Witch Rework Needed

I think anyone who has played Clash Royale on ladder can attest that Witch is in need of some level of a rework. The card feels massively underpowered in the current meta on both offense and defense, really only seeing play in fringe decks. It is countered by multiple 4 cost cards and in some cases Barbarian Barrel as well.

I think that the issue stems from the fact that the witch herself is already a squishy target, so in theory the skeletons are supposed to protect her and allow her to deal damage to targets. In reality they are so easily dealt with, with so many cards having splash damge or simply a zap and then the cooldown until more skeletons spawn make it an easy trade.

My thoughts were switching out her 4 skeletons for a pair of Guards, I think this would better facilitate what the card is trying to do while also making it strong on defense. I think that simply changing to guards would not be balanced as since there shield is often a 3 hit to clear, so I would say either to increase her spawn timer to possibly 9 seconds, or keep it the same but increase her cost to 6 elixir.

The only change I could see working otherwise without changing the skeeletons would be a tandem buff of decreasing her attack speed (1 sec from 1.1) and decreasing the spawn speed of her skeletons (6 seconds from 7 seconds)

What are your thoughts on this OG Clash Royale card?