Welcome to the Path of Legends - Biggest Clash Royale Update of the Year (2022 Q3)!

Really hard to estimate but the chests will be smaller than right now.

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Proportionally. It’s hard to put this into writing without doing a bunch of math.

will I only get the rewards of chest 35 since tower power 12 starts at 34?

does a clone spell look like a projectile to you

Hello, i set up my pb in the last season. It was 5838 trophys, now i got up to 6000 trophys, what will happen at the season reset when the update drops? Because my pb is now at 6k but my best finish was last season with 5838

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What happens if your level 1 at 5300, when the update drops, level 1s cant pass 300?

Lets say a player is level 14 before the update and is going to be level 50 in experience after the update. How many King’s Journey chests does the player get?

your new trophy count will be based on your pb, presumably itll be 5.6k

you will get 0 chests, but lets say you end up being level48, then you can unlock the lvl49 and 50 chests once you get there

Will there be any type of compensation for those who are at lower arenas with level 14 cards? For example; you’re at arena 15 and the level cap is 11, but before the update you had all max cards.

PB is your highest trophies. When update drops, it will use that highest trophies to reset.

Level 1 accounts will be stuck in Arena 1 forever. Matchmaking will try to match you against players with similar trophies + tower level + arena. If you can find a match then trophies will get updated (+ when you win, - if you lose) but at a significantly reduced rate because of how far you are from. the arena trophy bounds. But you will still be able to gain trophies… though still be at Arena 1 and thus won’t be able to gain perks.


You will get the Level Up chests from Level 42 on. Because Level 14 now is the equivalent of Level 14 now. It maps like this:

No. Trophy Road (the casual mode) doesn’t have level cap. The King Level for the arena is the MINIMUM KING LEVEL required to enter the arena, not a cap.

Path of Legends, the competitive ranked mode, will have a level cap. But as you climb higher, the level cap also increases.

In other words, you will get to use your Level 14 cards on Trophy Road just as right now.


So path of legends will have a card cap? If so, will there be compensation for max leveled cards?

So let’s say after the update I will be level 50, I will get 8 level up chests to open but someone who gets to let’s say lvl 30 will still have 20 level up chests to open when he levels up?

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Path of Legends will have card cap DEPENDING ON THE LEAGUE. Trophy Road won’t have card cap. Since there won’t be card cap for all the modes, you won’t get compensations since you’ll need your maxed cards to compete.

Yes. Just remember that the Level Up chests are smaller now, and overall you are not losing anything compared to right now.

No, you will only be able to open chests whenever you level up after the update; level conversion won’t unlock new chests.

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What does this mean for clan ladder rankings? Seems pointless ranking based on trophy road as you will end up with a bunch of clans with 50 7500 players, but would assume a complete rework would required based on the new mode

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