What finish do you need to get the king rubbing trophy emote?

Some people say you need top 100 finish, some say top 200 finish in the tournament to get the emote. What finish do you actually need? I have als seen some poeple who finished top 130 with the emote.

GT emotes are given to people who are top 100 AFTER fair play checks. So if 30 people didn’t pass fair play then it’s possible for someone at 130th to get it.

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Additionally, people who have already received the Top 100 emote will not get it again (1) — this means that it’s entirely possible that Supercell put this into account, and will grant the Top 100 emote to “the first 100 people who have passed Fair Play and who hadn’t received the emote before” — thereby extending the emote to the 130th place or even lower.

Note 1. I got confirmation about this from players who have reached Top 100 multiple times. They told me that they only received the emote once (the first time).

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