Welcome Back Gifts and Rewards

Can we please have a feature where we see and know the time durations to be away from the game to get the in game free welcome back gifts
Also what the rewards are for different people with different king levels
Say a person is away from the game for 7 weeks and it takes 8 for the gifts to show up might as well wait 1 week
Its worth it since the rewards i’ve been seeing include 1250 rare wc , 200 epic wc which can straight up max out a card on logging in

No, don’t expect details if knowing them could incentivise players to stay away from the game.

yes i completely understand that but wouldn’t it have a positive side to it as well
people having multiple accounts wouldn’t even log in to their lower accounts unless they’d get something for free
the free evolution recently did just that…people that haven’t been playing the game came back to collect it
free rewards and gifts can attract players more than push them away