War Attacks Number Count

Hey Royale API,

I know that you guys use the data that Supercell provides so you can input the data for other users to see on your website. Would it be possible to add a suggestion to Supercell to not count non-war day attacks? As a leader of the clan, it puts an ease to show how many attacks were used in 4 days of war rather than including the first 3 non war day attacks. Hope my suggestion reached out to you, and can’t wait to receive a response!


This has already been in the request queue since day 1. So there’s nothing that we can do except to wait for Supercell to implement it.

I remember that now! Would it be possible to expedite the return time and follow up?

Nagging the team will only annoy them. Most of the team members play the game also and they are aware of the importance of these fields. However, they also have priorities — e.g. right now it‘s most important for them to work on the game update.

There are many things on the wish list. Nagging is not the way. If it’s been a very long time I will give them a nudge when there’s a good time. Now is not the time.

It’s important to note that there are multiple categories of priorities and they are not always the same:

  • your priorities
  • every player’s priorities
  • RoyaleAPI’s priorities
  • Supercell’s priorities

All of us prioritize time and effort in relation to needs that made the most sense to us.

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s nagging if it’s just following up, but if they perceive it that way then, we’ll wait, I guess. I don’t know when the first time you’ve suggested the idea, but if it’s been more than a year and no update was returned, then it would be nice to do a friendly follow up, just so they know what to focus on.

I do believe each priority is different and what to focus on is on the focus of the game, but this pertains to Clan Wars 2. If that’s an suggestion they’re not really working on or come up to that, then what are they focusing on?

The wishlist is clear. There are many active items. I’m sure that they are well aware of it. It’s been brought up many times.