War analytics report: add columns role, last connection, number of battles played since last battle started, current battle trophees/Repairs

to track clan members not playing wars it would be helpfull to add some additional columns we could order by:
-lst connection
-number of battle played since last battle started
-current battle trophees/repairs

goal is to identify players who are connecting and playing battles but not playing clan wars


These fields can be added. However, most likely we will not display them on mobile because of the screen size requirements.

May I assume that you access this page on the desktop? Analytics requires different views on mobile and as long as we don’t have to take away space to add these aux info then it should be ok.

I will respond to your fields by each item:

  • role: sure.
  • last connection: I assume this is “last seen”? if so then yes, sure
  • number of battles played: I assume that you meant number of war decks used in the war. This is not possible until Supercell add in new fields. It’s supposed to be coming soonish.
  • current ladder trophies: sure
  • repairs: sure

Alternatively, if we don’t have to display members as a table in the mobile view, then all of these should be easily manageable. Right now the main issue with adding everything on mobile is the screen width. If instead on mobile we will simply display members as “cards” that fill up the screen vertically then it should be fine.