Very unhappy for the coming rebalancing

Dear CR team,

I am a 7 years player with CR and I am very very upset you coming decision to buff the little prince and the daggers. I have spent loads of money to upgrade those cards. I am spending lots of time practicing with different cards combination with the base on the little prince and the daggers. The coming rebalancing for the little prince is absolutely destroying this card. You are trying to ask us for money to upgrade the cards and now trying to destroy the little prince characteristics completely this is disgraceful to the players.

I hope you can re-think and be fair for those who contribute MONEY to this game. We are here to enjoy this game but we are not stupidity to be cheated like an idiot.

Please be respectful to the CR players.

With Regards

Dear Vinny,

I know you may be unhappy about these changes, but the Little Prince and the dagger duchess were already going to get nerfed; the were already roo unbalanced when they were released, and there really is no other option for champions or tower troops. Even if these do get nerfed, they will still be decent and not completely dead. Or if they get revived, they would be good if the were high level.

Next time, maybe think about your choices before spending money on one or two specific cards.



Dear Schvictorius,

For someone who doesn’t play competitively, I spent money on little prince because I think he’s a fun card. How was I supposed to know he was going to get nerfed time and time again. After further investigation it seems like the supercell team has an ongoing trend of releasing purposefully overpowered cards, setting up offers in the shop, waiting a period of time before killing or “nerfing” the card for it to become “balanced” after gaining or “milking” the card for money. I understand that playing the same card is not ideal and nerfing is necessary to change the meta, however I truly believe this is just an excuse to make some money.

Next time, maybe supercell should think about the balances of these card releases before you make people spend money on clash Royale.

Yeah I also think that, it’s just that we probably shouldn’t criticize Supercell here