Valkyrie Evolution - January 2023 (Season 55)

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You know what? This is a rare Supercell W
Unlike with evo knight, they didn’t buff the valks health by 10 or 20%, so it’s strictly the ability that makes the Valkyrie better- exactly how evos should be

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That means Rare Cards will rarely get evolutions until the full quota of Common Cards get evolved.

It is easier to move on to rare instead of evolving a bunch of 1 elixer cards and spells

This is gonna kill log bait and graveyard.

is it rlly good??? should i get it with my 6 f2p evo shards???

I still have zero cards in my deck that can evolve… :skull:

I hope Valkyrie evo gets a little more hp, maybe from its 1908 hp to 2160 (+252 per level) otherwise Valkyrie might be a useless evo card like ice spirit

I was surprised when i read that the new evolved card will be valkyrie, now i think that Supercell creators are not crazy: it’s correct not to raise HP and/or damage in this case, Valkyrie is still a strong card. The feature of this evolution is interesting, to my mind it can be challenging both for the opposer and the owner. Well done!

Valkyrie will be the 11th Evolved card released.
That’s 66 total Evolved Shards needed.

F2P players are restricted to grinding 4 Shards per season, with only 1 of those Wild. Including Season 55, F2P players will have only been able to grind 12 Wild Shards and 22 Card-specific Shards.

Just 34 out of the total 66 Shards needed.

They could just nerf the other evo’s to valks level… she’s outshined by the knight still.

I like the evolution, I feel it needs a small buff in health. Valk is supposed to be a tank, and her evolution negates that, her tornado pulls everyone to her so everyone is attacking her at once and her hit speed is the same so she dies within 2-3 hits, I feel like I would rather not even use her evolution most of the time