games.
  2. Our server costs are quite high. If we invest into another game and build from scratch again, the cost is prohibitive. As long as we must depend on ads as our only source of revenue, this is not really possible.
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