War Analytics avg

Hello there!

I use war analytics (csv) to do some macro analysis every new week about war stats. Usually I use Excel to calculate the average member contribution and used decks.
On RoyaleAPI page we get to see the sum of contribution, but that doesn’t tell you much since if you got some two weeks members, for example, they will display bottom page. Can’t you add and automatic average contribution and avg used decks?

Keep up with the awesome work.

PS can’t believe I’m asking for CW2 features…

The reason that average does not exist is because:

  • the scores show medals from battle days only
  • the decks used show decks from all days (including training days)

And as such we can’t get a 1-to-1 picture of a player’s performance. If we can’t have both numbers referencing the same thing then it’s not possible to show an average to get an accurate picture of what’s going on. Directly comparing things that are not the same is inherently unfair.

I have already raised this issue with Supercell but it has not been adjusted yet.