Welcome to the Path of Legends - Biggest Clash Royale Update of the Year (2022 Q3)!

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When will this update drop in game?

October 26, Wednesday

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So I won’t be able to unlock the Monk until I hit 6500? Or yes I can since I’m level 14 but I’m in a lower arena than 6500

What does the Champion Chest contain that differs from RWC and how common will they be?

Correct — you won’t be able to unlock Monk until you hit 6500.

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We are not allowed to talk about this until Tuesday. We will publish an article about it then.

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how does the monks triple combo interact with the stun effect?

I am not allowed to answer questions about the Monk til later — come back tomorrow!

What about piggy bank? How will that work? Also will champion chests be in chest cycle and will chests have more cards and coins with new arenas?

I am in league 1 with king tower level 13.
In challenges I always go against people with King tower level 13/14 and at league 3+
and they are completely better than me so it ruins my game experiences.
Will this update fix this unfair matchpicking?

I have 4 Royal Wild Chests in Queue. Do i have a chance of unlocking the monk after the update even when i am <6500? or do i first have to reach 6500 and than open the chests?

I’m not allowed to answer questions about that topic until Tuesday.

Monk will not be unlockable until you have reached 6500.


understandable, are questions regarding champion wild cards and a possible champion book of cards currently sacred information as well?

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what is the estimated amount of rewards I will get from the new king-level chests? I am tower power level 12 and estimated 35 in new king level

How much XP for level 50 and how much did they nerf level up chests?

can you deflect a clone with monk

I can only cover topics that’s discussed in this article.