Write a blog post on Clan Wars 2 match up?


There are quite some discussions ongoing on some discord server I’m visiting about Clan Wars 2.

One subject is about the (potential) imbalance in match up. People frequently report that they are facing players with huge difference in level (king tower level, card level), +2 or even +3. This problem seems even more acute in lower levels (like (tower) level 8 players facing level 11 players).

I wonder how frequent is this problem (actually I do know because I have one account at exactly that level). It would be interesting to collect some statistics about this in the various leagues. Since you have all these data at hand, maybe you could run such analysis and publish the results as a blog post.

For instance, for every league, it would be interesting to know the distribution of the player / card level, and the distribution of the match up difference. One discussion is that the match up in cw2 is done on ELO system, and not on the player level (which allows pro clan to gamify the match up by losing on purpose). It would be interesting to evidence such deviation if they exist.

Thanks :wink:

We don’t have an exhaustive list of data that can do this such thing. What you asked for is not impossible but given that clan wars likely will be redone soonish, I wonder how much value such extensive data analysis will do. Maybe worth looking into when Clan Wars 3 is out.

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