Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale May 2024 (Season 59)

Decrease max bullet number of Dugger dutches to 6 and decrease the time of reload slightly!


Nerf the Dagger Duchess at least a bit more, please. I’m sick of Beatdown meta.

Btw, the other nerfs are nice to see. Maybe it’s unnecessary here and there, but the game can’t be completely balanced so anyway.


skill issue

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As much critique there is here, these balance changes are amazing. Best we have seen in years:

• Little Prince needs a nerf. It needs to be reworked or fundamentally changed. No reason for it to be dodging balance changes.
• Evo changes are very good. Evo tesla will be the best if it keeps the new death shock though. It is already an amazing evo.
• Dagger Duchess’s core fundamentals will still make her the best tower troop. Being able to ignore many troops that the cannoneer & princess tower cannot is game changing, especially in single elixir.
• Cannoneer nerf is good, although possibly looking at increasing its damage to still be able to 2 shot royal hogs. Over-nerfing cannoneer while keeping Dagger Duchess still strong could keep it out of the meta for months.
• Evo mortar change is too harsh, should be 1.1x instead of 1.0x.
• If cards like Royal Recruits and Royal Giant are getting their base forms buffed to compensate for their evo nerfs, why not Archers? The base form is weak.
• Evo Zap & Evo Bomber changes are very good, two of the strongest evos of all time.
• Elixir pump change is good, rewarding the same elixir over a longer period of time. Would still like to see the death elixir get removed due to allow rocket and lightning to counter for an equal trade?
• Giant Graveyard & or /night witch + phoenix may still be very strong.
• Poison & arrows will still be the two best spells by a large margin. Arrows will rise in popularity due to being able to counter evo archers and evo fc. Consider a crown tower damage nerf to both or possibly radius change to arrows.
• Not a priority at all, but consider the strength of tornado, bowler, regular tesla. Slight buffs to bad cards: rascals, ice wiz, wiz (not assuming its evolution will be coming out next season), rocket? No buffs to bad cards this balance changes (not a bad thing, just won’t see the rise of dead cards).
• Tower troops would be much better as regular troops on the ground. They change the game to be too “rock, paper, scissors”. Dagger Duchess would be a very fun card to use, cannoneer could be like bea from Brawl Stars?

If I forgot anything let me know. Thanks


In my opinion the NERF to the Valkyrie Evolved is not good because: it is a card with very little use and very low win rate so the NERF would make it even worse.
Another, the rework to the gentleman rather is a buff, because it leaves him almost as strong as before.
The rework to collect Elixir is necessary?, because if you calculate it gives you the same as before, it would not be better to take another card into account like the clone, the hunter, the little prince or the wizard?.
Besides spells like arrows would be the most used do not believe, because it would kill practically all the evolutions that attack from afar.

Finally, Evolutions are getting the balance they deserve, thanks to the new Dev Team. Next, Supercell should also increase the Elite Wild Card Conversion rate. So that F2P Players can now beat P2W Players in mid ladder much more easily than before…

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No. The proposed changes to the evolved cards will make the game much healthier


Nerf little prince hp not evo archers hp even xbow players in top ladder are not playing archers instead playing with evo bomber or little prince please nerf little prince and if nerf their hp nerf it to 1.12x from 1.25x from 1.25x hp to 1.00xhp is too harsh eva knight only got 8 hp nerf beong in meta for good no of use why nerf archers not in meta and getting more nerf in hp than evo knight and don’t buff recruits instead buff egiant
And nerf giant health too please

All of these changes are reasonable. The only essential piece that is missing is a nerf to the Poison. There are several ways to go about nerfing Poison, but here are a few:

  1. Nerf it’s damage against all buildings by ~33% (making it a perfect foil with Earthquake). And compensate this nerf by increasing its troop slowdown effect from -15% to -25%. The reasoning behind this is to prevent Poison from getting massive value when placed on the opponent’s crown tower come double/triple elixir yet also make it better serve its purpose as a counter to beatdown pushes, all Witches, Graveyard, etc… It may also make Barbarian and Goblin Huts viable in very niche decks providing more diversity to the meta.

  2. A simpler nerf would be to increase the duration from 8sec to 9sec and decrease its damage from 91 per sec to 81 per sec (still one tick to kill skeletons). The reasoning behind this is to have it deal damage slower while keeping the total damage dealt practically equal. This allows for troops in the poison to fight a bit longer and also gives faster troops more time to escape its radius.

  3. You could also simply nerf the radius by half a tile. Or, similar to Evolved Zap, have its radius start small and grow overtime. The reasoning behind this is to make it less effective against troops on the move and incentivize players to wait until enemy troops are engaged in battle (and thus not moving) to use the Poison. This would mean playing Poison to simultaneously damage down crown towers and kill troops passing by would be riskier and more difficult.

Thank you to the CR team and Royale API

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Firecracker and Archers should only be viable in an Arrows bait deck or a quick cycle deck that allows you to out-cycle the opponents Arrows. Both evos should die to Arrows. The fact that they are being used in decks where they have no synergy shows that they are simply too good on their own.


Please nerf poison, non evolved tesla, little prince, giant, and graveyard

**[From 8 years pro clash royale experience and Ultimate Champion player, I recommend]**:point_down:

Too strong and difficult to defend against it. The possiblity to stop it with a building or like valkyrie plus log or removing its push back should be considered.

The Damage multiplayer should be nerfed. she can destroy all supporting cards behind any tank or push. She make it useless to have any support troops on the ground. She is like wizard/executioner with less elixer and better range. Even if she dies to arrows, she still need a nerf. The necessity of having arrows/fireball/evo zap, in every deck, limits deck variation and make it difficult to win without these spells.

Not sure it needs the nerf that is proposed. It is balanced.

May need a nerf to damaging the tower twice from a bouncing shot.

They need a buff or rework. The witch and wizard need splash damage, or faster attack speed, or more health. The ice wizard need more damage and more spawn damage. Hunter needs first attack faster or a rework higher damage to ranged attacks and slightly less damage to close attacks to troops.

Needs a buff. I feel after the last two nerfs he feel so weak now. Doesn’t reach the tower often and does not do enough damage to other troop for his high elixer value. Feels weak and other big win conditions might be better choice.

ONE OF least used cards in the game. Need a buff. Maybe slightly more hp and damage to feel solid in defense and offense for his high elixer cost.

I think his damage to towers is too strong, needs a nerf.

Need their charge distance be equal to prince.

Maybe the problem it spawns so fast and does high damage overall and is hard to defend against without like spending 3 more elixer than the opponent. Needs a nerf.

maybe needs a nerf. maybe less hp or slower atack speed. He has high health, difficult to deal with, and there is no clear way on how to counter him until he comes closer to you crown tower.

Should kill skeleton army faster and not take so much damage from it. Otherwise he is great.

Either giver her small buff or nerf muskuteer’s damage. Musketeer is a better option as a damage dealer since she is cheaper with better range.

Last hp buff maybe made him only survive one more shot from the princess tower which wasn’t enough. He need more hp buff. He is so expensive 5 elixer and other champions like mighty miner and Skeleton king have higher health and better at dealing damage to troop, and they cost less elixer.

Maybe rework him so he can deal more damage to troops but deal slightly less damage to crown towers from afar. He feels weak and useless in defense for his elixer cost. This reowork should make him viable.

Them dealing so much damage to troops is too strong and needs a nerf. Even if they die to arrows, if you don’t have arrows/fireball/evo zap, then they will be a problem. The necessity of having on of these spells in your deck, limits deck variation and make it difficult to win for the so many decks not using these spells.



NO! I love my Barbarian Hut and it doesn’t need a rework. You just need to learn how/when to play it. Reducing spawn time would ruin several key interactions. If they must buff it, an increase to the pull radius or a smaller hit box (to make troops walk closer to it before being in range allowing, for instance, using same placement as bomb tower or tombstone to counter balloons) would be all that is necessary.

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Ice Wizard could use a spawn-in damage buff.


Wheres the giant nerf? Little prince nerf? Hello?? supercell???

I think the majority of the evo changs make sense, and would not only be good for balance but also make the abilities the main focus of the evos rather than stat buffs. The bats, WB, mortar, firecracker, and possibly skellies ones seem unnecessary, though, and FC is particularly weird. A movement speed nerf? I’d think that should be kept uniform with the base card for evos unless it’s explicitly a buff / part of an ability. And as annoying as it is, surviving arrows makes sense, especially given how strong arrows already are (even more so if the archers rework goes through). I agree that tesla could use a nerf, but reworking it to have death damage would make it even better defensively IMO. Something more like a 5% hp nerf and no death dmg would be better.

Pump change looks interesting, I figure why not try it. It’s OP for now and was good even before dutchess.

Drill nerf is obviously great, the original initial deploy buff should’ve been to around .8 sec to begin with. Hopefully this (and the bomber nerf) will keep drill from taking over once dutchess is nerfed.

Dagger dutchess nerf is good, but I doubt it’ll be enough. A small nerf to the attack itself (though I’m not sure what form this should take, maybe damage, reload speed or even cap it at 7 daggers) would be good alongside the hp cut. Cannoneer change isn’t unreasonable but I’d wait until dutchess is figured out and maybe cut down to a ~3% nerf.

Interesting that little prince isn’t on here. I think it should’ve died to fireball and kept its old range and damage (this could also help out poison’s competition), but the route they’ve gone with it isn’t too bad.

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EVO ZAP needs MORE damage NERF.


Nah bro, you don’t understand what evolutions are meant to be…
They’re just supposed to add a gimmick/ability to the card, not extra hp/dps
because otherwise the game becomes unbalanced

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Buff Evo ice spirit to 1 cycle please, no one uses it


Evo fire cracker didn’t need that nerf . Making it dies to arrows is a bad idea it will be useless like that especially against lava hound. And by nerfing her will alos effect hog eq . Pls don’t nerf her hog eq is bad right now and by nerfing the evo fire cracker is gonna make hog eq even worse. Pls i am a hod eq player don’t do that to me :sob::sob:

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