War Analytics colosseum filter

Under CW1 we had win rate to measure how good a player was, right now we are kind of clueless.
War Analytics is helpful, but could be improved, since most of players stop playing war on regular weeks after finish line, it’s hard to measure the potential. I believe it would help leaders of clans if under War > Analytics we could have a filter mode like current members only and colorize to filter to colosseum only. That would only display colosseum results and give you some kind of average and/or best points collumns.

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I don’t think that you meant colosseum. Perhaps you meant fame before and after the race? That request is already active and the Supercell engineers are aware of it. However, they don’t make ETAs so we don’t have a way to know when they will implement it.

Actually I really meant colosseum.
Look, think about a legendary league clan. If they are good enough they will finish on Tuesday morning on a non colosseum week, so some members will stop playing war on the rest of the week.
But, on colosseum week is mandatory on most of war clans to play everyday. Since its mandatory to play, those weeks become a good measure on games played on that week and fame.

Ok will take a look