Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale May 2024 (Season 59)

This is definitely a very comprehensive balance change (very Evo focused)
Here are my comments;

Dagger Dutchess: Merited nerf, however I would prefer a damage nerf so it could be more on par with princess. A health nerf doesn’t solve the issue of how fast it can reload or the fact that it can literally solo a miner.

Cannoneer: Overkill. It’s been overshadowed by DD and I rarely see it anymore. If anything it needs a buff.


Rg: This card in its regular form is getting a buff but its HP in its evolved state is being nerfed. Overall it’s losing 200HP when evolved, which is pretty unfair since it hasn’t been meta in months.

Knight: Interesting. I can tell SC has bern wanting this card to revolve solely around its ability. Hopefully this will help tone down its offensive capabilities.

Archers: My fav evos. Definitely an interesting rework
I’m excited to see its applications. (Will probably be best in fast paced decks cause it now dies to arrows)

FC: Mixed feelings. Paired with the archers will make arrows far too prominent making both reworks useless. Maybe wait to implement this?

Royal Recruits: these aren’t as oppressive anymore and they’re still losing HP. Pls leave them alone.


Mortar: Why? Balanced, fun to play; and is only annoying to play against when the opponent spams it (like every other card)

Bats; too much. Remember when they were first released?

Skeletons: I’m not sure how I feel about this. I like the skellies. Guess we’ll see how it works.

Bomber: Did anyone else hear “hallelujah” when they read the nerf?

Other nerfs:

Drill. Fair enough. Pairs way too well with bomber and it’s almost impossible to stop the first goblin.

Elixir collector: this is a rework. But feels more like a nerf. It makes it much easier to get positive trades off of it and it’s harder for the opponent to apply pressure.

Other evos: these nerfs are fair. Except maybe Valk it’s pretty underpowered.

  1. Little Prince needs a rework instead of a nerf. Maybe he should die to fireball, but buff one of his other stats.

  2. I see that yall are focusing on a lot of evolution cards, but what about evolution ice spirit? Evolution ice spirit should be one cycle. If bomber was 1 cycle, then why can’t ice spirit be one cycle?

  3. In my opinion, reworking some of the evolutions is unnecessary. Nerfing the overpowerd ones like zap, bomber, and knight is completely fine.

  4. There are other cards that need buffs or reworks, other than evolutions. I believe evolutions are putting regular cards under the radar that actually need buffs or reworks.

  5. Evo Knight getting a damage reduction buff is insane. He already is hard enough to stop while moving. Nerfing his damage reduction to 50% is more reasonable. Then buffing his damage or hp boost is the rework I would do.

  6. That is my opinion on these balance changes. I hope to see the list updated just a bit.


Dagger Duchess nerf is not enough. They should nerf the max amount of dagges she can recharge so she doesn’t fully counter some cards.

I think Royale Recruits buff is unnecesary. I think the normal recruits are not being used because they prefer using the evolved ones, but it’s just my opinion.

I don’t think Evo Valkyrie needs a nerf, I think she was OK (just to be clear: I’m not a valkyrie fan, even i prefer using the knight instead of the valkyrie)

Buff i propose

(Buff) - Mighty Miner

If they nerf evo firecracker, evo bomber and goblin drill without buffing this card it will die. Nowadays Mighty Miner is being used on goblin drill and Hog EQ decks, they should give him his HP back (2250 → 2400). Also, he has a 3% of usage in Grand Challenges the last 7 days, so he should have a buff.

(Rework) - Golden Knight

Buff his HP (1800 → 2000) but increasing ability cooldown (8s → 11s)

(Buff) - Clone

The clone should clone cards one level above the original level of the clone. For example, a level 11 clone should clone up to level 12.

(Buff) - Rascals

The rascal boy shpuld get a damage buff (133 → 145).

  1. Dagger Duchess nerf is not enough. 100%
  2. Why no spawners buff? Barb but, furnace and goblin hut have been useless for years. Since canonneer and DD came out they are even more bad. The HP of those cards should be more, because they’re so weak to spells like Eartquake and Poison. Or just lower the elixer. What even is the point of having these cards in the game if they will never get buffed? It’s clear those 3 cards are the worst in the game for a really long time.
  3. Ah yeah let’s give Knight the damage reduction stats back. That thing was broken asf. It really is too much. It’s more like a buff. I thought the evo’s would get nerfed. I understand that most of the HP of Evo cards will get nerfed to make the ability shine more. But 17% is far too much.

I think every EVO should be at the same HP standard as normal cards, but with more damage

duchess life hp reduction is not what she needs, life is higher because higher life units can defeat her. She needs less shots ready in her pocket and a (very little) faster reload (like 1.1 sec, not 1.2 secs, everyday more than princess)

Otherwise I really like this update

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HP nerfs for some evolved cards are unfair compared to other evolved cards, especially those with the same health as the unevolved card after being nerfed. Mortar, RG and Recruits should keep their stats or unevolved HP’s should be getting buffed more than %3. For example, while evo tesla has HP multiplier how are you supposed to overcome with RG which doesn’t have HP multiplier? It is still one of the best balance changes in the history of CR. Idea of “evos shouldn’t be broken, just need a couple of new mechanics” is awesome.

Evo bomber needs a nerf. Douchess needs a crazy nerf, the gaint needs a nerf but isnt on the list. The night witch is too op and needs a massive nerf. Royal recruits, royal gaint, evo fire cracker they dont need a nerf at all.

The dagger dutchess hp nerf was not enough, and i have no idea why you guys would consider even nerfing cannoneer when the dagger dutchess usage rate is around 90%. In my opinion to balance them the cannoneer should’ve gotten an hp buff so its closer to the princess towers health, but not the same. Or dagger dutches should’ve gotten an hp nerf along with a small dps nerf. Also from what ive seen players like myself and a lot of the community would like a poison and Little prince nerf. Otherwise everything else seems great!

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Evo bomber is getting nerfed to 2 cycles

The tesla death shock should be removed because every other evo is getting a massive nerf even tho some of them are already one of the worst evos so when they are getting big nerfs a top 5 evo like the tesla shouldnt get a rework that makes it even better.

The knight rework is also a buff since what made it good in the first place is the damage reduction while moving so i think it should also be turned into a clear nerf

The canoneer nerf is unnecesery or little too hard they should remove it or cut the nerf in half.

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Never let bro Cook again :skull:

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This is more about nerfing the current evos so a new broken set of evos can come out causing people to spend money to get them. Otherwise the power inflation will get out of hand.


pump giant nightwitch,… is only OP atm because of the DAGGER DUCHESS this made it a beatdown meta otherwise nightwitch pump,… wasnt even op it was balanced and why nerf all evos even balanced ones like evo mortar and evo rg there not even that good js drill evo bats evo bomber deserved a nerf


I like that they’re trying to make evos less game changing. If they implement any of the evo nerfs, it will be all at once. If they do the skellies evo did not get a big enough nerf and might be broken. Also what’s the point of evolving the rg if it doesn’t even get bonus health??

I actually think that dagger dutchess should reload 30-40% slower when she isn’t attacking so you can punish easier

In my opinion, some nerfs are completely unnecessary.

  1. Bats are decent right now, and probably the most balanced evo, and yet they are nerfing them?
  2. Evo knight is STILL prob the best evo in the game, and they are BUFFING him?
  3. The evo Skelly’s nerf is a bit much after the last nerf.

Yet, some nerfs are NOT enough…

  1. Dagger duchess doesn’t need a health nerf (kinda), but needs a attack nerf, because she shreds miners, goblins, dragons etc, i think a nerf to her max amount of knifes will be great.
  2. That knight nerf… IS NOT A NERF, ITS A FULL-BLOWN BUFF FFS! Nerf his HP, and don’t buff his shield, which is the SOLE reason he’s OP

Otherwise, this is a GREAT update to balance the evos.


What problem are you trying to solve by « reworking » all of the Evos on the list? The only Evos dominating the meta are 1) Bomber 2) Bomber! 3) Zap. They are in every meta deck.

The worst are the Archer and Firecracker reworks. Both Evos will now be killed by arrows, which will make both much less effective and Arrows will now be in EVERY deck. Where’s the balance in that? And what is making it necessary? Both are already crushed 2 out of 3 cycles by arrows. And neither is dominating the meta.

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I think this way they are indirectly nerfing the poison, and making the evos not as game breaking. The hp buff was never necessary, so i think this is a great way to balance them.
I don’t think the arrows will be all over the meta tho, bcs they were alr really in the meta
I think this is one of the best ways to balance the evos.


Increase attack speed of cannoneer!

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Evo battle ram need rework or buff not nerf! Decrease the charging time after reset!