Want to add myself as Indian esports player

Hi I’m Stinger a professional Indian esports player , manager and analyst played leagues like Gem, Gkr etc want to add my profile as an Indian esports player. My player tag-#9PUYUGYLO My discord Stinger_CR#9999 Twitter

You can request your information to be added here:

But please note that our requirements are quite strict, so your request may be rejected

Yes I tried to fill thorough the form but but tag is #9PUYUGYLO and it dosen’t accept the letter O for some reason

That’s because tags don’t have the letter ‘o’. You might be confusing it with the number ‘0’

yes . i was confused with 0 as O i have submitted the form now mate

Hi so submitted the form few days back still didnt reply mate will it take time?

As I said, our requirements to add esports profiles are quite strict. If we consider that a request doesn’t have enough information we usually reject it.

Hii so I may not have given few infos I can add them again if you want . I think except linking other accounts I have given all the infos i think so bro