When two clans make first place?

When both clans win the boat race by 2 wins and 2 losses, does the royalapi.com server base this in alphabetical order?

Our clan has come in 1st twice in our wars but we are listed in 2nd place on the website. Their clan is F and ours is K.

Thanks for any answers and any possible corrections.

When both clans get to first, both of you are first. We return what the game gives us.

I got you, so even through KY Crusaders came in at 62225 Season 84-W1 and Forocasa came in at 61200. Even though we technically placed first due to overall scores, the game provides royalapi.com with the inaccurate information due to it being alphabetical vs overall scores during final calculations.

Appreciate the information mate, our clan only has its winning streak and it seems losing that is like losing everything we have worked for. Again, appreciate your help with understanding exactly how the system fits together.