Work-in-progress Balance Changes - Clash Royale June 2022 (Season 36)

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Night witch buff needs to come with a golem rework. Golem currently has too high of a skill floor. By that, I mean you don’t have to be too skilled to get wins with it.

Nerf lavahound as well. The card has had super high win con win rates for a long while.


What about the last Mirror buff? Mirror has become overpowered after the buff as we see. So will it be nerfed?


I really disagree with most of these changes. Log was only so overused because Skeleton King spam decks are extremely prevalent in the meta. As well as logbait. Skeleton King is actually so popular, meta-defining, and good and needed a bigger nerf. With that, Graveyard needs to be changed to be less RNG as well.

Log is a staple spell and popular due to the meta imo. Also, where’s the Golden Knight nerf? He’s also super meta-defining. I think Drill is fine and shouldn’t be nerfed but is often used with Golden Knight which is broken.

Lastly, I can’t believe Mortar isn’t mentioned even though I use it myself. These decks need some sort of toning down but Mortar isn’t the problem. Skeleton King and Cannon Cart are 2 very strong cards that synergize well with Mortar and used in its meta decks. Cannon Cart needs a slight nerf and SK a big nerf.


These balances are good in my opinion, cards like Mother Witch or Electro Giant deserved a buff.
But I think the drill and the log didn’t deserve a nerf, since they are perfect that way, I was expecting mostly a nerf to the cannon and lumberjack, and decks like lavaloon and log bait need a nerf as well

I agree with everything except log I think the nerf is to big will really damage the card.
Even though I dont disagreed with the ghost nerf i I think hp or damage should have been changed not his invisibility


I also think log shouldn’t be needed. Log is prevalent only because of the current meta


Wizard should be reworked to 6 elixir, yes I know it sounds crazy but let me explain. By reworking him to 6 elixir, his hp should be similar to Archer Queen therefore fireball +arrows and lightning should kill him. He will then become a support card like Sparky. His damage should increase so as to one shot same level archers and his range should be like musketeer.

The witch should be reworked by being 4 or 6 elixir. I would prefer 4 elixir. I do not have an idea of a rework though.

Golden Knight should have his ability nerfed but his damage should be such that he one shot goblins (without ability)

Mother witch should only get an HP buff so as to survive EQ+Log bit die to arrows+zap. If MW is buffed Graveyard should recover its lost skeleton or skeletons.

The E Giant buff does not solve the problem of building. His pull range is too great.He should reworked by at least having a reduced zap tower damage like the zap spell.

The Log should not be nerfed, the radius of the zap and the snowball should be increased and arrows should be faster. There is no meta deck with these spells +the log.

The firecracker should return to her original push back yeah I know this is an unpopular opinion but this will make arrows more popular.

And last MK is so bad now, make him get some of his Spawn damage back or rework him. He is the worst legendary in the game.


I honestly don’t like mega knight but the last nerf killed him. Also graveyard needs a buff it is dead


after I have not played again for the golem decks that do not have any ability along with the hound decks that is not to defend and do not take into account they make unnecessary changes at least with that change of the night witch they should nerf or eliminate the golem is a desperate non-skill card it ruins the fun of the game :+1:

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I’m okay with a log pushback nerf but 50% seems really big. I think it should be more like 20-25%

Also, skeleton king needs a bigger nerf, it needs the skeleton reduction nerf in addition to a 3-4% HP nerf imo. 2 fewer skeletons is a minor change

Most of the other changes are pretty good, except I don’t think NW needs that big of a buff, and I also don’t think RG needs that big of a nerf. If I could, I’d change NW’s hit speed to 1.4, and RG’s invis delay to 1.7s

Also, I don’t like Mega Knight, but the card is completely dead right now. I honestly think its base damage should be buffed up to 285 or so

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I just maxed my ghost instead of dark prince :person_facepalming::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

I very much disagree with the log nerf.

Decks like xbow/2.6 are already dead in the meta and a log nerf will only make them less viable. The net effect is to slowly phase out cycle from the meta which is - essentially - making an entire archetype less viable. It’s also frustrating for players who have recently maxed their log.

No one ever complained about log; the nerf was completely undeserved.


I think log nerf is to brutal and last mega knight nerf was brutal mega knight could use a buff and log could use a buff cause it will make prince and other dash cards better and some cards need nerf like lavahound.


These are some solid changes but I think the log nerf and motherwitch buff are bad balances

A lot of powerful interactions involving the pushback of the log is no longer as viable like logging the hog back to deny a hit or a mini pekka hit on tower. I feel like this is what makes the log the log. I do feel like the log is a very good card is the meta, but I feel like at most the nerf should be 25% less knockback.

I feel like the hitspeed of the motherwitch was never a problem, it was the healthpoints. increasing the first hit time is fine but hit speed is way too much. For example vs swarm decks like that popular SK mortar deck, the motherwitch already gets a lot of value with the current hitspeed, so increasing it would make motherwitch way too matchup dependant, so I think a more suitable balance change would be just slightly increase the hp so that it still dies to fireball but making it more tanky, and increasing the first hit speed.

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Honestly log doesn’t need to be nerfed, it’s kind of like ram rider which was a card that just existed. Fifty percent is too much for a nerf because it kills a lot of decks (such as hog 2.6) but twenty percent would be fine.

I think the pushback is what made the Log as great as it is. I’m hoping that the 50% nerf isn’t too strong, but to be honestly I was more hoping for BUFFS on other small spells, like maybe the 1second stun returning for Zap or the bigger radius returning to Snowball. Buffs are always more fun than nerfs.

I saw OJs vid. 50% is wayyy more than I thought it’d be. It should be around 15% for now and maybe more if it needs. But the other small spells need to be buffed if log is being nerfed. The Barb barre shouldn’t be touched at all- this rework would make it’s offensiveness much weaker.


The Night Witch buff is pretty underwhelming. Her damage was always just fine. She hits hard. But her spawn is kinda pathetic. Two bats every 5 seconds is nothing. I feel like they’re trying to fit Night Witch in a play-style of glass-cannon but she has way too little HP for even that when you compare her to others like Mini Pekka or Ebarbs.

If it were up to me, I’d try giving her ranged spawn for her bats, about 3.5 tiles. I think it’s worth a shot to see how she’ll perform with this mechanic.

I was really hoping for a Battle Healer rework. Less Elixir for Less HP OR More Elixir for More HP and Damage. She should either be a supportive Healer that dies quickly or a strong mini tank that protects the push. Right now she’s in an awkward middle ground.

Also props to the team for taking feedback before a balance change. You guys are super cool for that.

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