Your next Royal Wild Chest in Clash Royale

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It’s 9500 gold at legendary arena, not 9485.

9485 is the base value that is setup in the constants. As it’s unclear where the other 15 Gold is configured, we left them at 9485 just in case that other 15 Gold is a variable that can be changed.

SO if i get royal wild chest 2 times then wont I get it third??

It’s in your chest cycle. So the chance of you getting it is no different than you getting a silver chest.

what program did you use to create the whats inside the royal wild chest picture?

  • Custom Python program for parsing the data from game files
  • InDesign for layout
  • Photoshop for background image

thanks so much

If I get pass Royale and it auto unlocks will I still get champion when I reach 14 and open it?

No, because you have already unlocked the chest — chests that are unlocked are gone forever.