War Decks by medals

War Decks
I think War decks are not to be evaluated individually but as a 4 deck set. The 4deckset should be valued by medals gained not by win%. I would take into account only those using all 4 decks. I would also allow filtering training days or battle days or both. Current API does not show duels as individual battles but that’s irrelevant if you evaluate by medals gained by 4 decks together.

Duel 2-0 - 500 medals
Duel 2-1 - 600 medals
Duel 0-2 - 200 medals
Duel 1-2 - 450 medals
1v1 Win - 200 medals
1v1 loss - 100 medals
Boat win - 125 medals
Boat lose - 75 medals

As of now I believe Epic/Legendary/MegaLight chests replace random chests in the regular cycle. It used to be fine back then but in the current lvl14 cycle the chance of an Epic/Legendary replacing a Royal Wild Chest would be a rather unlucky one.
-Can you please show what chest was replaced by Epic/Legendary/MegaLight chests?

Thank for reading

The medal gains are not in the battle log. So what you’re asking for is not possible.

Re: Chest

We can look into it but I’m not sure how I’d feel about knowingly inviting people to complain about it. Also when that happens it will only happen one time and the chest replacements won’t happen again for a very long time.

Does the battle log show if a duel is won or lost and if it was 2 or 3 games? If it does, you know how many medals are gained. See below.

Duel Win 2 decks - 500 medals
Duel Win 3 decks - 600 medals
Duel Loss 2 decks - 200 medals
Duel Loss 3 decks - 450 medals
War 1v1 Win - 200 medals
War 1v1 Loss - 100 medals
Boat Win - 125 medals
Boat Loss - 75 medals

War decks are built without card duplicates among the 4 decks hence can only be valued as a group of 4 decks, not as a stand alone decks.

It’s probably a lot of work to search and bundle together the 4 daily war decks for every account and calculate the medals gained but i think it’s the only way to value objectively war deck performances.

We don’t go out of our way to look for battles. We save to database when people look them up. Although we are a Supercell partner, we also have a rate limit. So we can’t just go out and brute-force fetch everyone’s battles — neither is that a good use of our resources.

Also, there are different game modes for war now — the singled out battle could be a 7x battle. You can’t just bundle the decks together and assume that they are equivalent because they are not.

People don’t always play all 4 battles together — and so I am not entirely sure how reasonable it is for us to walk through millions of battles every day to look for neighboring battles for every player.

Although theoretically possible, what you propose is a very expensive operation.

I didn’t suggest you brute force everyone’s battles. :smiley:

First of all let me congratulate with you on the great job making this website, it’s amazing. Thank you.

Current war is not so easy to approach for statistical evaluation, it is rather hard for players to figure out a decent 4 deck set up and the absence of on-line help makes war a less appealing to those who don’t want to spend time figuring our how to build 4 decks.

The 4 war decks are not equivalent but still linked to each other due to cards being unique. The first three decks can be somewhat meta but the fourth is usually a weird off-meta deck due to lack of cards. It makes no sense to value the win % of a first deck made with no restrictions against a fourth deck made with 24 cards taken.

Unfortunately in the current war system players can duel, 1v1, boat, or a random mode(2x, 3x, 7x, sudden death etc.). These modes are available to everyone and I can’t see another way to rate a 4deckset other than by the medals it achieved.

Without going out of your way, when players look their profile up, you “could” save the war battles to a separate database adding the medal value to them, knowing the deck reset time and the battle time your war database knows if all 4 decks were used.

My concern is that 32 cards will output way too many combinations.

I’ll think about it. Storage is expensive. You would flip if you know our server monthly cost. So yes, I am conscious about expenditure — for as long as we are required the provide everything for free, and that we aren’t getting more donations, then it won’t really be possible to add unlimited resources.

I don’t know if you realize, but I work on this site full-time but I don’t take a salary. All of the advertising revenue goes into paying for the servers required for the site. Our site has higher costs than most because of the real-time search features that we provide for deck search, matchups and player name search. Removing those features could possibly save 2/3 of our expenditure but then there is no reason to come to our site instead of somewhere else.

So please understand that if it gets to the point where I am gonna spend extra money from my personal savings in order to support a feature that “would be nice”, then it would be really hard for me to want to do that.

So as mentioned, I will think about it. ok?

I’m only making a suggestion with the most possible detail I can. It’s not a request you are by all means forced to fulfill.

Thank you for listening! Keep up the good work.