Wagers and Business

Hello, I am Teo and I have a very vast idea of what the wager scene should look like and how we can incorporate it into clash daily.

In my past experiences with wagers, people scam 50% of the time. In other esports, there’s no way to scam because there’s websites that prevent that lile UMG, CMG, MLG, etc.

Now with this being said, I have an idea of whether we incorporate a new website dedicated to wagers and everuthing or we can incorporate it into royaleAPI.

There’s a lot of questions that can be answered like:
How would the wagers work? In my eyes, a bot or even someone on one of the teams (required) make a clan and play the 5v5 or 3v3 or even 1v1.

What would happen if someone wins or loses?
Pretty simple, like other sites like CMG YOURE required to show proof of the wins (if it’s required by support if one reports win and the other reports loss) and also the person who wins or loses (or both) press whoever won.

How would we able to put money down? What about scamming?
Well, just like CMG people can deposit money (from their bank or carder gift card) into the website where you will post a match (and it puts the money into the match that has been accepted) and whoever wins, gets the prize pot whether it’s $1 (minimum wager) to $100. This prevents scamming or any sort of bull that happens with the wagers we happen to compete in today.

I personally didn’t have the connections to do this, this is why I’m reaching out to support to not only present an amazing idea but also possibly a business partner.

Supercell TOS specifically say that gambling / wagering is not allowed.

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I don’t see why it’s forbidden. 99% of the esports scenes have wagers and thrive off it. It increases not only competition but also more players can enter and you’ll be giving back more than just badges in game. You guys can host free entry tournaments for online trophies and money they can use for more wagers or deposit in there bank.

If you require an explanation of Supercell terms, please contact their legal team.

5. Your event cannot involve gambling, raffles, or fantasy sports betting.

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